Best Stocks To Buy in GTA 5: A Guide

kk Best Stocks To Buy in GTA 5: A Guide

Some players may find the Grand Theft Auto 5 stock market confusing, but here’s how to make the most money and which stocks to buy at when times.

Grand Theft Auto 5 gives users access to a special stock market system that lets them quickly profit from investments in various businesses.
Through the LCN Exchange and BAWSAQ, players can access the stock market, where they can make informed investment decisions and view real-time company performance.
Players can increase their earnings and even double or even treble their initial investment by finishing Lester’s Assassination Missions and making targeted stock investments.

Grand Theft Auto 5 offers a wide variety of stock possibilities, so some players could be a little unclear about which stocks to buy and when. In Grand Theft Auto 5, the stock market can be a little unpredictable, much like in real life, but these options and decisions are a definite method to make money.

It’s important to note that depending on Lester’s Assassination Missions is the most effective strategy for making rapid money in Grand Theft Auto 5’s stock market. Thanks to these Assassination Missions in Grand Theft Auto 5, here will be a comprehensive guide explaining how to manipulate the stock market and which crucial stocks to buy at the perfect moment to get the best return.

Using The Stock Market: A Guide

stock Best Stocks To Buy in GTA 5: A Guide

LCN Exchange & BAWSAQ

In order to play GTA 5, players must have internet access. They must access the Internet icon and select the Money and Services page, whether using a laptop or their in-game phone. They can choose between the LCN Exchange and BAWSAQ from this point on. For the most part of Lester’s Assassination Missions, players will be able to access these two in-game stock exchanges.

Home: In real time, this website will display which businesses are performing the best and which are not.

Markets: The companies that players can invest in on each website are displayed on this page. It’s also crucial to remember that gamers can make informed financial decisions by viewing the Current Price, Price Movement, and % Change for each of these businesses.

My Portfolio: After buying stocks, players will use this page, which will display the companies they own shares in along with the stock’s current price, return price, and profit.

Players can purchase stock by clicking on any stock, and they can also view the weekly data for that stock in a graph format. The stock’s value as well as its peak and lowest information points will be visible to players, influencing their purchasing decisions.

Players will have to swap between Trevor, Michael, and Franklin before beginning each Lester’s Assassination assignment. They will also need to buy the stocks that are mentioned below. Before starting a quest, it’s always advisable to manually save the game in case something goes wrong.

How to Bring Down BAWSAQ for Maintenance

bb 1 Best Stocks To Buy in GTA 5: A Guide

In Grand Theft Auto 5, the BAWSAQ Exchange is connected to the internet. Players need to make sure they are joined to the Rockstar Games Social Club in order to access BAWSAQ. Players only need to link their playing account to the Social Club in order to accomplish this. Players should then immediately be able to access the BAWSAQ exchange in its entirety. Players that access the Rockstar Social Club using an unconnected account or in offline mode will encounter the notification “This market is down for maintenance.” When trying to access BAWSAQ, please try again later.

How Do The Equities Markets Operate?

lcn Best Stocks To Buy in GTA 5: A Guide

The Two Markets: BAWSAQ & LCN

LCN-Within 24 in-game hours, the LCN stock market will reach its peak, providing players with one in-game day following Lester’s murder mission to witness the maximum possible returns before those returns start to decrease.

BAWSAQ: Following the Lester’s Assassination mission, stocks invited into BAWSAQ’s markets will start to decrease after 24 in-game hours. As a result, players should focus on this market initially after completing the mission.

Ways To Save Time

Advance Days by Going to Bed During the Game

To accurately manage the stock market, players will want to fast-forward through the game. Players can go home and get into bed rather than waiting about for a few in-game days and hours in real life. This takes players to the Save Game screen, where they have the option to save at this point or move past the bed to go back in time and sleep with each of the three characters. Players can sleep with any character to progress the game’s time, but as each character slumbers for a different length of time, players must sleep more than once to advance the game’s days.

Michael: Naps for six hours, four times a day.
Franklin: Three times a day, he sleeps for eight hours.
Trevor: Sleeps for twelve hours, twice, with a one-day break.

Maximum Amount of Cash

A maximum of $2,147,483,647 can be held by each character by players. If players want to make the most money possible in GTA 5 utilizing the stock market, they should avoid exceeding this limit as it will prevent them from cashing in their shares.

The Assassination at the Hotel

Potential 200% Return

Franklin’s first Grand Theft Auto 5 assassination mission is to assassinate Brett Lowrey, the CEO of Bilkinton Research. After arriving at the Von Crastenburg Hotel, players will have the option of using a sniper rifle to take out the CEO or blowing up his car after he is inside. In Los Santos, nobody is ever safe.

Betta Chemicals

Players will want to put all of their character’s money into Betta Pharmaceuticals at BAWSAQ before starting the assignment. After two in-game hours, players will be able to sell all of their stocks for a possible 50% return on their initial investment when the objective is over.

Bilkinton Study

Better yet, after completing the assignment, players ought to buy Bilkinton Research’s low stocks at the LCN Exchange. Within 48 in-game hours of finishing the Hotel Assassination Mission, the player should invest every cent they has in Bilkinton Research. Players can practically double their whole cash amount by selling all of their Bilkinton Research shares after 72 in-game hours, potentially earning a 100% return on their investment.

The Multiple Target Killing

400% Potential Return

The Multi-Target Assassination is Lester’s next assassination contract in Grand Theft Auto 5. Franklin will now pursue four individuals, all of whom are jurors who Redwood Cigarettes has bought off to assist with a possible case.


Players should use all of their character money to purchase Debonaire stocks on the LCN Exchange prior to the quest starting. Visit the LCN Exchange website to cash out your equities after two in-game days to potentially earn a 60% return.

Redwood cigarettes

Redwood Cigarettes on LCN Exchange is the next best stock to buy in Grand Theft Auto 5, but you should wait to invest in it until the stock has fallen as low as it can go—this can take up to 48 in-game hours. By far the finest investment is Redwood Cigarettes, since players may see a potential 300% return on their investment only 72 in-game hours.

The Vice-Assassination

A 60% Possible Return

Franklin reaches his next aim after engaging in more stock market manipulation. Franklin has the task of eliminating Jackson Skinner, the CEO of Facade, who is on the hit list, when he is in La Puerta with a working lady. Fruit Computer’s stock price would rise significantly as a result.

Fruit-Based Computers

Players should place all of their hard-earned and blood-stolen money into Fruit Computers at BAWSAQ before beginning the Vice Assassination. Players can anticipate receiving a 50% return of their money after two in-game hours, increasing their money even further.


Facade over at BAWSAQ comes next. When these stocks reach their lowest point, players can put their money into them. Through the use of Facade, users can increase their earnings by an additional 35% after 48 in-game hours. Even though it’s less than in past stock entries, there’s still a substantial amount of money available for claim.

Bus Assassination:

100% Potential Return

Unlike the other missions, this one is simpler because players only need to invest in one stock, as opposed to managing their time between two equities. In order to acquire control of Vapid, players must eliminate Isaac Penny, the billionaire.


Two in-game hours after finishing the assignment, gamers desire to invest in Vapid equities from the BAWSAQ stock exchange. Players will then have to forfeit their funds for 48 in-game hours before they may sell their equities and potentially earn a 100% return, multiplying their already enormous funds once more.

Assassination in Construction:

A Potential 80% Return

Since he has been working for the Gold Coast company—the only objective of Lester and Franklin’s most recent and final business endeavor—Enzo Bonelli, the final target of the Assassination Contract, will be highlighted for murder.

Gold Coast

Players desire to put all of their money on the LCN Exchange website for the Gold Coast stocks before the mission begins. Then, once the job is over, players can see a potential return of 75% after about two in-game hours, maximizing their return and making off with this get-rich-quick scam in Grand Theft Auto 5. It’s unquestionably one of the greatest ways to use stock market tactics to quickly get money in Grand Theft Auto 5.

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