How to Make a Redstone Clock in Minecraft?

To build a clock made of Redstone, place three blocks of any kind in a square with two blocks between them. Then, dig a hole in one of the spaces between your three blocks. 

Then, place the remainder of your blocks into the holes and put torches on the three original blocks. Set Redstone Dust on your blocks beneath the ground.

If you’ve ever tried to construct an electronic Redstone system, you might have been stuck as you tried to get the Redstone’s pulse to keep repeating itself. 

The constant flicking of the lever, pressing of the button, or standing on a pressure plate is not the best option. 

Instead, you should consider building the Redstone clock. The clock is part of the wiring that allows an impulse to continue until you decide to end it. 

There are numerous kinds of clocks that you can construct to meet your requirements. Most Redstone clocks are model specific, which means that what works for one model may not be compatible with another.

Required Materials for Redstone Clock

  • Redstone Dust
  • Redstone Torch
  • Lever

These are the items you’ll need to build the most basic Redstone clock. This clock was present in the game before when many Redstone blocks were made, which made it practical.

However, it is slower and larger than the majority of the clocks. To create better clocks, we’ll have to include the following.

  • Redstone Comparator

Many of these items can create clocks independently. Each clock has specific dimensions and speeds. 

Certain games are unable to maintain the rate of ticks and could be broken. Test the speed of your repeaters and the quantity of dust that you have in your to determine if this resolves your issue.

How do I make Redstone Clock in Minecraft?

Step-by-Step Guide:

This is the step-by-step picture guide to follow to create a redstone clock in Minecraft:

The most basic clocks that you can play with involve three Redstone torches and a bit of Redstone dust.

How to make Redstone Clock in Minecraft How to Make a Redstone Clock in Minecraft?

The clock works by allowing the time needed for every Redstone pulse to shut itself off before turning back on. 

Each time a block is powered when the Redstone torch is turned off. This lets the following Redstone torch be turned on, and so on.

How to make Redstone Clock in Minecraft. How to Make a Redstone Clock in Minecraft?

To make this kind of clock, you’ll need an odd number of Redstone torches. Set up your wiring to ensure that they’re in straight lines and don’t cross each other, other than at corners. 

The dispenser should be placed in such a way that it makes sure that it functions.

You can put an adjustment lever in the timer to switch it off and on.

How to make Redstone Clock in Minecraft.. How to Make a Redstone Clock in Minecraft?

The lever can be broken or turned off. Turning it off will make the clock turn back to its original position. It’s a simple clock that requires 3 Redstone torches and 9 Redstone dust to work.

Types of Redstone Clock

There are different kinds of Redstone clocks. 

Certain models require different tick rates, while some are more efficient and others are smaller.

Single Torch Clock

Single Torch Clock How to Make a Redstone Clock in Minecraft?

It is not a reliable clock by itself. The majority of variants of the game let a torch power itself off and switch itself back on without burning. 

If you’re looking for a clock which shuts down after firing around ten times, this might be the perfect solution.

It is possible to reset the clock by replacing the Redstone dust or using the lever to turn it on and off.

Multi Redstone Torch

Multi Redstone Torch How to Make a Redstone Clock in Minecraft?

In the above example, you could make use of an odd number of Redstone Torches to run an unstoppable clock. 

This is more secure since the game can keep pace with Redstone pulses to avoid burning out.

It can be switched on and off by a lever, making it extremely useful for any task you require automating. 

Its drawback is how cumbersome it is to connect this to other devices as well as the speed at which it starts.

Piston Clock

It is possible to use pistons, hoppers, and Redstone comparators to build clocks that allow you to alter the speed at which they release an electrical pulse. 

Two hoppers should be fed into each other and put as many things in the hopper as you would like to slow down the speed of the clock.

Piston Clock How to Make a Redstone Clock in Minecraft?

The more objects in the hopper, the slower the clock’s speed will be. When the hopper has been emptied, the comparators outside of the hopper will notice that the status of the block it compares has changed, and will emit the pulse.

Piston Clock.. How to Make a Redstone Clock in Minecraft?

You can make it pulse each time the pistons move by placing another Redstone dust on top of the place where it is. A Redstone block sits. 

If you’re looking for full speed, this is the option you should choose. If you’d like to reduce it and control the precise time before it starts firing, you can put many more items into the hopper.

Piston Clock... How to Make a Redstone Clock in Minecraft?

To shut off this clock, simply empty the hoppers and their contents.

Despawn Clock

A despawn clock can be useful if you need to extend the time between Redstone pulses. It works based on the game’s rules regarding dropped items. 

The item that is dropped will be despawned within five minutes. The clock will send out each at five-minute intervals.

Despawn Clock How to Make a Redstone Clock in Minecraft?

After the item is gone and it has been removed, the Redstone torch comes back on, enabling the dropper on top of it.

Despawn Clock. How to Make a Redstone Clock in Minecraft?

This button allows you to set the clock once more. In the end, if you’re at a sufficient distance from the clock, it won’t drop an item, even though the item isn’t loaded. 

By pressing a button, you can begin the process all over again. The dropper can be filled with anything you want to stack. 

Every time the dropper drops a piece of material into the pressure plate, the clock will start firing and then turn on the Redstone torch till the object disappears. 

This can be helpful with sensors that detect daylight as it will switch on lights for you and then turn off the lights when there is daylight outside.

Make sure you are using the Redstone torch placed on the edge of your pressure plate to enable the device to function.

Despawn Clock 1 How to Make a Redstone Clock in Minecraft?

Repeater Clock

One of the most miniature Redstone clocks that you can build includes two repeaters. It’s also one of the most efficient clocks you could make.

Repeater Clock How to Make a Redstone Clock in Minecraft?

Place two repeaters side-by-side facing opposite directions. Attach Redstone to both and then attach the Redstone torch on top of the other and then cut off the torch as soon as you notice. 

This creates an arc that the Redstone repeaters will keep an appropriate pulse to provide power to one and the other. 

It is possible to alter the frequency of these repeaters to make it work. When I was in bedrock, I could not get the clock to start firing without delay for both repeaters.

Repeater Clock 1 How to Make a Redstone Clock in Minecraft?

When the delay was set in the second repeater, the clock triggered several times but eventually stopped by itself. 

It appears that this clock needs at the very least one delay for both repeaters to function in the bedrock edition. It is a compact Redstone clock that can fire quite quickly.


Q. How come my Redstone Torches get a little hot?

A Redstone torch can handle the maximum number of inputs per second before it burns out. When the device receives more inputs than 8 during sixty game ticks, the torch will eventually be burned out. 

One torch that is wired to itself is bound to go out of service because it is not sufficient space for the game’s clock to recognize that the torch could be switched on and off at the same time. 

While this clock may go out of its own accord, it is still a viable option by using a lever to switch it off and on again. This is useful in semi-automatic equipment that needs to be fired as fast as possible.

You can make a Redstone clock using only two Redstone torches but it is dependent on the torches and unreliable.

You will need to be able to change the Redstone torch each time you switch it off.

Q. How can you improve the speed of Redstone?

Use fewer repeaters. Use fewer items and fewer blocks. Redstone is more efficient and quicker when it is not required to move and the fewer objects it needs to register, the more efficient it is. 

A sole torch is by far the most efficient clock until it burns itself out. A clock with two torches is speed but it is not reliable and is difficult to set them off and on switches. 

Two repeaters could be used however they are not as quick as the two Redstone torches. A hopper/piston clock could be constructed with only one component in each hopper and will produce a pulse each second in-game tick. 

There are compromises that you need to consider for every Redstone device. Some will be able to work, however, others will render your build obsolete.

Final Words

Congratulations! You’ve learned how to make a variety of Redstone clocks as well as their functions. The various versions can allow different clocks to work. If a particular clock doesn’t work in the particular version that you play, don’t worry! 

Most likely, there’s an alternative configuration that uses the same type of clock that will allow it to work in your particular version of the game.

There are a variety of Redstone clocks that are available to play. Each one serves a particular purpose and has its speed of performance. However, most Redstone clocks have a universal design. 

Finding the ideal clock for your particular needs is straightforward if you need the device to run frequently and as fast as feasible. 

Understanding what makes each one distinct can help you choose various Redstone products and meet different requirements to automatize. 

If you are looking for a device that releases water every five minutes, consider a despawn clock. 

If you wish to regulate the exact amount of time before the clock releases an impulse, look at the clock which is a piston or hopper. 

There are numerous uses for Redstone clocks.

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