18 Minecraft Performance & Optimization Mods

At times, Minecraft can sometimes be demanding on GPUs and processors. Gaming enthusiasts with low-end hardware may experience performance issues when trying to play this game.

Minecraft was always an entry-level game, however, after 10 years of updating and updates, it has become extremely CPU-intensive. 

The forthcoming Caves and Cliffs update will profoundly impact the global population of Minecraft as well.

Mojang is updating Minecraft’s minimal specifications in their latest snapshot. Optimization mods for Minecraft allow low-end players to play Minecraft on their PCs. 

Modifications to Minecraft alter the texture of the game as well as the resources, and also improve general performance in Minecraft.

However, not everyone is willing to pay thousands of dollars to play their favorite game in 8K resolution with no problems. What is the point of that?

It’s up to others to decide on that.

Since Minecraft is a fairly low-demanding game, it’s bound to play. However, it’s possible to make it better. 

Modders are in the picture: with these amazing performance enhancements, even your old laptop can play the game with ease.

18. Lamb Dynamic Lights created by LambdAurora

Lamb Dynamic Lights created by LambdAurora

Call me old-fashioned however light sources should illuminate things. 

Light sources in Vanilla Minecraft only illuminate objects when they are placed in a specific location, meaning you can’t carry a torch around for a light source. 

Lamb Dynamic Lights changes that.

It’s not just possible to illuminate your surroundings by carrying a torch around in your palm and the mod also adds lighting sources to all creatures and objects that should emit lights. 

A zombie with a burning flame will illuminate its surroundings. It’s a soothing mod.

17. LazyDFU by Astei

LazyDFU by Astei

It’s a set-it-and-forget-it mod. It alters the way Minecraft loads and delays an update to the data so that it’s not loading more than one element at a time. 

It will load the game’s menu in just the same amount of time it takes for Vanilla for it to start loading. 

It’s a great choice for an extremely powerful computer, but it is a great option for low-spec systems.

16. Cull Leaves by Motschen

Cull Leaves by Motschen

Simple fix: this mod removes leaves on trees, which reduces the rendering of leaf to just the edge of the screen. 

This causes the trees to appear less sturdy and also captures back frames in beautiful leaves in a plethora of.

15. Starlight by Spottedleaf

Starlight by Spottedleaf

Another lighting engine that’s brand new which you can’t use with Lithium or else you risk going blind, yet claims to offer faster lighting creation across the world of Minecraft.

Spottedleaf uses a chainsaw to the lighting engine that is currently in use and completely replaces it, as “… it’s extremely difficult to repair the lighting engine’s performance by altering it.

It’s an absolute disaster, so it’s best than burning it to the ground and then starting from scratch.” They did.

According to their tests, they assert that Starlight has 25-fold more efficient in producing light in comparison to Phosphor, and around 35 times faster than the basic light engine. 

My measuring tape for light is currently being fixed by NASA and I’m unable to take measurements, but having it in place can speed the pace of the game.

You’ll have to download the file and drop it onto the Edit Mods tab of ATlauncher to turn it on.

14. Lithium is a product of JellySquid

Lithium is a product of JellySquid

It’s not just about what you can see. Lithium is JellySquid’s supplementary mod to the lighting and rendering engines, although it’s more of an add-on that is specialized as both. 

It also includes the physical engine, world generation mob AI and many more.

The process of regaining performance from these things will require changes to the collision resolution of physics. 

The game is a bit clunky, so you’re able to simplify the area considerably. 

World generation optimizations aim to eliminate several unnecessary calculations, increasing the speed at which games load and creating levels. Mob AI can now select its tasks faster.

Another mod works on the server, without the client needing it.

However, since Minecraft’s single-player game runs through an internal server, you can install the mod on your PC and experience the advantages.

13. FPS Plus

FPS Plus

There will never be several frames in a second in your lifetime I’m sure of it.

FPS Plus is a simple mod that enhances Minecraft performance by altering the mathematical functions that drive the whole experience.

It makes sure that it’s faster and less intense with no visual impact.

This results in an improved optimization that lets the game run better even on a less powerful system.

12. Sodium

Sodium 1 18 Minecraft Performance & Optimization Mods

The Sodium mod will reduce your internal salt production, thereby removing the anxiety that comes from dealing with problems with performance.

Clever, eh?

There’s a brand modern rendering system that makes use of multi-draw methods, resulting in lower CPU usage. What is all this jargon about?

This means that even if your graphics card isn’t up to the task the CPU will ensure that the frame rate won’t drop into single figures without being forced to reduce the graphics of the game. 

It’s very useful!

11. FPS Reducer

FPS Reducer

Always want the framerate of your games to remain fluid. However, there are times when it isn’t!

FPS Reducer is a fantastic alternative for those who want to conserve power and let your computer cool down or you’d like to record things at the same rate(for numerous reasons).

It reduces the frame rate if no procedure is carried out or the game’s window is not active. This means that your computer isn’t locked up while you’re idle.

10. Minecraft Tweaker

Minecraft Tweaker

Everyone wants to increase Minecraft’s performance but we don’t have to navigate through complicated settings that aren’t very clear.

If you’re adamant about us, then you’re at the right place.

Minecraft Tweaker is an extremely helpful mod that not only enhances the game with only a few clicks but also installs many other popular mods and then updates them automatically.

This way, your game will remain optimal to the point of exhaustion. It’s close.

9. Phosphor


You might not have thought of it but lighting can trigger substantial amounts of performance problems in Minecraft most likely due to the way lighting is rendered.

This Phosphor mod enhances lighting rendering in Minecraft by making the light engine take lesser time rendering in the generation of chunks.

In a general sense, it means that stuttering, as well as FPS drop, will be significantly diminished without making huge changes in the game’s visual quality. 

A thing all optimization tools need to try to achieve.

8. OptiFine


What do you feel today? OptiFine I’m hoping.

OptiFine will be the best mod you should download if you wish to improve the quality of your Minecraft experience to be improved visually and without the need to spend hours altering settings.

Download and install. It will begin working instantly, increasing your frame rate and letting you enjoy blocky fun. We all want it I’d say.

7. TexFix

TexFix 1 18 Minecraft Performance & Optimization Mods

Are you feeling a bit down? There’s no RAM available on your computer? We got you covered.

The TexFix mod modifies the method by which Minecraft loads textures to ensure that it eliminates all non-animated textures from RAM.

The aim is to cut down on use and boost performance by ensuring that memory is kept open.

While it might seem like a trivial matter if your computer has 16GB or more of memory this is a huge benefit. 

Particularly for those who have smaller RAM, since you could save up to 5GB of RAM when you play games with very high resolutions.

4K doesn’t seem so frightening anymore.

6. Dynamic FPS

Dynamic FPS

If you’d like to have your Minecraft experience to be at top form, you should consider the Dynamic FPS Mod.

This mod decreases FPS even when Minecraft isn’t active(like it does with the FPS Reducer modification) and also addresses some bugs that cause Minecraft to consume additional resources while running in the background.

I didn’t think that such cute-looking games could be so addictive. In any case, we have a solution.

5. Surge


Time isn’t enough. Even just a few seconds of load time matters especially when you’re in a rush. or streaming.

You don’t want to be a victim of the slow load BS.

Surge does not just improve performance through a couple of tweaks, it also makes loading times considerably quicker by lowering the amount of time required to register new elements into the game’s registry.

It can also speed things up by automatically turning off debug code to detect missing subtitles and sound and some other adjustments.

4. Chunk-Pregenerator


Do you know the amount of effort it takes to make chunks?

I’m not entirely sure but it reduces stress on your system thanks to this mod. Chunk-Pregenerator mod.

This incredible mod creates chunks, so loading new areas are much more fluid and you don’t have to worry about stuttering or other issues with performance.

In light of the numerous memory leaks that can be caused by installing numerous mods, this might be essential.

3. Vanilla Fix

Vanilla Fix

Random crashes can be a player’s worst nightmare.

However, they are able to be restricted to a certain extent, when you have the proper configuration.

The Vanilla Fix mod packs the normal performance improvements that aid in making your FPS increase to triple figures.

It also includes a plethora of bug fixes that will stop the game from crashing.

Even if it does happen, you’ll not be kicked out of the game. The game will be brought right back into the main menu, where you’ll be able to re-enter the game in a matter of minutes.

A lack of time is an extremely happy player.

2. FoamFix


If you’re playing Minecraft on an old computer, or want to upgrade your RAM or GPU or both, you must download FoamFix.

I guarantee it, it makes an impact.

This mod increases the release and allocation of RAM, which helps the gameplay great, even when you have several things going on in memory. 

To get more efficient results, you need to use it in conjunction with…

1. Better FPS

Better FPS 1 18 Minecraft Performance & Optimization Mods

… The Best FPS mod!

It is also regarded to be one of the most vital Minecraft performances mods that have ever been developed.

It’s a lot of functions that this update tweaks and it will take quite a long time to mention the entire list.

Simply put, Better FPS introduces some modifications in Sin() as well as cos() algorithm, eliminates the preallocation of RAM, and is aiming to be “the most efficient” performance enhancement to Minecraft.

The objective is to ensure that the game runs as smoothly as it can without affecting the visuals in any way (if not at all).

Don’t be content with your current Minecraft performance. Always aim at the top!

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