How Oikawa Became the Best Player by the End of Haikyuu!

The last book of Haikyu!! will be out on November 4, 2020, thanks to Furudate. After 402 chapters, the famous Shounen manga came to an end.

The same anime series got a lot of good feedback from fans in Japan and around the world. Haikyu is a story about great teamwork, personal growth, and the determination of those who want to be the best.

This volleyball book had a lot of great characters, and Toru was one of them.

There are spoilers from the manga in the piece. So, if you haven’t read the book, stop scrolling!

Haikyu is a book with a lot of exciting turns. At the end of every fight, there is always a surprise.

The matches kept going to deuces, which kept the readers guessing.

Furudate kept doing this thing where big moves were shown in a big way until the very end of the book.

In the last book, “Challengers,” we find out that Hinata and Kageyama will play for Japan in the Olympics against Argentina.

What’s the real shock?

We find that he is in Argentina.

Yes, in Haikyu, Oikawa is the most powerful boss.

The story ends when Kageyama and Hinata’s last enemy is shown. In the end, Oikawa did not give up until the very end, beating Kageyama and Hinata.

But how did Oikawa end up on the Argentinian team?

Here is the story of Oikawa’s journey as he tries to get better among talented players.

Toru: A Fan Magnet

Toru said, “Talent is something you grow, and instinct is something you polish.”

The figure with the most votes was Oikawa Toru.

Why, you might ask?

It could be his strong will and good looks, or it could be that he is a very good setter.

He is one of my favorite Haikyu figures because of how skilled he is and how much he wants to beat the best players.

Since he first showed up in the manga and anime, he has given us some exciting times.

There have been times when he has done things that made no sense at all. I’d be lying if I said that his monster serve didn’t give me chills every time.

Toru In Elementary School

Oikawa Toru In Elementary School How Oikawa Became the Best Player by the End of Haikyuu!

Since they were kids, Iwaizumi and Oikawa had been friends. It was clear that Oikawa had always been interested in volleyball.

Many scenes show that he trained almost all the time with Iwaizumi. Around the time he was in elementary school, he went to the Sendai Stadium to watch a volleyball game.

This game got Oikawa hooked on volleyball.

This was a match between Argentina and Japan. The Ace of Argentina seemed to do well in the first set. He was young and full of energy.

But things stopped going his way in the end. In the second part of the set, his play got worse. People thought he would be taken out of the game, but Argentina’s team changed the setter instead.

José Blanco, a 38-year-old pro, was the setter on the court at the moment. He was only on the game for a short time, but in that time he helped his team win.

He gave the young Ace easy sets that helped him get back into the game.

While the crowd was happy that Ace was back, Oikawa was mesmerized by the power of the setter.

He says that the setter left quietly when his job was done, but no one noticed that Blanco, the setter, had the upper hand at that point in the game and not the spiker.

Of course, this is also when Oikawa knew he had to become a setter because he thought the setter was in charge of the game and could win it.

When the match was over, Oikawa went ahead and got Blanco’s signature on a jockstrap, since Iwaizumi had already used the paper they had bought together to get Blanco’s signature (which sounds like something Iwaizumi would do!).

Even though the name washes away later, this match seems to have motivated Oikawa to work hard to become the best setter. This game is where he first got interested in volleyball.

Toru in Middle School

Oikawa and Iwaizumi Hajime went to the same middle school, Kitagawa Daichi Middle School. He joined the volleyball club, as was expected of him.

Even though Oikawa loved volleyball very much, he saw at this point that he wasn’t very good at it.

Over time, he would meet people who were good at the game because they were born that way. Even though he loved the game as much as they did, he began to feel like he was still losing.

The first opponent of Oikawa was Kageyama Tobio.

Before Kageyama Tobio came to the school, Oikawa was the best setter there. But when Kageyama came, his doubts grew. When Kageyama came in to replace him in one of the fights, it got even worse.

I think this part of Oikawa’s story was one of my favorites. I love how Oikawa became the person he is now. When Kageyama moved to Kitagawa Daichi, Oikawa was afraid of how much he would grow.

He was afraid of the day when he would be better than him and take his place. Oikawa decides to get better to the point where he practices all the time.

He almost hits Kageyama out of fear of losing his job to a younger person.

When Iwaizumi gets in the way, Oikawa’s anger starts to slow down. Even though Iwaizumi is always angry, it’s clear that he cares about Oikawa.

Iwaizumi is the one who demonstrates to Oikawa that six people play volleyball instead of just one.

In the future, people will know that Oikawa brings out the best in his friends. This is why Ushijima keeps thinking that he should have come to Shiratorizawa.

He gets the Man of the Match medal near the end of his last year in Middle School. He learns to believe in his team. In the matches he plays later in Aoba Johsai, he keeps taking very good care of his spikers.

Even so, he still hates Tobio!

Oikawa in High School

Oikawa goes to Aoba Johsai, which is also called Seijoh. He takes over as the boy’s volleyball team’s official setter and leader.

With Oikawa as their setter and Iwaizumi as their ace, Seijoh becomes the second-best volleyball team in Miyagi, after Shiratorizawa.

He is pretty popular with girls, and it seems like almost every girl has a crush on him. Girls who are his fans are swarming him before a game. They give him lunch boxes.

People think of Oikawa as a setter who gets the most out of his spikers. We’ve already talked about how Ushikawa wanted Oikawa to be his setter for this skill.

Even the cruel player Kytani Kentar was calmed by Oikawa. He even got so good at his jump serve that every team that got it shook.

Kageyama knows who Oikawa is and goes to him for help when he’s feeling stressed because he can’t get in sync with Hinata.

Even though Oikawa doesn’t like him very much, he still gives him advice. He tells Kageyama that he thinks he should try setting things up with Hinata the way Hinata wants them instead of the way Kageyama wants them to be.

Every time, Ushijima Wakatoshi beats Oikawa at volleyball because he is naturally good at it. In a memory, someone talks to him and tells him to push himself instead of giving up.

It turns out that this guy is José Blanco. Oikawa won’t give up on volleyball, even though he knows that he can get better by working on his skills.

Even though he loses to Karasuno, he never stops wanting to work hard.

Oikawa in Rio, Brazil

After Kageyama and Hinata finish high school, the comic jumps ahead for five years.

In the time jump arc, Hinata and Oikawa meet up in Rio. Hinata started playing beach volleyball, which helps him stay balanced in the air.

Hinata and Oikawa take a selfie with their old friends at the end of chapter 371 and the start of the next. All of the players are surprised when they see the picture.

Oikawa plays for a team in Argentina called Club Athletico San Juan. The game he had admired as a child moved him.

He still plays in the setting role. When he was in Seijoh, his school teacher knew a player from the Tachibana Red Falcons. This player introduced Oikawa to José Blanco. He was a coach in the V League at the time.

When Oikawa’s fears start to bother him, he goes to Blanco for advice. When he played with good players, it often made him feel bad about himself.

CollageMaker 20210225 205732484 770x963 1 How Oikawa Became the Best Player by the End of Haikyuu!

He thought about giving up volleyball, but Blanco kept showing him that what he wanted was to get better.

After finishing from high school, Oikawa moved with Blanco to Argentina and started playing for C.A. San Juan.

In Rio, Oikawa and Hinata play beach volleyball against two people from Rio. Oikawa enjoys setting for the great spiker, just as any other setter would. and wins in the end over their enemies.

Oikawa Becomes The Best Player by the end

Screenshot 20201014 225905 How Oikawa Became the Best Player by the End of Haikyuu!

Hinata finally beats Kageyama in a match after MSBY plays Schweiden Adlers. This has been a goal for Hinata since the beginning of Haikyu.

Wakatoshi Ushijima and Atsumu Miya are an unstoppable pair. Other great players like Sakusa Kiyomi, Hoshiumi Korai, Bokuto Koutaro, and many others team up with them to represent Japan in the Olympics.

The guy they find on the other side of the net is the setter for Argentina’s volleyball team, Oikawa Toru.

Back in high school, Oikawa had never beaten either of the players. But when he’s on the other side of the net, he’s the definition of drive.

Even though he had lost before, he challenged everyone here with the same spirit. We don’t know how the match will end, but the fact that Oikawa is on the other team is one of the most awesome things Furudate has given us.

Even though Oikawa was a genius at setting, he was almost unknown as a volleyball player in high school.

He was sometimes better than everyone else, and he almost thought he couldn’t get any better. Now, he’s up against not only all of the people who beat him before but also Iwaizumi Hajime.

Iwaizumi is not a player on the Japanese volleyball team. Instead, he is the team’s coach. Years ago, after Iwaizumi and Oikawa both lost to Karasuno, they made a pack in which Iwaizumi not only called Oikawa the best setter but also promised to beat him if they ever played again.

This match is not only a game but also a sign of what they said they would do. There is a lot on both sides of the net.

Oikawa wants to win his pride, but he also wants to show that you don’t always need natural ability to get to the top. Iwaizumi thinks that now is the time to keep the promise he made a long time ago.

Having Oikawa on the other side was probably the best way to end the story. As a young boy, Kageyama was Oikawa’s enemy.

He thought of him as someone who got a lot of gifts as his game got better. The fact that Oikawa has a chance to beat his first opponent is something to think about.

Furudate doesn’t tell the reader what happens after the match. Maybe he liked his characters so much that he didn’t want to see any of them lose.

Oikawa was having problems inside, but he was able to get through them by working very hard and getting stronger.

Final words about Oikawa

In the end, he not only reached his goal of becoming a great setter, but he also played against players he was once afraid of. I think the finish he got was beautiful and made every Oikawa fan fall in love with him.

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