How to Build Nether Portal in Minecraft

Nether Portal is an obsidian structure that allows players to move across The Nether as well as the Overworld. 

They emit distinctive whimpering, and crying sounds, as well as release yellow particles which look like dust particles. 

The players move 8 blocks in the Overworld by moving one block horizontally across the Nether. 

Its Portal should be four blocks wide and 5 blocks tall, with the steel and flint being utilized to open it.

A nether is a terrifying place with a thrilling new set of animals and blocks and it’s one of the most important aspects of your Minecraft adventure. 

Things like the blaze rods can be found in the nether and can be used to make various other useful objects. Portals were added in Minecraft as part of the Halloween update in 2010.

Behavior of Nether Portal in Minecraft

How to Build Nether Portal in Minecraft 1 How to Build Nether Portal in Minecraft

Nether portal blocks emit distinctive crying and whimpering sounds they release violet particles which appear like dust particles. 

They are the same purple particles that are released by endermen and endermites, pearls from enders, as well as the chests of the ender. 

Level 11 light is produced from the portal blocks, which is much less powerful than a torch and does not suffice to stop mobs spawning in the middle of the freestanding portal.

Chunk Loading

Because Minecraft worlds contain 30 million blocks in each cardinal direction and comprise many chunks that are loaded, the game only loads specific chunks in order to allow the game to be played. 

The loading process begins when a chunk is issued tickets. The loader’s source is the ticket.

When you’re teleported to an inferior portal the chunk will receive an e-ticket that has a rating of load 30 which means it’s fully loaded and is able to process any entities that are connected to the portal. 

The load usually extends to other chunks, however with each one getting smaller, they shrink. 

They are in use for 15 seconds, however, each time an entity passes traverses the portal, the timer is refreshed. 

It is possible to load chunks for a long time and create the term “chunk loader” which can cause a lot of latency, and create delay.

Portal Linkage

Its coordinates for horizontal space as well as distances with a ratio of 1:8 are in relation with the Overworld. 

This means that players have transferred the equivalent of 8 blocks in their Overworld by moving one block horizontally in the Nether. 

However, the Y-axis stays in a state of non-affected. Knowing the conversion is very beneficial.

The game uses the coordinates that you input when you open the portal. 

The game then converts these coordinates into destination coordinates: XZ-coordinate entries are multiplied when you’re in the netherworld or multiplied by 8 when you are in the world but the Y-coordinate will not be altered.

If a portal candidate is found it is determined by the distance of this coordinate system at present, it is able to teleport individuals to the nearest one. 

Straight-line distance calculations are employed to calculate between portals within the range. The most efficient route, based on the Y-axis’s difference to be chosen.

If no portals are found in the area of search.

The game will create one by looking for the closest suitable location for a portal to be placed within 16 blocks of the coordinates of the player’s destination. 

If enough space is available and the portal is orientated, the position of the portal can be determined at random.

After selecting the coordinates and a portal is constructed at the coordinates of the desired location which includes portal blocks, taking everything out of the way. 

If a portal gets pushed into lava or water the liquid flows into the air blocks that were created and leaves no space for the player to breathe.

How can you make a nether portal?

Items Needed:

14 blocks of Obsidian

-Flint and Steel

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Obsidian block collecting can be accomplished in various ways. If you own an instrument that is diamond, you could mine obsidian blocks. 

Obsidians can be found inside mines, along with pools of lava. In addition, through the combination between two elements, water and lava, and lava, you can create obsidian blocks. 

It is important to know that obsidian is only made when water is poured over the lava source.

The other item that is required is steel and flint. The item isn’t found naturally and must be made through the mixing of iron ore and the flint that is extracted from mine gravel. 

After you’ve gathered flint and iron ingots by smelting iron ore, follow this recipe to create steel and flint.

1. Create the Obsidian Frame

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The Nether Portal should measure 4 obsidian in width as well as the edges of the portal must be five obsidian tall which will result in 14 obsidian that is used up.

2. Make use of Flint & Steel on the portal:

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After that, you must enable your Nether Portal. This means you must select the flint as well as the steel in your Hotbar. 

Set your pointer to the bottom of an obsidian block and then apply the steel and flint. 

Once you’ve used steel and flint within the frame for the portal and the central location of the portal will appear to glow and change color. 

This indicates that the portal in the nether is in operation and you are able to transfer into the nether.

3. Walk through the portal to the nether:

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Once you’ve finished building it and are done making use of it. 

To use the portal to the nether simply stroll through the purple part of the portal. You will be taken into the nether in a similar manner to the image below:

How do Nether portals function?

It is necessary to remain in the Portal block for at most four seconds before you are transported into another dimension. 

This is true regardless of what dimension you’re currently in. If you decide to change your mind and you don’t wish to teleport out, you must get outside the portal before it has completed the animation in order to stop the entire procedure.

However, this option isn’t possible in creative mode since the player will be transferred as soon as he enters the portal.

In the event of an active portal in the opposite dimension, the user appears within that portal. If not, or at the coordinates of the portal, the portal is created. 

A new portal is made if a portal has been removed and the portal is activated in another dimension before it is activated. 

Nearly anything, including mobs (except the wither and end dragon) and thrown objects and even transport that does not require passengers, such as minecarts, boats, and horses, could be teleported. 

Minecarts with storage and power are also able to pass through.

There is a possibility to utilize this connecting portal to connect to the corresponding Overworld portal. 

Within a certain area making multiple portals within the Overworld could all end up in one portal in the Nether and reverse. 

Both linked portals will be in operation, but only the one closest to the one will become managed via Nether Portal. Nether Portal.


IconNameGame Description and How-to
b784a 16106996830221 800 How to Build Nether Portal in MinecraftWe’re Needing to Dig DeeperLight, build and go through into a Nether Portal
47b27 16106997101884 800 How to Build Nether Portal in MinecraftNetherWear clothing for summer. It is necessary to join the Nether dimension.
3ac41 16106997653850 800 How to Build Nether Portal in MinecraftSubspace BubbleMake use of to use the Nether to travel 7 kilometers across the Overworld. 
Two points can be reached within the Overworld with an absolute vertical distance of 7000 blocks each other, and 875 blocks within the Nether.
23f9f 16106997974226 800 How to Build Nether Portal in MinecraftUneasy AllianceRecover a Ghast from Nether Bring it back safely and to the Overworld… and then, kill it.


IconNameGame Description and How-toTrophy Type
926b3 16107001822056 800 How to Build Nether Portal in MinecraftThrough the NetherBuild a portal to the nether world and then enter it.Bronze


Q. What sizes can Nether portals be?

Nether portals are available in various sizes, starting with a minimum size of 4×5 and a maximum of 23×23. It is your responsibility to you to decide the ideal size for your site.

Q. How do I find the portal to the Nether?

The easiest method of doing this is to memorize the locations that the portal is located. 

Once you’ve written down the coordinates and understand what they are, getting any place within Minecraft will become much easier.

Q. How much Obsidian do I need for the portal?

Obsidian’s requirements are largely based on the dimension of your portal, as larger portals need more blocks. 

The portal we built was the smallest and needed just 14 blocks. It is recommended to build an extremely small portal in order to minimize the time spent mining obsidian.

Q. Why is the nether portal not working?

There are many reasons to consider. Like the webserver is not sufficient in size. It could also be that the nether isn’t accessible to your servers, or could simply be a glitch.

In that case, just a restart of the game will resolve the issue. Before you make any conclusions, ensure that you have eliminated all possible solutions.

Q. What are the 3 portals in Minecraft?

Nether portal: This is the precise creation of obsidian blocks to make up the structure that allows you to travel towards the Nether.

Portal to the End: A precise structure comprised of the 12 End Portal Frame blocks that make up the structure that allows you to get to the End. 

Portale exiting: This is the exit port from the End which is built into bedrock.

Final Words

Congratulations! You have created an internet portal. This allows you to go through the Nether and back at any time you wish. 

If you want to make potion recipes, defeat certain bosses, or access other items that are special, visiting the Nether is necessary. 

The Nether is also a great way to travel over greater distances in a brief time.

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