How GTA Online players can upgrade the Oppressor Mk II?

GTA MK2 How GTA Online players can upgrade the Oppressor Mk II?

The Pegassi Oppressor Mk2 is a configurable hoverbike with a rear-mounted rocket booster that was introduced in GTA Online in August 2018 as part of the After Hours update.

Throughout this article, we’ll explain what the Oppressor Mk II is, how to get it, and how to improve it. And you should, because it’s easily our favorite bike in the game! Thank you, Rockstar.

What is the Oppressor Mk II in GTA?

During The Black Madonna Residency week, Rockstar Games released the Oppressor Mk2, a bespoke hoverbike, which has since become a GTA Online mainstay for a number of reasons. Not only is it one of the most visually appealing cars in GTA Online, but it is also one of the most formidable, owing to its firepower and maneuverability.

What makes it so popular?

So, what makes the Oppressor MK2 one of the most desirable vehicles in Lost Santos.

OPPRESSOR MK2 How GTA Online players can upgrade the Oppressor Mk II?

There are other aspects to consider, including its performance (with two engine modes), armaments (chuffin’ homing missiles!) and abilities (such as the speed boost provided by the hefty turbine engine).

These are the three main reasons why it’s such a strong bike. It’s like something out of a Bond film, due to the impressive array of tools available.


The Oppressor MK2 is one of the most powerful cars in Grand Theft Auto Online for several reasons.

Having an improved Oppressor means it is extremely maneuverable, but the fact that it has two modes is what makes it so desirable. The first engine mode, Hover mode, has a maximum speed of around 130 miles per hour and behaves similarly to a typical bike, but with the ability to do stationary maneuvers.

The Oppressor MK2 is extremely good at transitioning from one surface to another, therefore it may be utilized to easily lose adversaries when traveling off-road. It can even traverse water if the engine is still on.

The second engine mode is Flight mode, which has a maximum speed of 110 mph and, of course, can take to the sky in the same manner as the jetpack or Deluxo can. While the peak speed is significantly reduced in flying mode, the agility is unmatched.


The Oppressor MKII includes a plethora of weaponry for the player to employ. From a weapons viewpoint, you may employ three major weapons:

1. Front-facing machine guns, which will be the player’s primary armament;

2. Explosive gatling guns, which are extremely effective at close range; and, last but not least,

3. missile launchers, which shoot four homing missiles.

While the rockets are extremely lethal and powerful, you only have a capacity of 20… so keep that in mind if you choose the missile choice, which may be tough. It’s never been more fun to rain rockets down on your enemies owing to a plethora of lethal armaments.

Keep in mind that the machine guns, explosive MG, and rocket launcher must be acquired at the Terrorbyte and mounted to the hoverbike.


The Oppressor MK2 also includes a number of countermeasures, including as chaff, flare, and smoke, although they are likewise restricted in usage.

Despite their limited utility, they may be a very useful ability to drop while attempting to dodge cops or even hostile players. Perhaps the finest ability is the rocket booster on the rear of the bike, which offers players with a quick rocket boost, resulting in remarkable acceleration.

While it can only accelerate the bike to a maximum speed of 135 mph for a short period of time, it’s especially useful for launching the bike from a motionless position. It also recharges when the player decelerates, making it suitable for repeated usage. So, rocket boost until your heart’s content!

Where can I get the Oppressor Mk II in GTA Online?

I know what you’re thinking: you want to shoot rockets at your adversaries while hovering about Los Santos’ streets; where can you buy an Oppressor MKII?

Fortunately, it’s fairly straightforward; all you have to do is visit the Warstock Cache & Carry website on your phone and purchase one.

The price, however, may be the most significant drawback. A brand new Oppressor MK2 bike may cost players a lot of money: its regular price is $3,890,250, while its trade price (i.e. lower price) is a whopping $2,925,000, so you might need to save up for this one!

Although there is a $965,250 savings, go with the trade price if possible.

If you wish to pay the trade price (and why not since you can save 900k), you must first purchase a nightclub and then the Terrorbyte (both of which are required to upgrade the Oppressor MK2), and then accomplish 5 client missions in it.

Step by Step: How to Upgrade the Oppressor MK2.

To fully utilize the Oppressor MK2, you must get a Terrorbyte with a workshop.

This alone costs $1,870,000, however players cannot acquire a Terrorbyte until they own a nightclub, which may cost at least $1,080,000 (the cheapest nightclub is the Elysian Island Nightclub, while the most costly is the West Vinewood Nightclub, valued at $1,700,000).

Once you’ve got a nightclub and the Terrorbyte, you may upgrade your Oppressor Mk2.

If you want to know what to use first, clearly the weapons: ordinary machine guns cost $750, explosive gatling guns cost $275,000, and lock-on missiles are $180,000. The engine tunes cost roughly $50,000, as does the armor (which is valuable), and the countermeasures cost around $250,000.

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