Where To Use The HMS Shipwreck Cache Key in DMZ

In Call of Duty DMZ, players have the opportunity to explore the captivating Ashika Island and Al Mazrah maps while undertaking various quests for the four factions.

A majority of them are centered around certain objectives that must be completed in various areas of the maps.

In addition, you have the opportunity to complete a variety of contracts that provide cash bonuses.

Several of these quests will ask you to explore various dead drops, sneak into a tunnel, or gather information from AI forces.

As you explore the two maps, you’ll find plenty of keys that can unlock different buildings, toolboxes, and areas.

You can store the keys you find on the maps in the key inventory. During a match, you have the opportunity to visit the corresponding locations and gather the loot from the locked areas.

There are locations both at major points of interest and in more secluded areas.

Discover one of the keys you’ll come across—the HMS Shipwreck Cache key.

You’ll need to know the right spot to use this key and unlock the space to claim the loot.

Here’s a guide to help you locate the HMS Shipwreck Cache key in Call of Duty DMZ.

Discovering The HMS Shipwreck Cache Key in Call of Duty DMZ

1 HMS Shipwreck Cache key Where To Use The HMS Shipwreck Cache Key in DMZ

The HMS Shipwreck Cache key unlocks a shipwreck situated on the beautiful eastern edge of Ashika Island. Take a look at the yellow circle on the map image above to find the precise location of the ship on the map.

In order to access this cache, you will need to locate the key that goes with it. There are multiple ways to acquire HMS Shipwreck Cache keys in DMZ. Completing HVT contracts is the most effective method.

Another way to acquire them is by thoroughly searching all the loot caches scattered throughout the maps.

Supply drops also contain keys, and AI combatants frequently drop keys upon elimination.

Once you’ve discovered the HMS Shipwreck Cache key, simply retrieve the matching item from your backpack.

It will be included in your inventory. Before you begin the next match, don’t forget to have the key ready in your rucksack.

Choose Ashika Island and head over to the eastern side of the map. There are two ships available, and the one you’re looking for is located on the southern side.

2 HMS Shipwreck Cache key Where To Use The HMS Shipwreck Cache Key in DMZ

Take a plunge into the water and start swimming towards the left side of the ship.

Once you’ve arrived at this location on the image, just make your way through the opening that’s displayed above.

There’s a hidden loot cache near this entrance. To access it, simply drop down while inside the water.

Once you step inside the ship, you’ll easily spot the H.M.S. Shipwreck Cache on the left side. Take a look at the arrow on the image above to find its precise location.

The loot inside the H.M.S. Shipwreck Cache is rather underwhelming, consisting of just a few pieces of equipment, ammunition, and miscellaneous items.

Visiting this location might not be very beneficial if you’re playing in a team and aiming to complete various contracts.

Here’s a helpful tip: when you’re playing solo in DMZ on Ashika Island, you’ll be able to unlock the H.M.S. Shipwreck Cache using the key.

It’s a great way to enhance your gameplay experience!

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