Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Update Breaks Ranked Play

Players are experiencing significant issues with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s most recent update, which has completely broken Ranked matches.

The new May update was intended to address a number of bugs and issues affecting multiplayer and to shake up Modern Warfare 3’s Zombies mode. But now, when playing Modern Warfare 3’s Ranked mode, players are having major issues.

The Season 3 content update for Modern Warfare 3 is now over halfway through. This update added a lot of new things for players to enjoy.

Information about the game’s upcoming Season 4 update should be released later this year. A new leak has confirmed that a number of popular weapons will be coming back to Modern Warfare 3 soon.

The Multiplayer and Warzone modes are still very popular, giving fans of the series fun, action-packed games to play.

For fans of competitive gaming, though, the current state of Multiplayer, especially Modern Warfare 3’s Ranked mode, is very disappointing.

According to Dexerto, the Ranked mode in Modern Warfare 3 is still in a bad state after the patch. Even though a big bug that made it impossible to reload while using Auto Tactical Sprint was fixed, this latest update has completely changed how you play in Ranked mode in Modern Warfare 3.

Hackers recently started using a shotgun that hasn’t been released yet but can fire rockets in Modern Warfare 3. This previously forbidden weapon is now available in Ranked play thanks to this new update.

In competitive modes, cheaters can use this powerful weapon to their advantage. This new update also makes several kill streaks possible during matches by accident.

New Modern Warfare 3 Update Breaks Ranked Matches

UAVs can now be called in by players, which wasn’t possible before in Modern Warfare 3 Ranked play. These items have been historically banned from most competitive Call of Duty modes, but with this latest patch, they were added without warning to the mode.

Like UAVs, killstreaks in Modern Warfare 3 completely change how Ranked matches go, and the mode isn’t always set up to handle them.

These issues were found just hours after the update went live, but the game’s developer, Sledgehammer Games, has not yet made a public statement about them.

Players should soon receive updates from Activision and Sledgehammer that should address these issues that change the way the game is played.

Players are still very excited about Modern Warfare 3, but they are also looking forward to Treyarch’s upcoming new game, which the longtime Call of Duty developer is expected to announce later this summer.

Although it is still unknown, there are signs that Treyarch’s next Call of Duty game will be a continuation of the hugely popular Black Ops series. The most recent game in this series was Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, which came out in 2020.

Players are particularly hoping that the next Treyarch Call of Duty title will bring back round-based Zombies, which have been absent from the last few titles.

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