How to Make an End Portal in Minecraft?

End Portal: The End Portal can be described as the gateway you use to enter the End dimension.

Accessing the End dimension is essential for progressing through the game because it is the area where you will be fighting to defeat the Ender Dragon to gain victory.

A functioning portal will comprise 12 end portal frames each one by an eye and the ender in the appropriate slot.

Essential Items that are required to create an End Portal

To build an end-to-end portal, you’ll need:

  1. 12 Eyes of Ender
  2. 12 End Portal Frames

You’ll need to remain in creative mode to get End Portal Frames because it’s impossible to get this item in normal survival mode.

How do I create the End Portal in Minecraft?

In a Nutshell:

To build the end portal, put three frames in the end portal on each end of the portal.

Then, turn the portal in a circular direction and add End Portal frames on each side.

Add an Eye of Enders into each End Portal frame by clicking on each frame by holding an Eye of Enders in your hand, but take that it doesn’t slip after you have added the final one.

Step-by-Step Guide(with Pictures):

Here’s a step-by-step pictorial instruction you must follow to build an end portal within Minecraft:

Step 1:

How to Make an End Portal in Minecraft How to Make an End Portal in Minecraft?

The first step is to create the frame for The End Portal.

For this, you must first place three frames from the End Portal to create each side.

Then, turn in a circular direction and then place End Portal frames on each side.

TIP: Make certain that the tabs in green above the end portal frames face the inside to the inside of the portal.

Step 2:

How to Make an End Portal in Minecraft S2 How to Make an End Portal in Minecraft?

Then you must include an Eye of Ender into each End Portal frame by clicking on each frame while holding an Eye of Ender in your hand.

Be sure to pause before placing the final and 12th Eye of Ender into the final empty portal.

This is because if you put that final Eye of Ender while standing within the portal you will instantly be transported back to the End dimension with no time to prepare for it.

Explainer Video

FAQs on End Portal

Q. How do you discover and then complete the End Portal in a stronghold?

Ans. To establish a stronghold, you’ll need to make an Eye of Ender in the air.

After throwing the Eye of Ender you will observe it moving in a particular direction, then hovering in the air, and then falling into the earth.

This is the direction you should go.

You’ll need to follow this pattern up to the point that the Eye of Enders you throw in the air continues to hover over a specific spot.

This is a sign of where you have to begin digging.

It is important to note that the Eye of Ender has a possibility of breaking when it is it is thrown into the air, therefore it is likely that you’ll need some to construct the strongest hold.

Once inside the stronghold, you’ll need to conduct a little searching because you will find the End Portal will be somewhere in the midst.

Once you’ve located that End Portal you will have to fill in the gap left by the Eye of Enders as discussed in the previous section of this guide.

Q. Do you have the ability to crack your way through End Portal in Survival?

Ans. You cannot move portal frames within Survival. They are unbreakable.

Final Words

End Portals allow players for accessing the End dimension of the game.

They can only be constructed upon the player’s, the basis of creativity.

In the normal survival mode when you want to finish an end portal to get to the final destination, you need to locate one within an enclave as explained in the previous guide.

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