How to Make a Barrel In Minecraft

Barrels are a new type of storage that you can create in Minecraft. But, they do possess some peculiarities that distinguish them from chests. 

They can also be employed as Jobsite blocks for villagers. They don’t require an open area above them for opening the doors, and they can be placed upside down or right-side-up and still function. 

This guide will teach you the necessary materials needed to construct an actual barrel, the steps to build a barrel, and how to utilize the barrel in Minecraft.

How to make a barrel in Minecraft

To create a barrel using Minecraft, you must open the crafting table that contains the grid 3×3. Set up 3 sticks in the third and first columns. 

Then, put the oak slabs into the first box and the second of the second columns. After you have a barrel, just drag it to your inventory.

Required Materials to Make a Barrel in Minecraft:

Barrels can be made with two different recipes based on the version of Minecraft you’re playing The Java edition and the Bedrock edition.

  1. 6 Wooden Planks (Java)
  2. 2 Wooden Slabs (Java)
  3. 6 Sticks (Bedrock)
  4. 2 Wooden Slabs (Bedrock)

In order to play Minecraft, specifically the Java version of Minecraft, you will require 6 planks of wood of any kind. It is possible to mix and match the kinds of wood you wish to use. 

wooden slab minecraft How to Make a Barrel In Minecraft

This is also true with the slabs made of wood. No matter what kind of wood you pick, the barrels will remain the same in appearance. 

In the Bedrock versions of Minecraft, it is required to have 6 sticks and 2 of any wood slab.

Steps to show you how to make a barrel in Minecraft:

Barrels are a fairly inexpensive recipe since they require less wood than chests. By cutting the tree, you can easily find the necessary materials to construct an oblong barrel.

making a barrell minecraft How to Make a Barrel In Minecraft

After you’ve gathered all your wood, you can convert your planks of wood into logs, and if you’re playing the Bedrock version, change your planks into sticks.

Take a few wooden planks for making slabs, as you’ll require them in both versions. To create slabs, make one row of your crafting menu using planks of wood.

In the Java version of Minecraft, you can make a line on the sides of the table with planks of wood, but in Minecraft’s Bedrock Edition, you can line the sides of the crafting menu using sticks. 

Fill in the middle piece at the bottom and the top middle with a slab of wood of any kind to create your own barrel.

In the Java version of Minecraft, it is easy to swap the sticks for wooden planks, and you can make any kind of barrel you’d like.

How to Use a Barrel in Minecraft:

When your barrel is finished, you are able to place it where you’d like to put it. It can be used as an individual chest.

However, it does not require the addition of a piece of air over it. It is easy to fill up an entire wall with barrels to provide storage space.

The barrels can also be used to create a job site block for the village. They can become fishermen and will either purchase fish to buy emeralds or sell the fish to emeralds. 

This is a great option to get lots of emeralds to power your beacon or for other businesses since you can effortlessly stockpile a large amount of fish.

using barrel How to Make a Barrel In Minecraft

If the villager isn’t buying a fish that is easy to catch in the first place, you may take the barrel that it has been assigned to and then replace it, allowing the villager to adjust its trade inventory.

Barrels can accommodate up to 27 spaces for inventory. They can’t be expanded in the same way that chests can be, but they can be fitted into walls and tilted to either side.

It doesn’t matter whether the barrel’s open side is blocked by a block, you are able to open it.


What is the job Barrels provide to villagers of Minecraft?

Barrels comprise the Jobsite blocks for fishermen. They purchase strings and coal, as well as various kinds of fish, to raise the price of emeralds. 

They can prepare your fish for raw emeralds as well as cook your fish. In the latter stages of their careers, they are able to offer pufferfish, salmon, and tropical fish to earn emeralds or even boats to emeralds. 

Because tropical fish doesn’t come with many different uses, every tropical fish you catch could eventually be sold for one emerald.

How much space can the Barrel hold?

Barrels can have 27 slots of inventory as compared to a single chest. They differ from a chest in being able to be positioned differently and not needing an opening on the highest point of the

Do Barrels Burn in Lava in Minecraft?

Barrels could catch fire as they are constructed of wood. However, the things inside the barrel, as well as the barrel itself, are secure from fire or burning. 

You can be assured that barrels that are placed in close proximity to the flame or lava won’t go up in flames.

Final Words

Barrels are a new way to store things in Minecraft. They also have the peculiarity of being the fishing man’s job site block. 

It is possible to keep breaking the barrel and then putting it on the wall to create a villager store the inventory you want to keep at level one or two tradings.

Barrels can hold 27 inventory spaces, making them ideal for filling an area in the house to store extra items.

Now you are aware of the materials needed to build barrels, the method of creating one, and the different uses barrels can be utilized to serve.

It is recommended to use barrels mostly for storage or to select the profession of a villager. 

Since they are the job site blocks for fishermen, you could use any leftover fish that you catch and transform them into emeralds.

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