What does “nico nico nii” Mean & Where did it come From?

You’ve probably seen that annoying video where a little girl keeps saying “nico nico ni” over and over again.

You’ve probably asked yourself, “What the hell is this?”

In this article, we’ll try to figure out where “Nico Nico Nii” came from, what it means, and how it became so popular.

This whole article will cover everything there is to know about viral, anime, memes, and other things.

What is “nico nico nii”?

In the anime series “Love Live! School Idol Project,” the character Yazawa Niko is responsible for popularizing the catchphrase “Nico Nico Ni.”

The word is written as “Nico Nico Ni” in Japanese, and it is frequently seen on message boards and communities such as 4chan and Reddit, in addition to other popular sites in Japan and among otaku in the west.

Nico Yazawa, a character from the anime series “Love Live,” has an assertive demeanor, and she has a high level of self-confidence.

She frequently needs to adopt a cheerier personality and more in order to behave like an idol, therefore to play cute, she frequently uses the phrase “Niko Niko Ni.” in these situations.

This phrase was first used in the fifth episode of “Love, Live,” when Niko tried to tell the rest of the cast what she thought of an idol.

Fans quickly remembered the scene because of how it looked, how it was shaped, and how moe it was.

It wasn’t just a phrase that went viral; it was also the character’s hand gestures, heart shape, and facial expressions.

Where did “nico nico ni” come from?

After making its debut, the term has already begun to gain traction on the internet, where it has inspired the creation of hundreds of gifs, films, and pieces of fan art and is being utilized by a large number of people.

Even Kim Heechul, a famous singer from South Korea, uses this statement during his performances.

When they released a remix video, which has already received more than 10 million views, the popularity of the song skyrocketed even further.

What is the meaning of “nico nico nii”?

nico nico nii What does "nico nico nii" Mean & Where did it come From?

It’s possible that some people will take this sentence to signify absolutely nothing at all.

This phrase is used by the character since her real name is Niko, which would explain why she uses this expression.

However, there is an expression in Japanese that translates to “you are smiling in your heart,” and that term is called “nico nico.”

Nico-Nico is the onomatopoeia for smiling.

The word “nii” may be merely the particle ni in the context of the sentence she’s using it in, or she may be just following the lead of other anime characters who end sentences with “nyan” to make them sound like cats.

Let’s look at the full statement that Niko Yazawa uses to explain the expression so that we may comprehend it better:


  1. You are smiling in your heart.
    • Anata – あなた – You
    • heart – Heart
    • Niko Niko – Smile


  1. And I’ll put a smile on your heart!
    • Todokeru – 届ける – to deliver, to send
    • Yazawa – She referred to herself in the third person.
    • Egao – 笑顔 – Smile


  1. Remember Nico! Nico loves you!
  2. oboeteru – 覚えてる – Remember, don’t forget;

The name Nico Yazawa

Some people write Nico Yazawa, which isn’t always a bad thing.

Since there is no letter “C” in Japanese, nico is written as Niko in the country’s native language.

Niko’s first name is written in Hiragana, which means it doesn’t have a deep meaning. Instead, it probably has something to do with the sound of a smile.

When writing in Japanese, the last name or family name comes first.

Yazawa is written with, which means “arrow” or “dart” in English. This is a direct reference to his Idol skill, which hits fans right in the heart.

Nico Yazawa is 1.54 feet tall, has blood type A, is a size B74, has a waist of 57 inches, and has a height of 79 inches.

She was born on July 22, and in the anime, she is 17 years old.

Tokui Sora gives her a voice.


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