How to Make Invisibility Potion in Minecraft?

Invisibility potions found in Survival Minecraft are used to keep hostile mobs from pursuing your location further. 

It can also make it fun to interact with other players playing multiplayer. It’s quite shocking to discover that a person you didn’t think existed in front of you.

Imagine that they are not visible! Invisibility potion is a difficult process for the rewards but they can result in some fantastic enjoyment playing multiplayer games.

The ingredients needed to make an invisibility potion for Minecraft

To create an invisibility potion within Minecraft, you will require:

  1. Blaze Powder
  2. Water Bottles
  3. Wart of the Nether
  4. Golden Carrot (For night vision potion)
  5. Fermented Spider Eye

The most difficult aspect of making potions is finding an online fortress within the game. The fortress is home to fire, and the nether wart is required to create a night vision potion. 

You’ll have to defeat certain blaze-related enemies to obtain blaze rods, materials used to build the stand for brewing as well as the fuel for it.

You’ll need water bottles to help hold the effect of the potion. Glass bottles are constructed from glass, so take some sand, then melt it into the three pieces of glass you require.

Nether warts are required to make the base of the night vision potion, also known as the uneasy potion. 

The nether wart is also able to be grown in the world of the overworld if you possess soul sand. 

Be sure to plant some to make sure you have enough to use in the future potion.

The golden carrot can be used to transform an awkward potion into night vision. You’ll need one carrot, as well as the eight golden nuggets.

Fermented spider eyes are used to convert night vision potions into invisibility potions. To make this potion, you have to create two different effects for your potion before making invisibility potions.

How do you make an invisibility potion in Minecraft?

In a Nutshell:

To create the potion of invisibility in Minecraft (3:00), it is necessary to require the Potion of Night Vision (3:00) and 1 spider eye fermented. Put your Potion of Night Vision (3:00) in one of the lower boxes of the Brewing Stand menu. Add the fermented eye to the upper part of the box. After a short time, you will see the Potion of Night Vision transform into a Potion of Invisibility (3:00).

Step-by-Step Guide (with Pictures):

This is the step-by-step picture guide to follow to create an Invisibility Potion in Minecraft:

To create an invisibility potion for use in Minecraft, it is necessary to first create night vision potions. 

We’ll begin by obtaining the main ingredient in the night vision potion, the golden carrot. To make a golden-colored carrot, you’ll need to gather some carrots. 

potion of invisibility How to Make Invisibility Potion in Minecraft?

They are available in towns but are rarely dropped in the hands of zombies. They can also be in pillager towers, shipwrecks, or chests.

Step 1. Find a farm in the village where you’ll have carrots. Each village farm is likely to produce carrots on their farms. 

It is easy to distinguish carrots from other crops due to their orange-colored bases and their green, leafy tops.

golden carrot minecraft How to Make Invisibility Potion in Minecraft?

Step 2. The next step is to locate a gold ore to create a gold-colored carrot. Gold ore is available in any location under “Y” level 31. 

It is also found in the biomes of badlands near the surface. The ore is noticeable by its yellow flecks, and it is necessary to have an iron pickaxe to extract it.

Step 3. Make the gold into ingots. Place your gold in the furnace and allow it to melt into ingots.

Step 4. Input an ingot of gold into the crafting menu in order to create gold nuggets.

Step 5. Make a circle around a carrot using your gold nuggets and create gold-colored carrots. You now have the principal ingredient to make a night vision potion.

Step 6. The first ingredient in the invisibility potion is a fermented spider’s eye. You’ll need the eye of a spider as well as sugar and a brown mushroom

minecraft spider How to Make Invisibility Potion in Minecraft?

Spiders can reproduce wherever it’s dark. Make sure to wait until nighttime, and then find a few spiders for the ultimate eyes of a spider.

Step 7. Find sugarcane near any block that has a water source. You’ll need to turn the sugarcane.

Step 8. Choose a brown mushroom from a dark region. Brown mushrooms can be found in swamps and forests with dark oak biomes, as well as in underground caves. 

If you are having trouble finding one, you can locate them underground.

Step 9. Make your own sugar-treated spider’s eye. Begin by placing your sugarcane on the crafting menu to create sugar.

Put your sugar, spider eyes, and brown mushrooms in one or all of the crafting areas to create your fermented spider eye. It is also possible to do this by using two-by-2 crafting in the menu for players.

The next step is to build the stand for brewing. You can build one using the blaze enemies’ drops as well as three cobblestone pieces.

Step 10. You’ll have to travel to the netherworld to locate the fire. Create a portal to the nether by placing obsidian four blocks across and five blocks high.

nether portal How to Make Invisibility Potion in Minecraft?

Step 11. Then, light the nether portal using flint and steel. For making steel and flint, you’ll require iron as well as a plant. 

Just place the flint as well as the iron ingot in your crafting menu in one of the 9 crafting rooms, and then you are ready to explore the nether.

Step 12. To light your portal, ensure that you have lit one of the inner obsidian blocks. Then, sit within the portal for a few seconds, and then be prepared to confront the deep, fiery nether.

Step 13. Next, you’ll need to locate a fortress in the netherworld. They are extremely uncommon, but if you’re lucky enough to be able to create the perfect one,

Step 14. After you’ve located the reddish-purple shade of the brick, you will know that you have discovered your fortress! The next step is to find the blaze that is erupting periodically all over the castle.

minecraft blazes How to Make Invisibility Potion in Minecraft?

Ablaze spawner could simplify your life If you’re fortunate enough to come across one.

Step 15. Simply take on enough fire until you’ve got a good number of rods for ablaze. You’ll need at the very least one blaze rod for the brewing station, and any additional can be turned into fuel for the brewing unit itself. Make sure to locate more rods for blazes.

You’ll be running around your castle until you find an unfinished staircase that has soul sand as well as some red fungus that is growing. 

The nether wart that you must use to make an evening vision drink.

After you’ve collected everything you need, walk to safety before returning to your table. 

Utilizing your blaze rod join your cobblestone pieces with the three placed on the table of crafting to create the stand for brewing.

minecraft brewing stnad How to Make Invisibility Potion in Minecraft?

Step 16. Your stand for brewing will require fire powder to operate. Simply insert a blaze rod into your crafting menu to create the blaze powder. Each blaze rod can yield two blaze powders.

Step 17. Right-click the stand to open its user interface. Put your blaze powder in the left-hand slot to power the stand’s brewing.

Step 18. Next, you’ll need glass bottles. Make sand in an oven to create glass. In a crafting menu, you can place three glass pieces into the shape of a “v” shape to create glass bottles.

Step 19. In your glasses, click on any drinking source in order to fill them with water and then collect water bottles. Right-click on your brewing stand, and then place the water bottles in the lower part of the stand.

Step 20. You’re almost there! Place your nether wart in the last slot, then wait until the bottle starts to fill, and you’ll have the basis to make the potion night vision, the inconvenient potion.

nether wart How to Make Invisibility Potion in Minecraft?

Step 21. Take the awkward potions at the bottom, and take out the golden carrot. Put it in the same place in which you put the wart. Once the bottles are filled up, you’ll have three bottles of night vision.

Step 22. Similar to step 22 above, you can leave the night vision pills on lower levels of the stand for brewing. Place your fermented spider eyes into the ingredient slot, and let them be brewed.

Then, you’ll be awarded three bottles of potion that are cloudy, which will make you invisible for over three hours.

If you’re hoping to make your friends nervous in Minecraft, make sure to remove your armor following the consumption of this potion to become invisible. 

This will render your character invisible, but your armor will not be. It’s a sure way to let your friends know what you play on your buddies. 

It is also one of the most beneficial Minecraft potions and can be utilized by both regular and beginner players alike.


What is the purpose of Invisibility potions in Minecraft?

They render you unnoticeable, obviously! The effect doesn’t affect your armor. It also doesn’t make anything you hold in your hands invisible. 

If you want, turn the potion invisible into a splash potion. It can be used to make mobs vanish. 

They’ll still be present, but you could surprise someone by creating an invisible hostile mob, or cause their horse to disappear in their stable.

No matter how the fact that they stop mobs from causing trouble from further distances. They are still able to harass the person you are if they come close enough, but if you need to escape an enclave of mobs hostile to you, an invisibility potion can simplify your life.

Do you think Enderman will be seen with the potion of invisibility within Minecraft?

Unfortunately, the potential of invisibility isn’t enough to stop the enderman from pursuing you. 

Be sure to keep your eyes away from the massive, screeching crowds.

Final Words


The moment you disappear in front of another’s eyes is a great encounter. 

Making potions takes lots of work, but the rewards could be huge. 

Invisibility potions are a small amount of benefit, however, in multiplayer games, their effects can result in some hilarious encounters. 

It’s also fascinating to observe some floating armor scurrying around.

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