Skyrim Bear Saves Player from Frost Troll

In the video game Skyrim, a grizzly bear that could have killed the player saved them from a dangerous Frost Troll.

This incident seems like the latest in a long line of bugs and glitches in Skyrim, but players have been reporting it for years.

Even after almost 13 years, Skyrim is still one of Bethesda’s most popular games. It has already been played on three generations of platforms, which is something that not many other games can claim.

Fans are still finding new things as they explore every part of the game’s world, which shows how well-made and ongoing Skyrim is.

User Due_Ad8830 posted gameplay footage on r/skyrim in which they were fighting the famous and powerful Skyrim Frost Troll, which is definitely not an easy enemy to beat.

There is a bear slowly coming up from behind the troll as the people are running away from it. Due_Ad8830 may have thought that the bear was also after them, but when they turned around after taking a few steps, they saw that the troll was no longer after them because the bear had started to attack it.

The Elder Scrolls 6 Is Still a Long Way Away

The high-definition textures in Due_Ad8830’s video were also very impressive, especially the snow on the ground.

Redditors liked this, and the way Skyrim looks on modern high-end computers could be a hint at how The Elder Scrolls 6 might look when it comes out.

Bethesda just announced that The Elder Scrolls 6 has moved on to playable early builds, so fans will have to wait a little longer.

It took about five more years for the game to be released after the studio last announced something similar in 2018 for Starfield.

For now, Skyrim is still very much alive thanks to its huge fan community. There are over 10 years’ worth of Skyrim mods available online, in addition to the three official DLC expansions for the game.

The main conflict, in which the player must choose between the Stormcloaks and the Imperials, is reason enough to play the game more than once.

Hardcore fans and newcomers to the series will have a great time exploring and discovering every corner of the game, as well as trying out all of its different story branches.

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