15 Games Like Summoners War

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One of the best Games on the list of Raid Shadow Legends Alternatives, offering highly detailed and immersive game play where dozens of powerful characters await you to save the world. Play the action-packed game where over 1000 monsters roam freely.

Have fun for hours and collect over 21 different Runes. Explore detailed dungeons, decorate your village, and battle other summoners. Decide which side to support and then start fighting enemies to earn in-game money that you can use to buy more content to make your character more powerful than ever.

Developers have added dungeons, seasonal bosses, and a lot more. It’s an action-packed role-playing game that elevates the turn-based gaming experience to a whole new level.

You should keep working on improving the skills you want to use against the special monster. Compete in a battle in real time with three other users from around the world. You can obtain various artifacts, and the improved progression system will undoubtedly amaze you.

15. Cookie Run Kingdom

Games Like Summoners War

Action-adventure and role-playing video game Cookie Run Kingdom was made by Devsisters Corporation. To win the game, the player has to make a magical Cookie Kingdom.

As soon as the player finishes building the magical Cookie Kingdom, they need to find out what its secrets are. During the game play, you must protect the kingdom from attacks from enemies and bad bosses.

You must fight off the enemies and bosses in order to protect the kingdom. In this game, you can work with friends and other players to beat your enemies.

The player has to fight with friends and other characters and tell them what to do to win. You must find the treasure in your created kingdom in addition to discovering secrets and protecting it from enemies.

The abilities of the player level up as they kill more enemies. You can unlock new fighting styles and improve useful items as you progress through the game.

Players’ scores are displayed on a leaderboard in the game. A list of some of the best games that are like Cookie Run Kingdom is shown below for people who are interested.

14. Monster Super League

Monster Super League 1 15 Games Like Summoners War

Action and role-playing video game Monster Super League was made by FourThirtyThree Inc. This game takes place in Astromons’ most beautiful world, which has a stunning setting.

Catching wild Astromons and monsters is the goal of this game for players. It takes strange eggs to hatch in order to capture Astromons and monsters.

This game lets you collect almost 550 cute and stylish monsters of different sizes. You can quickly use the monsters you’ve collected in battle. The player can go out into the world of the game to find monsters and collect them. You can make your monster enormous while playing the game by evolving it.

The player can experience how the Astromons will change as the monster does by changing. The monster may acquire new skills and undergo physical transformation during evolution. You can hang out with friends and fill up the airship during the game.

Single-player and multiplayer modes are available for the game, so you can play by yourself or with friends. There are also more than seven areas in this game with different stories to play. There are a lot of great games that you can play instead of Monster Super League in this post.

13. Infinite Magic Raid

Infinite Magic Raid 1 15 Games Like Summoners War

DHGAMES made the role-playing and fighting video game Infinite Magic Raid. The player of this game has to become an explorer.

During the game, the player has to go on an adventure to fight the Sword Harbor god of evil. The player must create a heroic team and play with them in order to defeat the evil god.

The game lets players call on the strongest allies and collect heroes to create a heroic team. All of the heroes on the heroic team have the skills and spells necessary to defeat the foe. When you’re done collecting heroes, you need to train them and give them weapons.

This game has 12 hand-painted chapters with stories where you can find out about the conflicts and bonds between groups.

In addition, you can explore different dungeons in the game, such as those in the forest, snow field, and desert, while you play. Besides exploring the world of the game, you can also collect rare items and climb towers.

It gives a lot of rewards to the player for completing all the goals in the game world. You’ve come to the right place if you want to find the best games like Infinite Magic Raid.

12. Tales and Dragons New Journey

Tales and Dragons New Journey 1 1 15 Games Like Summoners War

UPJOYJOY owns the adventure and role-playing video game Tales and Dragons New Journey. The player in this game must go on an adventure in a captivating real-world fairy tale world.

The player in this game must engage in tense combat with the dragons. The player must defeat the dragons in combat throughout the game.

You must join forces with fairy tale heroes to defeat the enemies in combat. To fight, all of the forces’ heroes have powerful and complex skills.

Not only can you join the forces, but you can also lead the heroes to defeat enemies. The player must figure out what each hero does during the game play.

The game gives the player complete freedom to experience card-based game play. This game also has a “auto-play” feature that lets the player make progress even when he’s not playing.

This game gives new players rewards for logging in for the first time. Here is a list of some of the best games that you can play instead of Tales and Dragons New Journey.

11. King’s Raid

Kings Raid 1 15 Games Like Summoners War

Vespa Inc. created the video game King’s Raid, which features action, anime, strategy, and role playing. It’s about Kasel, whose brother has gone missing, in this game.

The player must play the role of a knight named Kasel throughout the entire game. In this game, the player must solve the mystery surrounding the brother’s disappearance.

The player must embark on a journey to solve the mystery surrounding the brother’s disappearance. The player encounters a bodyguard named Rio, a childhood friend named Frey, and a magician named Cleo while on his journey. You have to play in a fierce battle as well as solve the mystery.

You must fight and defeat the enemies while playing the game. The game rewards players with points when they defeat enemies. In this game, you can play as a number of different characters. Pick your favorite.

The appearance of the character can also be changed using the customization feature. There are many great games that you can play instead of King’s Raid that are listed in this post.

10. Dislyte

Dislyte 2 15 Games Like Summoners War

Lilith Games created the free casual and role-playing video game Dislyte. With an urban mythology theme, this game takes place in the near future.

To win this game, the player must put together a group of heroes and fight off enemies. Throughout the game, the player must defend his city from enemy attacks.

The game offers a variety of superhero characters from various mythologies, such as Egyptian, Northern European, Chinese, and Greek.

Each character in this game has their own unique skills and abilities. The game features a visually stunning world and relaxing play sounds.

9. Magnum Quest

Magnum Quest 1536x987 2 15 Games Like Summoners War

Magnum Quest, a role-playing video game that can be played by one person or with other people, was created by Tuyoo Games.

Fantasy and action are what the game is mostly about. In the game, the player must lead a group of heroes through challenging battles where the bad guys get meaner as they try to stop the main character from completing the mission.

The player may meet legendary heroes from the Fortress, Forest, Wild, Shadow, Divine, and Abyss groups as the game goes on.

To be in charge of the cold continent, you need to know about qualities and how to fight them. The main character will win in unexpected ways thanks to the presence of other heroes and their various skills.

8. Age of Magic: RPG and Strategy Game

Age of Magic Turn Based Magic RPG Strategy Game 1 15 Games Like Summoners War

The game is a mix of different types of games, like Turn-based, Role-playing, and Strategy. It is a fun game to play that takes you to a magical world full of knights, heroes, monsters, and other creatures.

Before entering the world, create your guild and start fighting enemies to earn a name. Similar to Raid Shadow Legends, there are dozens of heroes you can play.

So, join epic battles where you’ll face off against terrifying creatures in a thrilling fight.

7. Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire

Rise of Empires Ice and Fire 1 15 Games Like Summoners War

To give you a thrilling game to play, Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire has a Strategic genre up its sleeve. With a number of countries giving you unique powers to rule the world.

Get ready to experience RTS game play, where the player, as a leader, needs to command a tiny village destroyed by an invasion released by the Eastern Dynasty. Train powerful dragons to help you throughout the game as you fight against real players.

Command your army and enter an epic battlefield map where you must wipe out enemies to earn in-game currency and dominate the field to become the best warrior in the world. The game gets more challenging as you play it more.

6. King of Avalon: Dominion

King of Avalon Dominion 1 15 Games Like Summoners War

Even though we can’t say that King of Avalon Dominion is an exact replacement for Raid Shadow Legends, it’s on this list because it has some features that are similar.

The developer adds more strategic elements than RPG, so you can tell the game isn’t the same as Raid Shadow Legends when you play it.

Join forces with other players and take on your enemies in an epic battle. Collect in-game points to get better at the game and unlock more content. Each of the many heroes available has a unique ability, combo, and skills.

5. Calibria: Crystal Guardians

Calibria Crystal Guardians 1 15 Games Like Summoners War

Role-playing and multiplayer video game Calibria: Crystal Guardians was released for Android and iOS mobile devices. It adds similar game play to Raid Shadow Legends.

In addition to supporting other players in 3D battles, it allows you to pick your favorite heroes from a list of available heroes and choose the best strategy to win.

The team will be crowned victorious over other teams who take the holy Calibria Crystal at the start of the game in a 3D world.

The game features a stunning kill system and more than 200 heroes are available. When playing with one of five different factions, aim for victory using the best strategy.

4. Raid: Shadow Legends

raid shadow legends 1 15 Games Like Summoners War

It is one of Plarium Global Ltd.’s best role-playing video games for phones. Put yourself in a huge battle where champions aren’t supposed to be kind to anyone. The battle is almost over, and the explosion could happen anywhere and at any time.

So, here is a list of the Best Games Like Raid Shadow Legends for players who can’t handle champions and want something a little easier than RSL.

In addition, Teleria’s world is about to end, and you are the only hope who can save it. So, don’t wait any longer—work together with other online players to form a team and go on a journey to kill enemies.

Don’t forget to collect powerful weapons, keep yourself fully armed, and hope you can quickly dispatch enemies. You can also choose from more than 500 warriors and more than thirteen factions.

3. Rings of Anarchy

rings of anarchy 50415 1 15 Games Like Summoners War

A medieval fantasy, massively multiplayer online role-playing, and 3D video game called Rings of Anarchy was made by 37Games for mobile screens.

It offers an exciting story about the main character’s journey to the dangerous homes of gnomes, elves, orcs, and other creatures in order to collect twenty-seven powerful rings and save the world.

Each character has their own unique skills and abilities, and there are many different playable characters available. To earn monster kills and use them to unlock weapons and equipment that can be used to kill monsters, you must first choose a character and then enter the fantasy environment.

The game adds an auto-combat system, a feature that helps you kill huge monsters and unlock upgrades while you’re distracted.

You can create a character and add various accessories and items to it using customization. Basic features of Rings of Anarchy include Auto-Combat, New Era, Customization, Sell Equipment, and more.

2. Blades and Rings

maxresdefault 29 15 Games Like Summoners War

For Android and iOS, 37Games created and released Blades and Rings, an Action-Adventure, Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing, and Third-D Fantasy game. A lovely world full of dwarfs, elves, orcs, gnomes, and Cyclopes is where the game takes place.

The player must choose their hero at the start of the game, customize them using accessories, items, and other items, and then set out on an epic journey through the wonderful homelands to collect all twenty-seven rings.

Modes and systems vary, such as a social system, a trade system, and a system where you can get free equipment. When the player is offline, the character can defeat bosses and improve their skills thanks to the game’s unique auto-combat system.

The player explores the world from a third-person viewpoint, battles enemies using a powerful sword, and earns experience points to unlock additional content. While exploring the environment, he can talk to other players and form a team to take on powerful bosses.

Customization, Achievements, Selling Equipment, Offline Auto Combat, and other features are among the core features Blades and Rings offers.

1. Final Clash

final clash 59886 1 15 Games Like Summoners War

Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing and action-packed video game Final Clash was made by PopPace Inc. for Android and iOS. The game, like most RPGs, offers a variety of character classes, such as Knight, Warrior, Mage, and more.

You must select your favorite class, then use the Customize feature to change how your character looks by choosing from dozens of cool outfits.

The game lets you defend your world in an epic fantasy battle full of monsters and demons. During the game, you can fight against friends and enemies in a brutal battle to become the best warrior.

You must select your class at the start of the game and then improve your warrior with the skills you learn from challenging and fast-paced battles.

Following that, you can take part in an epic battle to show off your skills and defeat enemies. The epic goal is to become the best leader and take over the battlefield with your tactics or strategies.

Five hundred heroes, a fantasy game, power-ups, summoning heroes, a fantasy adventure, and more are some of the main features of Final Clash.

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