Restore Honor in Warzone 2 Resurgence

In the second season of Warzone 2, players will have the chance to explore the exciting new environment of Ashika Island.

This season also brings back the popular Resurgence mode, adding even more excitement to the game.

In contrast to the expansive Al Mazrah setting, Ashika Island offers a more compact environment, leading to increased potential for conflicts in the respawn-driven battle royale mode.

Participants in Resurgence have the opportunity to utilize a fresh gaming feature known as “Restore Honor.”

This function aligns perfectly with the essence of the new season.

The Restore Honor action can be a pivotal moment during the later stages of a Resurgence battle.

This action allows teams to gain an advantage even after they have been eliminated.

Furthermore, players who wish to complete the Path of the Ronin event during the second season can achieve one of their objectives by restoring honor five times in Resurgence battles.

How Can We Restore Honor While Playing Resurgence Matches in Warzone 2?

1 Restore Honor Restore Honor in Warzone 2 Resurgence

Whenever an operator on Ashika Island passes away, they will kindly leave behind a dog tag for each Resurgence match they took part in.

During redeployment, you have the opportunity to retrieve the dog tag of a fallen comrade or even your own dog tag to restore honor.

Unlike Kill Confirmed, it seems that you can’t collect enemy dog tags to prevent the opposing team from having a chance to Restore Honor.

If you manage to obtain a dog tag and regain your honour, you’ll receive a small amount of money and a helpful UAV ping that will reveal nearby adversaries and supply boxes.

Once you’ve completed your redeployment, it’s important to remember to mark either the body of an ally or your own before returning to the rucksack you were carrying.

Locating the dog tags that are lying on the ground and then putting them away at Restore Honour would be a great idea.

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