8 Top Best Games like MASH

Good day, all! Your presence at MyOtakuWorld is greatly appreciated. We returned with more games similar to MASH.

You don’t need a gaming console or digital platform to play games like MASH, which is a great feature.

Simple pen and paper, as well as a few of your closest pals, are all you need to play.

So take a look at our list of some of the best alternative options we’ve found.

To add to our list of MASH alternatives for you to play, here is a well-known board game called Dots and Boxes that you can play with a pen and paper.

We’ve played this one since we were kids for years, and it’s still popular today.

You just need a pen or pencil and to fill the whole sheet of paper with dots, and place them on top of the other.

8. Battleship

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To start with Battleship, two players draw an equal number of stars or circles (or any other shape) in their respective homebase.

The goal is to reach the other base by sliding your pen towards the opponent’s homebase.

One slide counts as one turn, so you have to mark the end of your pen’s stroke. 

7. Cootie-Catcher

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People can lastly suggest Cootie-Catcher, also known as Fortune Teller.

To play this pick, you’ll need to practice your origami skills to produce a traditional Cootie-Catcher, which requires a lot of folding of a standard piece of paper and a perfect square cut.

6. Push the Button

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Push the Button is the next option that we can recommend. You can also enjoy this one with a small group of family, coworkers, or friends when things are dull and want to spice things up.

Take a piece of blank paper and write down the names of a certain number of males and females in your group.

This number should be the same for both sexes. On the other side, write down as many actions as you can think of, like kiss, hug, shake hands, etc.


27214 306 8 Top Best Games like MASH

If you’re thinking of old-school paper-and-pencil games, this might be one of the first ones that comes to mind.

The key idea is to determine whether you and your love interest can become Friends, Lovers, Affectionate, Married, or Enemies.

And like many games like MASH, the main idea behind Flame is something fun with your spare time pals.

To start the game, you must write down your name and the name of your love interest on a piece of paper and then cross out all the normal letters that appear in your names.

4. Tic-Tac-Toe

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Tic-Tac-Toe is the third choice on the right. A lot of people might also know this 1 as 9s and 0s. Have a blank sheet of paper and draw a 3×3 grid to play; it’s pretty simple.

Then, depending on which letter you choose, you and your friend can take turns making a “X” and a “O” in the grid.

3. SOS

games sos 1585648655 8 Top Best Games like MASH

Another game for two people, SOS is like XOX or Tic-Tac-Toe but with a bigger playing field and no assigned letters.

For every turn, you can write either an S or an O and you get a point whenever you get a full SOS sequence—diagonally, horizontally, or vertically.

The player who completes an SOS immediately takes another turn, and keeps taking turns until he or she can no longer complete an SOS. The person with the most number of SOS completed wins. 

2. Hangman

27214 304 8 Top Best Games like MASH

How can we not include the world-famous Hangman on our list of games that are much like MASH for your enjoyment?

Although this one doesn’t really need an introduction, we can lay it out for those who are interested.

You’re going to be given a few blank spaces at the start of the round and will have to guess a word.

If you are correct, a letter is going to be shown in one of many blank spaces. You start by guessing any letter of the term.

1. Dots and Boxes

27214 302 8 Top Best Games like MASH

Here is a famous pen and paper (traditionally) game called Dots and Boxes which we can add to our list of MASH alternatives for you to play.

We have certainly been playing this one since our childhood days and it still popular among kids today.

All you need to do is take a pen or pencil draw a series of dots in a line one below the other till it occupies the whole sheet of paper.

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