Genshin Impact Leak Hints at Arlecchino Changes in 4.7

An intriguing change to Arlecchino that will be implemented in the upcoming Version 4.7 is revealed in a new Genshin Impact leak. An additional five-star Pyro user, Fontaine’s famous magician Lyney, was added to the game in the first part of the current update 4.6.

Since her first appearance in the “A Winter Night’s Lazzo” trailer two years ago, Arlecchino has been one of the most-anticipated Genshin Impact characters, especially since it was confirmed that she would be the fourth Fatui Harbinger. The main bad guy in the Fontaine storyline has been Arlecchino so far.

There is a new post on the Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit that says the upcoming updates might change the recently released five-star Pyro polearm user Arlecchino.

Arlecchino’s particle generation cooldown will go from 0.5 seconds to 1.5 seconds, according to the post. In Genshin Impact, every character uses energy particles to power up their Elemental Bursts, which are typically their most powerful abilities.

Mainly, characters’ Elemental Skills and enemies who lose health drop these particles. Many fans in the comment section say that this cooldown increase won’t have a big impact on Arlecchino’s play style or overall power on the field, despite the fact that it might seem like a buff.

The new permanent domain, which should be included in the upcoming Genshin Impact update 4.7, has been mentioned as the main reason for the change in some comments.

Reports say that the new end-game content will work like the Spiral Abyss, with the two areas switching places in a way similar to how the Memory of Chaos and Pure Fiction domains in Honkai: Star Rail work.

Arlecchino’s Elemental S kill could be used multiple times without a cooldown thanks to the buffs in the new domain, so the cooldown reduction will be necessary.

Genshin Impact: Arlecchino Team Composition Role

Based on her Pyro damage, Arlecchino is usually the main damage dealer (DPS) on most Genshin Impact teams. The release of Arlecchino also brought a new mechanic called “Bond of Life,” which limits healing that comes in.

This means that players need to be careful when putting together the right party for that character.

Finding Arlecchino’s signature polearm, Crimson Moon’s Semblance, on the Weapon Banner can boost her damage output to a whole new level. Arlecchino’s banner will expire on May 14, so travelers who want to add her to their team have about a week to do so.

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