New Pokemon GO Player Catches A Rare Pokemon Which Others Couldn’t For Years

After catching an extremely rare shundo in their first few days in the game, a Pokemon GO player has left many in the community very envious.

How important the achievement was made clear by the fact that many Pokemon GO fans said they had been playing the game for years but still couldn’t get one.

On Pokemon GO, catching a shiny is by far one of the most sought-after things, just like in the other Pokemon games.

On a regular day, it is extremely difficult to find a shiny Pokemon, despite Niantic holding some special events from time to time to give players the chance to add one to their collection.

With a shiny rate of 1 in 20, Legendary Pokemon have by far the best odds. Even that isn’t easy, though, because the odds don’t stack, so the odds start over every time a player faces another player.

It looks like a new Pokemon GO player has hit the jackpot without having to go through the grind of finding shiny Pokemon.

User _yes_no_maybe shows cases of rare Pokemon GO catches in a new post on the subreddit. A Pokemon GO player posted a picture of a shiny Bagon that they had caught not long ago.

A shundo, not just a normal shiny Pokemon, makes the encounter even more impressive.

Pokemon GO Fans Aren’t Able To Digest That A New Player Caught A Shundo Bagon

For a Pokemon that is both shiny and hundo, the term “shiny” is widely used in the Pokemon community.

This refers to Pokemon that have a 100% IV. In Pokemon GO, a S Hundo is the best Pokemon of any species that a player can find.

It is one of the rarest aspects of Pokemon GO because of how slim the odds of catching a hundo are and because it is shiny as well.

Several players struggled to obtain one with even half-decent stats, despite the fact that the player likely caught this during the recent Bagon Community Day, which increased shiny rate.

As a matter of fact, many fans said they have been playing the game for years and have never seen a shundo.

A player who has played the game for eight years and has caught 81,000 Pokemon has some truly mind-blowing stats, but neither of them has a shundo.

Many people were happy for the player for pulling off this impressive feat, but others were quick to express their envy.

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