10 Games Like My Summer Car

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The simulation video game My Summer Car was made by Amistech Games. Finnish countryside in the late 1990s is where the game takes place.

While aging various aspects of man’s life, players can construct and maintain a car. The realistic depiction of car assembly, maintenance, and daily life activities in the video game My Summer Car has received positive reviews from many people.

The game has a big world that players can explore. This makes it fun and free. Players have a rich and complex experience thanks to the intricate and complex game mechanics.

This game is great for people who like challenging simulations and a diverse gaming experience. The game has a fun tone that makes the game play experience enjoyable.

10. Junkyard Truck

My Summer Car

You can customize your vehicles, drive off-road, and engage in other enjoyable activities in the game Junkyard Truck.

Driving off-road, maintaining your vehicle, and looking for different ways to make money are all part of the unique game play in Junkyard Truck.

With an open world, players can go wherever they want and find new places. This makes the game fun and exciting.

A fun and unique element of the car gaming experience is being able to customize, improve, and maintain your off-road vehicle.

Scavenging, gambling, and moonshine production are just a few of the many gaming options available to players.

This gives the man options that are appropriate for different ways of playing. By effectively managing the money they earn from various activities, players can make their man gaming experience more strategic.

9.  Loop Taxi

unnamed 1 10 Games Like My Summer Car

Gearguru made and released the arcade, top-down, single-player video game Loop Taxi for mobile devices. In a stunning world full of roads, traffic, and challenges, the game lets the player become a taxi driver.

Picking a taxi from the available ones is the player’s main goal, and then they go on a quest to earn money.

Initially, he has to pick up passengers from various places, rush through traffic, and drop them off at the next stop. The player will earn more gold by carrying more passengers.

The player will experience various cars in unique worlds with varying speeds and abilities during game play. The game gives bonuses to players for each mission they complete successfully.

The player must adhere to traffic regulations while driving a car, avoid colliding with other vehicles, and stay safe.

Twenty-five cars are available, such as Truck Jeep, Sport, Taxi, and more. Military, City, and Upstate are three distinct environments.

8. The Long Drive

The Long Drive 10 Games Like My Summer Car

An extended trip is a video game that Genesz made. It’s a simulation game with an open world. Players will drive an old car in a big desert in this game.

The players in this game are situated in a big desert. Their objective is to drive their vehicle across the desert. In the game, you explore a huge world that never ends and feel alone.

You need to make sure your character has enough food, water, and fuel to stay alive and healthy in the game.

These things are very important for your survival and to keep your vehicle running well. It is designed so that driving feels like it does in real life.

This makes the adventure challenging and realistic as players drive through rough terrain, sand dunes, and possibly dangerous situations.

7.  Train Taxi

maxresdefault 17 10 Games Like My Summer Car

SayGames made Train Taxi, a puzzle and single-player video game for mobile devices. In order to complete a level and make points, the player must collect all the people in the 2D world.

The simple rule of the game is that the longer the train gets, the more passengers the player gets. The player has to keep track of all of his tails and avoid crashes in order to move forward in the game.

It has a lot of difficult levels, and each one has a set of puzzles that the player needs to solve to move on. As the player learns how to become the master and meets the requirements, new levels will be unlocked.

The number of people determines how many points a player can make.

6. Derail Valley

Derail Valley 1536x864 1 10 Games Like My Summer Car

Alternative Future made a video game called Derail Valley that is like a railroad. You can play this simulation and pretend to be a train conductor.

As the conductor or supervisor of a train, you will be in charge of various duties. People play Derail Valley to have a realistic train simulation experience. In this, realistic train controls, mechanics, and interactions are included.

Explore a big world in the game that has lots of different landscapes, like mountains, valleys, and industrial areas. You can drive trains and go to different places as a player.

Being a participant means you will get to drive a variety of trains, each with its features and challenges.

You can pick from a variety of jobs in the game that involve managing trains. Managing car go, moving people, and making sure you stick to schedules are all part of this.

5. Taxi Game

bg64 10 Games Like My Summer Car

Baklabs made the great Driving Simulation game Taxi Game, which you can get for Android and iOS.

Single-player mode is available, and the game is geared toward people who like driving games.

Take the opportunity to drive a taxi and compete against traffic in the city. To earn money as soon as possible, pick up passengers and take them to their chosen locations.

The game takes place in a 3D open world with many paths that go through the city. To buy a new vehicle or upgrade your current one, earn money.

See the city in great detail from both the first- and third-person points of view, and show that you’re the best driver.

To keep moving forward, abide by the instructions at the start and the traffic laws. Keep your car on the side of the road and avoid hitting other vehicles to unlock more game features.

The Taxi Game has cool features like a 3D environment, realistic vehicle physics, difficult missions, different routes, driving customers to their destinations, and more. You are going to love it if you try it.

4. Car For Sale Simulator 2024

Car For Sale Simulator 2023 10 Games Like My Summer Car

For people who enjoy cars, Car For Sale Simulator 2024 is a game. What an interesting experience.

This game is great for fans because it combines playing as a car dealer, driving, maintaining, and customizing cars.

Owners and managers of car dealerships can be individuals. Their duties include managing inventory, acquiring vehicles from various sources, and selling them to potential customers.

Many different car models from various eras and manufacturers are included in the game.

This enables players to cater to the preferences of a wide range of customers. People can test drive the cars they buy to see how they perform and possibly show them off to potential buyers.

Players have a realistic way to make sure the cars are in great shape before selling them thanks to the game’s detailed features for fixing and caring for vehicles.

3. Taxi Sim 2016

maxresdefault 16 10 Games Like My Summer Car

Taxi Sim 2016, which was released by Ovidiu Pop for mobile devices like Android and iOS, is a fun and addicting driving simulator that can be played alone or with another player.

The game has parts of amazing cities, detailed taxis, unique rooms, and more. While playing, you are a taxi driver in an open world setting.

The final task is to explore the world, pick up customers, and drop them off where they are needed. You can improve the performance of your vehicle by earning money and using it.

For example, Free Ride and Multiplayer are two of the different modes. You can freely move around the world and earn experience points in Free Ride mode, where there is no time limit.

With a selection of detailed cities to explore, including Moscow, Frankfurt, New York, etc., there are various vehicles available to unlock and drive.

In Single Player mode, you can play by yourself, or in Free Ride Multiplayer, you can play with friends. There are realistic car controls, a lot of different taxis, detailed interiors, a damage system, a manual transmission, and more. Taxi Sim 2016 is the best Driving Simulation video game out there.

2. Jalopy

Jalopy 10 Games Like My Summer Car

The cool video game Jalopy was made by Minskworks. In this game, you play as a young person who embarks on an exciting adventure while driving a Laika 601 Deluxe car through Eastern Bloc countries in the early 1990s.

Within the Eastern Bloc in the early 1990s, the game takes place. This place gives players an interesting and historically important background to explore.

Some individuals enjoy the visual and auditory aspects of the video game Jalopy.

This game is renowned for its attention to small details in its graphics, well-crafted audio, and capacity to completely immerse players in its world.

Players are in charge of maintaining and customizing their car, which makes them feel more connected to it.

With this game, players can go on a fun road trip to see new places, meet new people, and have a more realistic experience.

1. Landlord’s Super

Landlords Super 1536x864 1 10 Games Like My Summer Car

Landlord’s Super is a video game that lets players experience life in the 1980s.

People who like video games and are familiar with or interested in the 1980s may experience nostalgia when a location in the British Isles is mentioned.

Players who play the game in first person feel like they are in West Berklands’ virtual world. It makes the experience more interesting.

Real-life situations are used to make the game realistic, and players can do a lot of different things to win.

This makes the experience of playing the game more varied and interesting. By adding a construction mode, the game encourages more creativity.

To suit their individual preferences, players can design and personalize the virtual world.

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