27 Best Grim Dawn Mods For You To Try

Grim Dawn could appear to be simply another Diablo clone in a sea of monotonous mediocrity to those who haven’t kept up with this game’s growth.

However, it’s one of those lovely Kickstarter success stories that restore faith in games and mankind for those in the know.

Incorporating its own Victorian-era aesthetic and original mythology, Grim Dawn takes the basic Diablo-like ARPG model and makes its own.

It was first released as an Early Access title back in 2013 and then as a full game in 2016.

To create their vision of the ideal ARPG, creator Crate Entertainment drew inspiration from both players and industry pioneers like Path of Exile and Titan Quest.

It’s debatable if they were successful or not.

However, the game undoubtedly has its own appeal, and its gloomy setting is plenty of fun, especially if you load it up with modifications.

Look at my selections for the coolest mods below if you want to improve the Grim Dawn experience before returning to Cairn.

27. Darkest Dawn

Darkest Dawn.png 27 Best Grim Dawn Mods For You To Try

If you like the game gloomy dawn, you’re going to love Darkest Dawn.

The mod improves the game by enhancing previously implemented features. What, then, does it have to offer?

More than 31 new skills are added to the game, and existing classes are improved upon. Rare and legendary goods have been added to the mod.

Custom art and animations show that the mod has been given careful consideration, as they are employed to guarantee that the gameplay experience is smooth and consistent.

26. GD Stash

GD Stash.png 27 Best Grim Dawn Mods For You To Try

Don’t like how the game restricts you to carrying so little cash around? If you need anything, GD Stash has you covered.

This add-on stores all of a player’s things outside of the game in a database, so they can have an infinite number of them. Players will have the ability to access the stash, move goods between inventory slots, import and export items, and create unique items.

That’s awesome, man, since you can just keep scooping up goods as you go and never run out.

25. Cataclysm

Cataclysm.jpg 27 Best Grim Dawn Mods For You To Try

Are you getting bored of playing the same old version of Grim Dawn over and over again? Want to spice things up and introduce something new?

Cataclysm is just the correct thing for you.

Eight new classes are available, including six variations of existing vanilla classes. Players will find entirely new gameplay options that were not available in the initial release.

With this add-on, players can take control of an army of monsters by combining previously unusable classes, such as the Druid and the Voidcaller.

24. Grim Internals

Grim Internals 27 Best Grim Dawn Mods For You To Try

This mod is worth downloading if you want to change and expand the game’s inner workings rather than its outward appearance and presentation in Reign of Terror.

The Grim Internals add-on overhauls your game’s user interface, allowing you to adjust the appearance of various elements including health bars, the passage of time, and the monitoring of buffs and debuffs.

Because of the mod’s emphasis on personalization, it will serve as a welcome reintroduction to Reign of Terror for your next game.

23. Reign of Terror

Reign of Terror 27 Best Grim Dawn Mods For You To Try

For those who enjoy both Grim Dawn and Diablo, here is a Diablo-themed expansion for Grim Dawn called Reign of Terror. This modification merges two classes into one and features updated maps.

The Reign of Terror overhauls Grim Dawn in order to create an experience akin to Diablo II, another popular action role-playing game (ARPG).

Items, skills, and classes from Diablo II are all a part of this modification. The synergies between this mod and the Grim Dawn elements are intriguing.

22. Smash N Grab

large Grim Dawn Smash N Grab 27 Best Grim Dawn Mods For You To Try

As much as grinding is synonymous with hack and slash RPGs, sometimes you just want to level through Grim Dawn faster.

It’s for this reason that a mod called Smash N Grab was created.

Not only does it make leveling faster by reducing the number of required experience points, but it also boosts the possibility of obtaining epic and legendary goods, and grants extra iron.

And Devotion points while also modifying the skill system to make getting all desired talents easier.

21. Rainbow Filter

large Grim Dawn Rainbow Filter 27 Best Grim Dawn Mods For You To Try

Even though Grim Dawn already has a filter for items built in, the Rainbow Filter mod improves upon it in enough ways to make it the best option.

It not only color codes affixes to make it easier to see the ones that matter, but it also distinguishes between ordinary drops and those featuring monster infrequent, making it easier to find the drops you want.

The Crate Entertainment forums are the place to look.

20. Larger Cursors

20 larger cursors mod 27 Best Grim Dawn Mods For You To Try

There are countless alternatives to make everything smaller and less “obstructive” when searching the Internet for immersion modifications for video games.

The cursor, of course, but also the HUD, places on your map, and quest marks

This QoL-improving mod by Dreadmoth’s author accomplishes the opposite.

Your Grim Dawn cursors are effectively doubled in size, going from a little 3232 to a majestic 6464.

This not only prevents eye fatigue during extended play sessions, but it’s also somewhat necessary when playing at the maximum resolutions.

19. Faster Loot

19 loot grim dawn 27 Best Grim Dawn Mods For You To Try

Others simply don’t have the time, even though many people prefer grindy games because they enjoy putting in the work.

I mean, I enjoy watching those levels increase.

But I can’t spend four hours attempting to level up with respectable equipment.

The game is made more accommodating for time-constrained players with Faster Loot by user Mugwumpshasnoliver by raising the drop rate for Epic and Legendary gear.

You are practically guaranteed to obtain a few Legendaries each time you play since they are four times more likely to be obtained.

So even if you don’t have a lot of spare time, you’ll get to play the game more.

18. PlayStation Button Prompts

18 playstation buttons grim dawn mod 27 Best Grim Dawn Mods For You To Try

Any time a PC game has reliable gamepad support, it’s cause for celebration.

Why not go above and beyond and simply give folks what they want when it appears like it would be simple to accomplish on consoles?

Crate Entertainment did, in fact! It took them some time, but the game is now flawlessly playable with a controller.

However, it doesn’t actually distinguish between Xbox, DualShock, or generic controllers, displaying the identical screen prompts for all gamepads.

As you’ve already guessed, this NexusMods user Dreadmoth mod swaps out all of the prompts for DualShock-compatible ones that maintain the same aesthetic as the original icons.

17. Better Levels

17 grim dawn leveling screenshot 27 Best Grim Dawn Mods For You To Try

Grim Dawn is yet another fantastic choice for anyone who would want a faster and better gaming experience.

Simply said, the KalAeon mod Better Levels expedites progression.

Killing creatures will give you more than twice as much experience, which you’ll need to reach the new level cap of 250.

Additionally, you will receive three attribute points for distribution among your stats with each level, allowing you even more flexibility in how your character is built.

The limit on devotion has also been raised to 200.

The equipment plus level need has been eliminated, and the whole experience has been simplified.

Excellent for both new and experienced gamers.

16. Not So Grim

16 not so grim screenshot 27 Best Grim Dawn Mods For You To Try

Now, simplifying the Grim Dawn experience was another consideration when creating this entry.

However, it has a wider focus than Better Levels, which merits a higher ranking on the list.

Not So Grim, created by modder Stedman420, adds a number of QoL-improving additions while also making the game a little simpler.

Now that items are automatically picked up, you can store them in greater stashes.

Additionally, vendors now provide a wider variety of goods, making it possible to purchase every single item in the game.

Hell, you can even upgrade your levels or purchase additional challenges from vendors right now. Nifty!

15. Grim Dawn Speedrun

15 grim dawn devotion 27 Best Grim Dawn Mods For You To Try

Consider the Grim Dawn Speedrun by Nonmisai if you’d prefer a slight speedup to the game’s levelling system rather than such a drastic alteration.

Your running speed can be significantly increased by this extensive set of adjustments.

Additionally, it increases your pets’ speed by twofold so they can follow you as you go on a deadly rampage.

Additionally, it raises the maximum amount of devotion to 166 to make finding every shrine worthwhile.

Did I also mention that killing foes would get you 10 times as much faction points?

As a result, managing factions takes much less time.

14. Diablo 3 Classes

14 diablo3 classes in grim dawn 27 Best Grim Dawn Mods For You To Try

This mod goes much further than simply adding Necromancer or Demon Hunter as Masteries to Grim Dawn, despite the fact that its name plainly states “Classes.”

This enormous mod was made by Grimerino and it ports hundreds of incredible pieces of gear from Diablo III, including the Aegis of Valor and Trag’Oul’s Avatar totalling more than 300 new things in all.

Along with new two-handed weapons and cosmetics for the Crusader mastery, there are also new bosses from the Diablo series here.

13. Grim Quest

13 grim quest mod 27 Best Grim Dawn Mods For You To Try

Naturally, if a mod existed that added all Diablo classes to Grim Dawn, one would also have to exist for Titan Quest: Immortal Throne.

Creator Syl101 made efforts to faithfully recreate both the visual and audio effects rather than just porting the masteries.

Even the menu icons are identical to those from the first Titan Quest!

This seems appropriate given that Grim Dawn is based on PathEngine and has been greatly “influenced” by Titan Quest.

12. Grimarillion

12 grimarillion mod grim dawn 27 Best Grim Dawn Mods For You To Try

Despite what the mod’s name would imply, this is in no way a Tolkien-inspired mod.

It’s actually a collection of several mods that user Syl101 put together to create a stable but substantial expansion to the game.

You should be inspired to find all of the new opponents it introduces because it has fresh items to discover.

Another standout characteristic?

Picked by hand from other modifications like Grim Quest and Diablo 3 Classes, all the new masteries.

This is the straightforward installation you need if you want to give your game a lot of new life.

11. Smash-N-Grab

11 smash n grab mod 27 Best Grim Dawn Mods For You To Try

We’ve already discussed a few tweaks that significantly improve the levelling and equipment-hunting aspects of the Grim Dawn experience.

But only Moordhuis’ Smash-N-Grab is as well known.

By altering every route of advancement outside from the main campaign, it virtually eliminates the grind from Grim Dawn.

You’ll level up more quickly, get easy access to Epic and Legendary gear, and start out with all five bag spaces.

You won’t need to return to town as frequently because of this.

This is a requirement if you want to transform your game into a thinly veiled power fantasy.

10. Apocalypse

10 apocalypse mod grim dawn 27 Best Grim Dawn Mods For You To Try

I adore mods that aim to totally transform gaming experiences.

Apocalypse, created by 3ijou, is among the best characters in Grim Dawn’s cast.

It also improves the game’s levelling and skill systems by adding five completely new masteries.

There is a lot to explore here because it also includes new equipment that may be made and looted.

Apocalypse is still somewhat in development.

Additionally, new stuff will occasionally be introduced.

Try Cataclysm if you’re seeking for something similar but more comprehensive.

It just so happens to be the earlier version of this mod, also created by 3ijou.

9. Grim Dawn Reborn

09 grim dawn reborn mod 27 Best Grim Dawn Mods For You To Try

The majority of overhaul mods for Grim Dawn aim to port material from other games with a similar aesthetic, whereas Grim Dawn Reborn concentrates on improving the core experience.

Each of the classes that are accessible can now be played in novel ways thanks to creator Ddem1.

Primarily by increasing the number of construction possibilities, improving the aesthetics of the skills, and adding a few new ones for each mastery.

The update also affects itemization, although monsters are the main focus.

With it, there is a possibility that a strengthened “Remnant” version of an enemy may appear every time you defeat one.

Defeat it to obtain a piece of equipment that enables you to retain the creatures as pets. Really, it’s a lot of fun.

8. Path of Grim Dawn

08 path of grim dawn 27 Best Grim Dawn Mods For You To Try

Grim Dawn is somewhat slow-paced in comparison to many other games in the genre (such as Diablo III).

To make the game more intense, Kanjineo’s mod modifies a few things like the player speed cap, cooldown intervals, and mob density like Path of Exile.

Additionally, it adds a few PoE talents that complement the modified tempo.

A plus are the new cosmetic auras.

7. Item Assistant

07 item assistant mod grim dawn 27 Best Grim Dawn Mods For You To Try

Slippery’s Item Assistant Pete is one of those mods that need to come standard with the original game.

You have unlimited storage capacity, after all. which, from the standpoint of “difficulty,” you could refute.

However, you can also rank objects using the damage kind, defence stats, or any other criteria you like.

Why wasn’t that available in the original Grim Dawn?

People, this is fundamental information!

6. Dawn of Masteries

06 dawn of masteries mod 27 Best Grim Dawn Mods For You To Try

Yes, installing Cataclysm, Diablo 3 Classes, or Grim Quest will allow you to gain more masteries.

What if, though, you could acquire them all in a single mod?

Gdstash’s Dawn of Masteries is more of a collection than a unique mod.

Along with a few small cosmetic upgrades, it includes the best masteries from the most well-liked and well-made mods in the Grim Dawn modding community.

After that, it presents everything to you on a silver platter.

You’ll find an unbelievable amount of variation in this mod.

This will make you reconsider your opinion if you felt constrained by the game’s default masteries.

5. Grim Truce Mod

05 grim truce mod grim dawn 27 Best Grim Dawn Mods For You To Try

You’ve therefore acquired new masteries, obtained the best gear, and participated in innumerable adventures in Grim Dawn.

What further has to be done?

Of course, making it into Dark Souls.

As if we didn’t have enough games that are similar to Dark Souls coming out every month, author Holcomb drastically altered the combat and skill system in this mod.

Naturally, your character will now be followed by the camera from an over-the-shoulder angle, which is lovely.

Roguelike drawbacks include losing every experience point you have when you die.

This frequently occurs.

4. Aetherial ReShade

04 aetherial reshade grim dawn 27 Best Grim Dawn Mods For You To Try

Even if the game is called Grim Dawn, does it really need to look this gloomy and ominous all the time?

The identical query was posed by creator ThreshProductions.

So they created this fantastic ReShade preset that adds vibrant visual effects and saturates colours while sharpening textures and improving the game’s overall appearance.

This mod is the one that everyone should give a try.

The gameplay is also unharmed.

3. Grim Legion

03 grim legion grim dawn 27 Best Grim Dawn Mods For You To Try

Grim Legion, one of the first and most well-known mods for Grim Dawn, stands out for its unambiguous goal of toughening the game without altering its core.

However, by boosting mob density, it does speed up the game’s pace and add more action.

Additionally, boss spawning has been adjusted, and even more superbosses have been added.

These adjustments become apparent as more and more powerful adversaries start to appear. They also don’t behave like human targets.

The level maximum has been increased, all Devotion Shrines are active in all difficulties, and masteries have also been revised for a more engaging experience.

Just remember that they are all now corrupted spawners, so be ready.

2. Warhammer 40.000 Global Conversion

02 warhammer 40k grim dawn mod 27 Best Grim Dawn Mods For You To Try

I ponder why there isn’t an excellent Warhammer 40,000 ARPG every night before I go to bed.

I mean, Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor – Martyr wasn’t all that horrible, I suppose.

But surely it could be improved?

If you enjoy Grim Dawn, then perhaps it will!

This mod, created by Emrakul7, completely converts Grim Dawn to the Warhammer 40K universe’s fierce combat, gear, and weapons.

So far, more than 150 sets of magnificent space-marine armour have been made public, along with nearly that many lethal weapons and enormous pauldrons.

Naturally, masteries have also been changed to fit inside this new, jumbled-up cosmos.

I won’t ever play without this mod again.

1. Nydiamar

01 nydiamar grim dawn mod preview 27 Best Grim Dawn Mods For You To Try

If you’re anything like me, new features are meaningless if there isn’t more information to discover.

But now there is, thanks to modder VanHouck!

This standalone campaign mod adds more than seven hours of brand-new gameplay to the basic game.

You can explore the full new Nydiamar region there, which is teeming with tasks to complete and creatures to slay.

It even has a specially composed soundtrack!

Building a new character in this expansion is made much faster by increased experience and drop rates, allowing you to take on the most difficult campaign bosses and explore every aspect of Nydiamar much more rapidly.

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