Leaks Reveal Upcoming Fortnite Live Event

Leakers have already cracked Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2’s end-of-season event. Players knew they were on the verge of an epic new season centred on Greek gods, myths, and legends when the Pandora’s Box event went live towards the end of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1.

This artefact was very important to the season’s lore, but it has been sitting in the Styx River west of Ruined Reels ever since.

During Chapter 5 Season 2, there were two big events: one was a tribute to Avatar: The Last Airbender, and the other was a yearly celebration of Star Wars Day.

These two events each featured their own quests, rewards for looking good, and even event passes. They didn’t add to the game’s questline, though, so they didn’t add to the lore or explain how the Myths and Mortals season fits in with the rest of Fortnite’s story.

Fans wanted to know more, but the only way to do that was to complete Story Quests, which are also known as character Snapshot Quests.

The second season of Chapter 5 began in early March and will end on May 24. Players were hoping to see a live event soon because the date is getting closer and closer.

Lately, dark clouds have been gathering around Zeus’ statue in the game that is on Mount Olympus.

According to leaks, this has to do with a live event that is coming up, and they already have access to the game files for it. Social data miner Notkrae posted several videos of the next event on Twitter.

Based on the leaked video, it looks like Zeus will get more and more angry until he hits Pandora’s Box with his powerful lightning bolts, making the water in the Styx River boil.

As game players can’t predict what will happen to the box, the consequences are unknown right now. Legend has it that if it is opened, all the bad things in the world will come out.

If Zeus’s power breaks it open, something scary might come out. According to many gamers, Chapter 5 Season 3 will have a post-apocalyptic theme. This could be what causes the Battle Royale island and its people to be destroyed.

Where Will the Live Event Take Place in Fortnite?

  • Head to Mount Olympus to witness Zeus’s statue powering up (live)
  • Head to Ruined Reels to watch Pandora’s Box and Styx River being struck (encrypted)

The heroes on the island have been trying hard to defeat Zeus, as those who have followed the lore by completing Snapshot Quests will know by now.

The end of Medusa’s Story Quests, which concluded with the player reporting their victory over Zeus to the Oracle, marked the achievement of the goal.

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