15 Games Like Happy Wheels

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Browser game Happy Wheels is well-liked for its fun and unique gameplay. The unique game play makes it a fun game that keeps players entertained.

Playing this game gives you different ways to control characters and get through tough levels. Physics-based mechanics makes things harder to predict and more difficult to understand. Happy Wheels’ level editor is a standout feature.

Participants can use this feature to create their levels and share them with other players, showing off their creativity. This thing encourages creativity and community involvement in people.

Players can share and criticize each other’s work as a way to interact. The combination of dark humor and over-the-top violence in the game makes it more appealing overall. This game’s content is very entertaining for some people who like surprises.

15. Ben and Ed

Games Like Happy Wheels

Studio Ghibli made Ben and Ed, a great 3D platformer game that was released by Deck13 Interactive. The game became available in 2015 and was created for Windows.

The game has various types of game play, such as jumping between platforms, solving puzzles, and completing obstacle courses.

It’s unusual and unique for a game show to have a zombie as the main character. Platforming and puzzles are included in the game. Players need to think of new ways to solve problems.

The dark humor and satire of the game might appeal to people who like unusual and unconventional stories. To keep the game from getting boring, the various stages offer a variety of challenges and obstacles.

14. Turbo Dismount

Turbo Dismount 15 Games Like Happy Wheels

In Turbo Dismount, a fun game called Secret Exit uses physics. You can set up situations in this simulator where a crash test dummy tries out different cars, barriers, and environments.

The aim is to cause extensive damage and chaos. The aim is to create crashes that are both memorable and frequently fun. The game is fun because it lets players make funny car accidents with different cars, environments, and obstacles.

It’s amazing and funny what can happen when people use their imagination. To ensure that the crash test dummy, cars, and environment interact realistically, the video game Turbo Dismount uses a physics engine.

By adding unexpected elements and chances for exploration, this feature makes the game play more exciting and enjoyable for players.

Players in this game can compete against one another and check out the leaderboards to see where they stand.

13. Pain

Pain 15 Games Like Happy Wheels

The video game Pain was made by Idol Minds and came out from Sony Computer Entertainment. The video game Pain is fun and features puzzles and simulations based on physics. It was designed to work with the PlayStation 3.

A character named Pain is launched by players in the game using a big slingshot. When this action is taken, the character runs into the virtual world and interacts with different things to earn points.

The idea of pain includes a lot of different levels and types, and each has its own causes and problems. Some game modes have clear goals, while others focus on getting the highest score.

Players are encouraged to think outside the box and come up with plans to cause chaos by playing the game. Their plan is to set off a series of intricate events that will cause big crashes and a lot of damage.

12. Happy Racing

Happy Racing 15 Games Like Happy Wheels

For mobile devices, Happy Racing is a fun created racing game. Playgendary, a well-known game developer, created it. People can take part in fun competitions using various types of transportation in this activity.

Usually, these competitions take place in unusual and challenging locations. People love Happy Racing because of its unique gameplay, nice graphics, and strong multiplayer options. The game uses fun causes and unique ways to move around.

Players are kept interested and amused. People who may not have played games much are included in this. That makes it fun and interesting: it has lots of different cars and tracks.

By adding live multiplayer features, the game becomes more competitive and can be played more than once. In the races, the tracks change and have new obstacles like ramps, jumps, and other dangers.

11. Happy Heli Wheels

Happy Heli Wheels 15 Games Like Happy Wheels

You fly a helicopter in Happy Heli Wheels, a fun flying game, and you must avoid challenging obstacles. You have to be quick on your feet and have good coordination.

The game helps you learn with the Heli School over time. In addition to making the game more challenging over time, this feature helps players learn how to fly helicopters. As you keep collecting coins, you can earn points, which is a fun hobby.

Your total score goes up as you collect more coins. Different parts of the game are hard and the rules are interesting, which makes players want to keep playing and get better by failing again and again.

You can put in a lot of effort to earn medals like Bronze, Silver, Gold, and the prestigious Platinum medal if you want to get really good at something. Based on how many points you earn, these medals are awarded.

10. Happy Race

Happy Race 15 Games Like Happy Wheels

With its fast-paced action, Happy Race is a thrilling racing game. It’s a real-time game, which makes it more exciting and intense. People who like action-packed games will enjoy the game’s fast-paced gameplay and exciting gameplay.

By adding exciting features like acrobatics from high buildings, breaking glass, changing gravity, setting off explosions, and even going on adventures in space, the game becomes more creative and thrilling for players.

Players can race against other players in real time in the game’s feature. They can play against friends or people from all over the world.

The community feels stronger because of this feature, which encourages more players to join in. It’s fun to play the game because it’s lighthearted and funny.

9. Guts and Glory

Guts and Glory 1536x864 1 15 Games Like Happy Wheels

Feel the thrill of physics-based action in Guts and Glory, a thrilling video game. HakJak Productions thoughtfully made it. It’s a well-known fact that the game is both fun and challenging.

While carefully avoiding traps and hazards, players must navigate challenging courses. The game Guts and Glory is challenging because players must direct their characters through difficult obstacle courses.

Going on these courses is very exciting because they have traps, explosives, and other harsh elements. Getting to the goal and winning requires players to use a variety of transportation methods. The game has a lot of levels, and each one has its own theme and duties.

The fun and interest of playing games is ensured by these features. Level editing is a feature of the video game Guts and Glory. It’s super cool. With the help of this feature, players can create and share levels.

8. Hanger 2

Hanger 2 1 15 Games Like Happy Wheels

Feel free to play Hanger 2, a fun video game with physics-based ragdoll swinging. The business that created it is A Small Game. Another game in the Hanger series.

In the video game Hanger 2, you play as a character who uses ropes to swing through levels. The game is more thrilling and difficult to play due to its moving platforms, sharp spikes, and other challenging features.

The character can move and interact with the world in a way that feels real thanks to the game’s physics engine. The game is challenging and unique due to its unique swinging mechanics. To do well, it would help if you had the right skills and timing.

Given how small they are, the levels are perfect for short gaming sessions or playing while waiting for something else to happen.

No one has trouble playing the game because it’s easy to control. This helps players comprehend the game and participate in it more easily.

7. Diesel or Death

Diesel or Death 1 15 Games Like Happy Wheels

AGame made and released the action, side-scrolling, and racing video game Diesel or Death. You can play as one of the races and find your way around the game world, which is set in hilly terrain and other challenging locations. It has a set of levels, and each one is pretty hard.

You play as a biker known as Death in the game, and the other player is known as Diesel. On different levels, you have to race against NPCs and complete quests.

To win the level, you must either capture the flag before your opponents do or destroy their player using weapons and bombs.

Although difficult to master, it is simple to play. You can get into the side-scrolling experience in the game. You can improve your skills by picking up power-ups. Get points and upgrades will be available.

The game Diesel or Death is great because it has WSAD controls, a detailed world, fun gameplay, and cool features.

6. Stickman Dismounting

Stickman Dismounting 1 15 Games Like Happy Wheels

Stickman Dismounting is a fun video game that uses physics to make the game play feel real. In the game, you must aim to control a stickman character as it slides down a slope or ladder and hits various objects.

The main goal of the game play is to produce the most powerful and damaging collisions. You don’t have to study a lot to understand and play the game.

Stickman Dismounting is a great game for relaxing for a short time. Without putting in a lot of time, players can simulate collisions and damage.

When you use physics in mechanics, you can get interesting and fun results that make the subject more fun. It would be more fun and interesting if the game went on after the first level and had more levels and challenges with different obstacles.

5. Mutilate a Doll 2

Mutilate a Doll 2 1 1 15 Games Like Happy Wheels

Hack and Slash Doll 2 is a video game made by Rava Games. There are sandbox physics-based games like this one. Using various tools and objects, users can interact with a ragdoll character in a virtual world.

This gives people the opportunity to try out new ideas and occasionally causes harm. Players can create and test unique situations that challenge the physics engine in the game, which encourages experimentation.

Players in Mutilate a Doll 2 can investigate and change objects. So they can be creative and have a lot of freedom, they can try out different tools, situations, and ways of interacting.

With a physics engine added to the game, each experiment is fun and unpredictable. A lot of tools and items are available to players in the game.

4. Short Life

Short Life 1 15 Games Like Happy Wheels

Many people like the game Short Life, which lets you control a character in a platformer style using physics. It was created by GameTornado, a reputable game development firm.

For this activity, people can act like the main character and go through different levels that are full of challenges and dangers. The main character must be safely navigated through each level without being hurt or killed by any of the dangers they face. This is the aim.

People know that the game Short Life is hard. You have to be quick and careful to get through the dangerous levels.

The stages are small, so you can play the game for a short time. When players want an exciting experience without spending a lot of time on it, this is perfect.

Every level of the game presents a variety of unique and exciting challenges, keeping the game fun, exciting, and surprising.

3. The Last Trial 2

The Last Trial 2 1 15 Games Like Happy Wheels

To improve your trial bike riding skills, play The Last Trial 2, a fun and challenging game. It will keep you interested in the challenging obstacles and keep you entertained while you play.

The trial bike experience is more realistic and exciting in the game thanks to the use of real physics. In the game, the forest changes and moves around. With its different types of land and challenges, it keeps players interested and excited while they play.

People will experience a feeling of advancement and accomplishment as they face difficult challenges. They are motivated to learn and improve their game skills by this feeling. Participate in a contest where you can put your skills to the test and try to improve.

2. Impale 3

Impale 3 1 15 Games Like Happy Wheels

It’s fun to play Impale 3, a puzzle game with physics. Players in this game try to complete various levels by using their thinking skills to throw zombies onto sharp objects.

The third “Impale” game was not created by Doppler. Players in this game fire objects at zombies with a cannon. To defeat the zombies and advance to higher levels, players must use spikes and other dangers.

Players in this game have control over a cannon’s angle and power. Players aim to throw zombies and have them land on spikes, hooks, and other features on various levels.

What makes the zombies react to obstacles and dangers in the game is how the physics work. With a variety of levels to enjoy, Impale 3 is a thrilling game. With each level, the obstacles and objects get harder.

1. Crazy Wheels

crazy wheels 29869 1 15 Games Like Happy Wheels

CanadaDroid made the adventure, side-scrolling, fast-paced, and sports video game Crazy Wheels. The game is a mix of Physics and Racing, and it takes place in beautiful worlds. There are a lot of levels, and you must perform dangerous stunts to complete each one.

You can ride a bike using touch controls and try out different situations. To complete each level, avoid obstacles, collect stars, and get to the end. Become one with the amazing tracks and challenges.

As you hit any obstacles, you’ll lose a limb. Although the game offers simple controls, it is challenging to master. Finish all the levels to get three stars that let you move on to the next level.

Dozens of Levels full of Challenges, Realistic Crash Physics, Crunchy Sound Tracks, and more are just a few of the prominent features that Crazy Wheels offers. Other than other Racing games, Crazy Wheels is one of the best video games.

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