Genshin Impact Will Raise Device Performance Requirements in 5.0

Today, Genshin Impact officially announced that with the release of Version 5.0, the device performance requirements will be raised.

There are regular updates for HoYoverse’s most popular live service game, so players can enjoy new content every two weeks.

Since Genshin Impact came out in September 2020, it has been revised several times to improve its performance, ranging from making the graphics better to making the game smaller overall.

A recent official report suggests that Version 5.0 could make some very big changes to the overall performance of the game.

An official Genshin Impact announcement confirmed that HoYoverse will increase the device performance requirements when Version 5.0 is released in order to improve the game’s overall visuals and functionality.

To the relief of many players, Genshin Impact will keep the same minimum requirements. The resolution and overall visual quality of some in-game objects for players using the affected devices, however, could be reduced by stricter optimization strategies.

Many Travelers say they would gladly accept a visual downgrade to improve Genshin Impact’s FPS performance.

Devices Affected by Genshin Impact’s Performance Requirement Changes

  • iOS: Models with A12 processors or lower
  • Android: Models with a Snapdragon 865, Dimensity 1200 (8050), Kirin 9000SL, Samsung Exynos 1080 processor or lower
  • PlayStation 4

Many fans praised HoYoverse’s decision to improve the game’s overall visual quality while keeping the minimum requirements the same in the comment section.

Performance updates, however, have occasionally stirred up controversy. After many players complained that the graphics of the game were actually worse, HoYoverse’s decision to replace the SMAA and TAA anti-aliasing techniques with FSR 2.0 in 2022 faced significant backlash.

Genshin Impact Version 5.0 Expectations

Since Version 5.0 won’t come out for at least three to four months, HoYoverse still has time to look over its changes.

Travelers can anticipate that Genshin Impact 5.0 will introduce the much-anticipated Natlan region in accordance with HoYoverse’s usual release schedule.

Although Natlan is one of the seven major regions, not much is known about it officially other than the fact that it is connected to the Pyro element.

Similar to how Charlotte appeared in the main storyline a couple of updates before Fontaine officially arrived, travelers can anticipate that the upcoming updates will reveal more information about Natlan and perhaps even introduce a new character.

A new Genshin Impact character named Xbalanque will be one of Natlan’s first additions to the roster, according to reliable leakers over the last couple of months.

The Pyro Archon Murata, also known as the God of War, is the only known Natlan character, though.

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