18 Games Like Far Cry Primal

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An action-adventure, horror-survival, single-player video game called Far Cry Primal was made by Ubisoft Montreal and costs money.

The main objective of this game is for the player to defeat the enemy tribes and take control of the land of Oros.

Players can freely explore the game’s environment because it is an open-world free game. Multiple weapons, like axes, slings, and bows, are available to the player in the game.

The player can make their weapons in this game, but they cannot upgrade other weapons.

The player receives in-game rewards for completing each mission in this game, which features multiple difficult missions.

Smooth controls, a detailed environment, and excellent graphics are all features of this game.

18. Batman: Arkham Asylum

Games Like Far Cry Primal

Rocksteady Studios made Batman: Arkham Asylum, a paid action-adventure and combat video game.

This game is about Batman and his enemy, The Joker, fighting. The player in this game plays the part of a Batman man and fights the bad guys.

This third-person shooter game gives the player multiple weapons to use in battle.

The player can freely explore the game world because it is an open-world game.

The player can climb, glide, and run in this game in addition to fighting. This game also lets players find secrets and talk to non-player characters (NPCs).

17. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Prince of Persia 18 Games Like Far Cry Primal

A paid action-adventure, hack-and-slash, and puzzle video game called Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was created by Ubisoft.

The character whose father attacks the city of Maharaja is at the center of the game’s story. For this game, the player is a prince who has to defeat bad guys.

Given that this is an open-world game, the player is free to move around and explore the world.

In addition to fighting, the player can run, jump, and attack the enemy. The player receives in-game rewards for completing each mission in this game, which features multiple difficult missions.

This game also features excellent graphics, easy-to-use controls, and a detailed environment.

16. Batman: Arkham City

Batman 18 Games Like Far Cry Primal

Rocksteady Studios made Batman: Arkham City, a paid action-adventure, combat, and single-player video game.

The player must play a Batman man in the game, which is set in Arkham City.

The Joker is the player’s worst enemy in this game. The player is free to freely explore the game world in this open-world game.

The game gives the player multiple unique tools and weapons that they can use to easily defeat their opponents.

The player is also given a cape that they can use to easily fly in the game.

15. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Mirrors Edge Catalyst 18 Games Like Far Cry Primal

Electronic Arts made the action-adventure, combat, single-player, and multiplayer video game Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, which costs money.

The player in this game has to take on the role of Faith Connors, a woman. The player can finish the multiple difficult missions in this game by killing enemies.

It allows the player to use all of the environment’s useful items during game play.

In addition, this game gives the player a map that helps them reach their goals. To move around the game and take multiple routes to get to the goal, the player has freedom.

There is dynamic background music in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, and the game mechanics and visual details have been improved.

14. Shadow of War

Shadow of War 18 Games Like Far Cry Primal

Developed by Monolith Productions, Shadow of War is a paid action-adventure, role-playing, single-player, and multiplayer video game.

Elves’ lord Celebrimbor and ranger Talion’s ghosts are at the center of the game.

The players in this game must play the role of Talion. Due to the open world environment, players can easily explore the game.

Each mission has a set of quests in addition to the multiple difficult missions.

Players will receive in-game points for completing each mission, which they can use to improve their skills.

Additionally, this game has a multi player mode where players can join forces and play together.

13. Don’t Starve

bd97997c37d8a4ae87f6b3db62b5cbb11e41330726ee30ab8e58dc246774c068 18 Games Like Far Cry Primal

Klei Entertainment made the action-adventure, survival, and roguelike video game Don’t Starve. Wilson is a scientist who finds himself in a very dark and scary place earlier in the story.

Don’t Starve tasks you with helping Wilson stay fed, healthy, and mentally stable while avoiding different kinds of supernatural enemies who want to kill him in his struggle to survive.

Don’t Starve has an Adventure mode that offers players the chance to face and defeat the main antagonist, Maxwell, in epic battles.

The game offers point-and-click combat and allows you to survive for as long as possible by using experience points and upgrades like Meat Effigy, Life Giving Amulet, and Touch Stone, among others.

Don’t Starve offers great story and visuals, great game play, and an immersive game environment.

12. FarSky

2734 1 18 Games Like Far Cry Primal

FarSky takes you to an amazing world of seas where you will have the best action-adventure and survival experience ever.

People who play the game can take on the role of Nathan, whose submarine crashes badly and he gets lost in the deep seas.

You’ll have to stay in the seas and learn how to survive like all the other sea creatures do because there is no possible way to get away.

You must learn about the environment to survive, collect resources like materials to make different tools and items, build a base, create an oxygen production and storage unit, use various weapons to protect yourself from the sea’s dangers and explore to the fullest.

In order to stay well fed, you must establish a fish farming and hunting farm and survive as long as you can.

Finding all of the missing pieces of your submarine, repairing them, and repairing your submarine so that you can escape the seas is the ultimate objective.

FarSky is a fantastic game to play because of its amazing visuals, colorful and randomly generated environment, and immersive gameplay.

11. The Saboteur

The Saboteur 18 Games Like Far Cry Primal

Paid action-adventure, shooting, and single-player video game called The Saboteur was made by Pandemic Studios. In the game, the player can take on the roles of two different people in a beautiful world.

This is an open-world game where the player can easily explore the world due to the level design. It gives new players a story to help them understand the game easily.

The player can enjoy an incredible gaming experience thanks to the game’s fine graphics and exciting game play. In this game, color is crucial to winning, and the area under Nazi control is shown in white and black.

10. Dishonored

dishonored the knife of dunwall 01 18 Games Like Far Cry Primal

The action-adventure, third-person shooter, and stealth video game Dishonored costs money and was made by Arkane Studios.

Corvo Attano, a character in this game, lives in the troubled city of Dunwall. As the Empress of Isles’ guard, the player has to take on the role of that character.

The player is given multiple weapons to use against the enemies in this first-person perspective game. The game gives its new player a storyline so they can easily understand it.

The player can easily explore the world in Dishonored because it is an open-world game.

9. Mirror’s Edge

Mirrors edge catalyst Launch Screen 04 CollapseHang WM.0.0 18 Games Like Far Cry Primal

Dice created Mirror’s Edge, a paid action-adventure game with first person video and single player. In this game, the player can play the role of a heroine or a female character.

According to the story of the game, there was a crime in the city. Because of its intense battles and fast-paced chases, this game can help the player improve his running skills.

Additionally, this game only gives the player two options: run away or fight. In this game, the player’s speed helps with capturing, escaping, and defusing opponents using only their speed.

By solving the puzzles, the player is given an exciting game play experience.

8. Assassin’s Creed

Assassin 18 Games Like Far Cry Primal

You can buy the action-adventure, role-playing, and single-player video game Assassin’s Creed from Ubisoft Montreal.

The player must play the role of an assassin, who must explore nature on Italian streets. The player must solve multiple challenges and reveal the epic mysteries.

In this game, the player can select from multiple characters. Using the outfits provided by this game, the player can alter the appearance of their chosen character.

In this game, the player is provided with multiple weapons, such as a famous hidden blade and sword, to fight enemies.

The player can freely explore the game world because it is an open-world game.

The player is provided with in-game rewards for successfully completing each of the multiple quests in this game.

7. Bloodborne

Bloodborne 18 Games Like Far Cry Primal

It was released with both Single Player and Multiplayer modes, giving you a combination of Action Role-Playing and Hack-and-Slash video game elements.

The graphics in the game were made with realistic graphics in mind when it was released by FromSoftware.

It centers on the main character, a hunter who travels through a made-up land to fight off enemies and a disease that spreads through blood.

The player moves around in the world from a third-person view and can use weapons to fight other players while exploring the land.

There are different kinds of guns, like swords and others. It looks like Bloodborne is the same as the Souls series of video games.

You must interact with non-player characters (NPCs), and the Bloodborne Walkthrough can help you understand how the game works.

6. Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn 18 Games Like Far Cry Primal

The game is still very popular among players who enjoy playing ARPG games, despite its 2017 release.

Horizon Zero Dawn is a great mix of action and role-playing game elements, but it only has a single-player mode that was released by Guerilla Games.

The game doesn’t have a party-based system or multiplayer like Genshin Impact does, but the environment and some parts of the gameplay are very similar.

The story is about a boy named Aloy, who sets out on a mission to drive out enemies who are taking over the world.

With the Skill Tree system added, the player may get new skills and benefits. If you are looking for games like Horizon Zero Dawn, we have what you need.

5. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor 18 Games Like Far Cry Primal

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor is a beautiful game that is a lot like Skyrim in that it combines action, role-playing, open world, and exploration.

The game was made by Monolith Productions for people who can’t stop playing role-playing games.

The main story of the game happens after what happened in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

In the game, you can play as the main character, Talion, who was a ranger and killed by the Black Hand of Sauron.

Take advantage of the chance to play as a hero and walk through a 3D environment from a third person perspective to complete tasks and side quests and earn XP points.

4. Tenchu: Stealth Assassins

Tenchu Stealth Assassins 18 Games Like Far Cry Primal

This is a list of games that you can play instead of Tenchu Stealth Assassins. Before looking through the list, you should know what makes other games similar to Tenchu.

The action-adventure and stealth genres are the game’s premise, with only single player mode supporting.

Starting the game, two characters have reached a high rank. There are more than 10 difficult levels with a variety of environments and game play to complete.

There are various missions, each with a series of goals to achieve. It takes place in feudal Japan, like Sekiro, and is where Ayame and Rikimaru were first seen.

A king has two strong ninjas working for him as secret spies to find and stop corruption and gather information.

3. Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost Of Tsushima 18 Games Like Far Cry Primal

Sucker Punch Productions developed Ghost of Tsushima, a game that combines Stealth, Action, and Adventure elements while supporting both Single Player and Multi Player modes.

The player controls a protagonist from a third person viewpoint to defend Tsushima Island during the Japanese invasion. It takes place in an open world environment.

The enormous world is divided into sections that the player can explore on horseback.

With a weapon called a grappling hook, the player is tied down. The player can also unlock a series of items, such as Clothing and Charms.

2. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice 18 Games Like Far Cry Primal

Action-Adventure and Single Player video game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice was created by FromSoftware for a variety of platforms.

A warrior sets out on a quest to exact revenge on the Samurai clan who brutally took down his king. The main character is a Wolf, who has unique skills that can be used to beat enemies in different stages.

The main idea behind the game is a mix of elements from the genres of Exploration, Stealth, and Combat. The game has amazing mechanics and great gameplay.

On a made-up land modeled after Japan, scenes are set. To become a master, the player must hack and slash his way through a series of levels while moving through the world from a third-person viewpoint.

Great rewards that you can use to unlock more content are given to you when you kill enemies.

1. 7 Days to Die

maxresdefault 18 18 Games Like Far Cry Primal

It’s another great Open World, Voxel-based Sandbox-style RPG Horror-Survival and FPS Simulation game by The Fun Pimps.

The story of the game takes place in a world that has been torn apart by war. After the Third World War, there is widespread destruction. Man has very few resources and ways to survive.

You have been given the mission to come out of hiding and look for things like food, water, medicine, and weapons to survive the worldwide destruction.

Nearly half of humans have been turned into dangerous mutants as a result of the nuclear war. You must avoid coming into contact with any of them, and if you do, you must kill them to survive and assist other survivors.

Your only task is to survive by exploring, crafting, looting, and other activities because there is no clear goal.

If you enjoy playing games with Action, Horror, Survival, and Shooting elements, Dayz: 7 Days to Die would be an excellent choice.

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