Pokemon GO Players May Be Able to Get Another Master Ball Soon

Niantic has hinted that Pokemon GO players will soon have a chance to obtain yet another Master Ball. Master Balls are the best Poke Balls in Pokemon GO, just like they are in Pokémon games.

There aren’t many Master Balls left for Pokemon GO players to use, but when they do, they can be sure of catching an animal.

Since the game was first released, players of Pokemon GO have only ever had the chance to add two Master Balls to their bag.

Players of Pokemon GO have had two chances to obtain Master Balls thus far. The first was by completing the Let’s GO!

Special Research quest. The second was by completing the Timed Investigation: Master Ball quest or Special Research: Master Ball for those who didn’t complete the Timed Investigation quickly enough.

Now it looks like a third Master Ball is on the way to Pokemon GO, but it’s still not clear how players will unlock it.

Niantic recently used Twitter to release a new teaser video for Pokemon GO. The video only shows a Master Ball and offers little in the way of context or details.

However, the video does make mention of the current World of Wonders season, so it looks like Pokemon GO players will be able to get that third Master Ball soon.

Since World of Wonders for Pokemon GO ends on June 1, the new Master Ball should be added to the game by the end of the month.

Pokemon GO Teases 3rd Master Ball


Multiple options come into play when it comes to unlocking the third Master Ball in Pokemon GO based on how Master Balls have historically been distributed.

It’s possible that there will be a Special Research quest to complete that will give players the third Master Ball, though it’s not clear if it will be regular Special Research, timed, or cost money.

Fans should keep in mind that it is possible for Niantic to distribute the third Master Ball in a completely different way.

Pokemon GO players need to choose what to do with the third Master Ball once they get it. Since Galarian legendary birds are notoriously rare and hard to catch, many players like to use Master Balls to catch them.

Others have picked to use their Master Balls on Shinies or Hundo Pokémon. Whatever the case may be, it appears that Pokemon GO players will soon have another Master Ball to use.

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