Minecraft Guide: Color Codes

It is possible to apply colour and changes to signs, books, world titles, named items, and chats in Minecraft by using sections (SS) and a hexadecimal number in the message, such as “SS1” for Dark Blue. 

To write your section’s sign press the ALT key, and using just the numbers pad enter 2, 1, (21) then, release the ALT key to type SS.

ColourChat CodeMOTD CodeDecimalHexadecimal
Dark Red§4u00A7411141120AA0000
Dark Green§2u00A724352000AA00
Dark Aqua§3u00A734369000AAAA
Dark Blue§1u00A711700000AA
Light Purple§du00A7d16733695FF55FF
Dark Purple§5u00A7511141290AA00AA
Dark Gray§8u00A785592405555555


  1. Colour is the name used internally for the colour used in Minecraft.
  2. The Chat Color Code internal code is used to define the colour of chat in Minecraft.
  3. The MOTD code is an internal code that defines the “Message Of The Day” colour of Minecraft.
  4. Decimal refers to the decimal number of the hue.
  5. Hexadecimal represents the hexadecimal value of the colour.

Formatting perimeters:

DescriptionChat CodeMOTD Code
Reset the default colour§ru00A7r


  1. The description is the title of the format.
  2. Chat Code can be described as the inner code that defines the format used in chat.
  3. The MOTD Code is the internal code used to define this format, which is found in the “Message Of The Day”.

Colour codes are used to indicate colour

The SS symbol is a suitable choice for any input type using Bedrock Version, while it is also used in the server.properties, pack.mcmeta, world titles, and server names in Java Edition. 

With Java Edition, the formatting code is not enabled after the colour code if a colour code has been applied following the formatting code. 

For instance, SScXSSnY displays as XY while SSnXSScY shows as XY. When using a colour code in conjunction with formatting codes first verify that it is utilized when switching colours then, use this formatting method.

Press the Alt keys on your keyboard. Check to see if Num Lock is switched on. By using just the number pad, type 1, followed by 21. 

Release the ALT key and you should write SS.

On Mac it appears as when you press Option and press 6 and press Enter, it will display it with the SS symbol (Option as well as 5 on the extended U.S. keyboards).

To get a MOTD color-coded or formatted in a way, the code u00A7 needs to be used in place of SS, as an example. It would be SS5 U00A75. 

Colours can be used in combination with formatting. The formatting has to be applied following the colour. 

Because of the pack.mcmeta files can accept the raw JSON data as text descriptions, the use of SS can be substituted by text components that have different styles and colours, but using SS remains effective.

The formatting codes are used for colouring descriptions and names in language files using SS and any of the numbers or letters shown above. 

It is also utilized for end.txt as well as credits.txt. Through the use of external tools, such as NBTExplorer, world names can be personalized with colour codes and format codes. 

To change the name, select the LevelName tag within the file called level.dat. In addition, the user can modify the name of the world’s folder so that it will include any of these codes. 

When you select the world option the selected colour or effect is displayed.

Every Editable Minecraft Text

The colour codes serve only an aesthetic function. However, it is possible to use them in your own world’s title. 

To write colour codes into the book, you’ll first have to design an actual book with a quill.

  1. World titles
  2. Books
  3. Server Names

Sample Text of Color Codes

It can be useful to know the syntax of color codes since it could be difficult to comprehend how to implement them. 

Just by rewriting the syntax below, you could alter how the colours of the text.

  1. SS00 SS11 SS22 SS33
  1. SS44 SS55 SS66 SS77
  1. SS88 SS99 SSaa SSbb
  1. SScc SSdd SSee SSff

The bullet points below illustrate the syntax used for obfuscated bold strikethrough, underline italic, and reset. 

Strikethrough and underline do not work suitable for the Bedrock version of Minecraft.

  1. Obfuscated: SSrk SSkMinecraft
  2. Bold: SSrl SSlMinecraft
  3. Strikethrough: SSrm SSmMinecraft
  4. Underline: SSrn SSnMinecraft
  5. Italic: SSro SSoMinecraft
  6. Reset: SSrr SSrMinecraft


  1. The color codes nearly correspond to the 16 colors accessible with the Color Graphics Adapter (CGA), which was released in 1981.

Video Guide


Q. What do you use to type the colour codes in Minecraft?

Press the ALT keys on your keyboard. Check to see if Num Lock is switched on. Utilizing solely the pad for numbers, enter 2 followed by 1, (21). 

Press ALT, and it will enter a SS. Then, follow it with the number of colours in the 16 listed above.

Q. How do you obtain names that are coloured in Minecraft?

When embossing the name tag on the anvil, you must precede the name with colour codes so that the name displays the colour you like.

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