17 Best Sonic Generations Mods To Try

With its quick levels, interesting gameplay, and a tonne of content that brings back memories, Sonic Generations delighted fans when it was released in 2011.

One of the last great Sonic the Hedgehog games is this one.

It enables fast-paced gameplay from both the side-scrolling perspective of Classic Sonic and the more dynamic third-person perspective of Modern Sonic.

Its plot, in which our duplicate heroes battle a villain causing havoc on the space-time continuum, provides an explanation for this strange mix.

Their response?

Run so quickly that you restart time.

If that isn’t Sonic reasoning, I’m not sure what is.

If you’ve already played through this fantastic homage to years of Sonic the Hedgehog but still need speed, have a look at these incredible tweaks to keep the experience new.

17. Project SU: Redux

SONIC 17 Best Sonic Generations Mods To Try

Of course, one of the many aspects of Sonic Unleashed that players particularly like is the HUD.

The atmosphere of the game as a whole is quite distinctive and provides a truly classic Sonic adventure.

To relive the wonder of Sonic Unleashed in the Sonic Generations engine, the SU Project: Redux mod is fantastic in this sense.

Given that Sonic Unleashed is only available on dated systems, it’s a fantastic mod for those who might not have access to play it.

16. Doubling up

Doubling up 1 17 Best Sonic Generations Mods To Try

One of the most frequently used integrations in most platformers is the double jump.

Sonic Generations is an outlier, even though some Sonic games do contain this move.

Naturally, it’s entirely likely that some gamers adore the concept of double-jumping in a Sonic game.

For these players, the Double Jump mod will be a straightforward and useful update that will make their platforming even more fun.

15. HedgeMod Manager

15 hedge mods manager sonic generations 17 Best Sonic Generations Mods To Try

You might want to download TheSuperSonic16’s immensely useful HedgeMod Manager before we get into the meat of the matter.

This clever program, which also functions for Sonic Lost World and Sonic Forces, will make installing mods for Sonic Generations much simpler.

You can also quickly edit the configuration files for any of your mods using the HMM whenever you need to.

Some mod hosting websites, like GameBanana, also offer “1-click” browser-based HMM installations.

14. Modified Modern Adventure: Generations Physics

14 sonic generations physics mod 17 Best Sonic Generations Mods To Try

One of my personal favorites is also the very first mod on our page.

It makes an effort to recapture some of the pleasure found in the Sonic Adventure films.

TheKazeblade created a mod for Sonic Generations that seeks to accurately reproduce the physics of the Adventure era, improving low-speed mobility and giving you more control at higher speeds as well.

While it functions flawlessly on the majority of Sonic Generations stages, it is practically required on transferred Adventure-era maps.

13. More Improved Unlockable Music

13 unlockable music sonic generations mod 17 Best Sonic Generations Mods To Try

I enjoy unlockables.

There are plenty of them in Sonic Generations, including several well-known tunes from Sonic’s extensive library of video games.

I regret to inform you that several of these songs have either been altered or have simply been truncated for unknown reasons.

The remixes are okay, I think, but why are my favorite songs just half as long as they were original?

With this straightforward patch by NateSquared, you can decide whether or not to preserve the remixes while restoring all reduced tracks to their proper length.

12. High-Res HUD

12 hi def hd hud mod sonic generations 17 Best Sonic Generations Mods To Try

Even on a game like Sonic Generations, customizing the Heads-Up Display might seem excessive, but if you want to play at higher resolutions, you’ll need it.

In this modification by JoeTE, the HUD’s original resolution is doubled to ensure that it would seem just as sharp on modern computer and television screens with greater resolutions.

It might be a rather minor aspect.

However, since you’ll almost always be staring at the HUD, the work is worthwhile.

11. Sonic Movie Generations

11 sonic movie generations mod 1 17 Best Sonic Generations Mods To Try

The most recent live-action Sonic film did not please everyone.

The early Sonic designs, which were at the very bottom of the Uncanny Valley, also sparked a great deal of debate.

Even with the changes made since the film’s debut, Sonic still has a rather distinctive appearance.

You may also include this strange Sonic in your Generations game thanks to SonicOnBox.

Not only does it alter Sonic’s appearance, but it also substitutes movie quotes for his own, and Sonic even “flosses” on the victory screen.

10. Cel Shading

10 cel shading mod sonic generations 1 17 Best Sonic Generations Mods To Try

When I was a young child, I first encountered cel-shaded graphics in Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

Since then, I enjoy the aesthetics of any new cel-shaded game I play.

Modder Daro appears to concur.

He, therefore, produced this minor modification that overrides Sonic Generation’s rendering method to produce a final output that appears to be cel-shaded.

Even if cel-shading doesn’t particularly appeal to you, it still looks fantastic.

And if you’ve been playing for a while, it’s a terrific way to mix things up.

9. Dynamic World White Effect

09 dynamic white mod effect sonic generations 1 17 Best Sonic Generations Mods To Try

The Dynamic White World Effect, by the same author, is an intriguing modification that SEGA could have easily created before the game’s release.

As you are aware, the story of Sonic Generation centers on the protagonist moving extremely quickly to provide color, vitality, and the flow of time to locations that appear to be frozen in time and to be white and lifeless.

Simply put, this modification enables real-time implementation of this change.

The hub world-like colorlessness of the first several levels is replaced by color as Sonic approaches.

Be aware that this requires some processing power, so if the game is barely running on your computer, expect hiccups.

8. Real Tails

08 real tails mod sonic generations 17 Best Sonic Generations Mods To Try

Tails haven’t appeared in front of the camera as a playable character in a very long time.

UltimateDarkman, a modder, believes that enough is enough.

With the Real Tails mod, contemporary Sonic is swapped out with contemporary Tails, who not only looks fantastic but also keeps his skills, including the ability to fly with his helicopter tails by pressing the Boost button while in the air.

Installing a physics module is also required for this to function.

This module is available in “homing attack enabled” and “homing attack disabled” variants.

7. Genuine Knuckles

07 real knuckles sonic generations 17 Best Sonic Generations Mods To Try

Naturally, you can’t transfer Sonic’s principal companion to Sonic Generations while ignoring the well-known red echidna.

Simply put, the Real Knuckles mod allows you to play Sonic Generations from Knuckles’ flying perspective.

This time, the main download contains all necessary physics modules, no additional installations are required.


6. Sonic Dreamcast Mod

06 sonic generations mod deamcast 17 Best Sonic Generations Mods To Try

Sonic has worn a multitude of styles over the years in addition to his “Classic” and “Modern” looks.

While some of them, like Sonic Boom Sonic, are better off slipping into obscurity, others are the stuff of wistful fantasies.

Both Sonic incarnations from Generations’ simple Frank hack are modified somewhat to resemble Sonic from Sonic Adventure’s Dreamcast era.

This even swaps out the audio samples for the couple for analogous ones from the days when Ryan Drummond was still the voice of Sonic.

This one has a strong sense of nostalgia.

5. HD Classic Sound Enhancement

05 classic sonic improvement mod 17 Best Sonic Generations Mods To Try

If you don’t mind how contemporary Sonic currently looks, you might want to think about giving Showin’s mod for the cute, short Classic Sonic a try.

Instead of changing his original design, this hack actually makes Classic Sonic look cuter and more like his official artwork and promotional images.

Additionally, it modifies his gameplay a little to make it even more authentic to the vintage games.

The beloved classic Tails also has a mod with the same aesthetic enhancements.

4. Low-End Mod

04 low end mod sonic generations 17 Best Sonic Generations Mods To Try

PTKickass has the perfect Sonic Generations mod, and I’m always looking for some performance-improving mods to help our less technologically privileged readers.

Everything that isn’t strictly necessary for playing the game is removed in the Low-End Mod.

As a result, its once gorgeous graphics are diminished to the point where they resemble PS2 games.

Fair warning: It reminds me of Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.

3. Enhanced FxPipeline

03 better fx pipeline mod 17 Best Sonic Generations Mods To Try

The author Skyth’s Better FxPipeline mod, on the other hand, does the exact reverse by greatly enhancing the graphical fidelity of the game.

Particles are now subject to post-processing effects in addition to fixing Depth of Field and Bloom Glare so that they function properly on all resolutions.

The most recent version, which supports FXAA, was released in 2020.

If you’re not into technical jargon, just know that your game will look a lot better.

2. STH2006 Project

02 sth2006 project mod sonic generations 17 Best Sonic Generations Mods To Try

One of the most notorious games in the history of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise is the 2006 PS3/XBOX360/PC release, which had several dubious choices, including a furry romance between Sonic and a human lady.

Having said that, its levels weren’t that severe.

It is for this reason that their inventor, Brianu, has been working hard to adapt them to Sonic Generations.

Even though it isn’t perfect, the stages are true to the original game down to the last trick, and there are even some boss battles.

The mod’s ultimate goal is to transform the game into Sonic the Hedgehog (2006 title).

That may come to pass in the years to come since it already includes new hub worlds like New Soleanna City and substitutes quotes from STH2006 for Omochao’s advice.

Before installing this for yourself, be sure to watch the excellent demo video.

1. Sonic Generations – Unleashed Project, for starters

01 sonic unleashed modded screenshot 1 17 Best Sonic Generations Mods To Try

Werehog from Sonic the Hedgehog Perhaps not the most well-liked addition to the brand was Sonic.

However, its daytime levels are among the finest the business has experienced in recent years.

Sonic Generations: Unleashed, arguably the most well-known fan project, aims to transfer these levels from the Xbox 360 version of the game to Sonic Generations.

Additionally, it makes a few additional little adjustments to the aesthetics, controls, and performance.

The game currently has eight enormous levels that range from Windmill Isle to Jungle Joyride and can all be accessed from a brand-new main planet.

There is much to keep you occupied here.

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