24 Richest & Wealthiest Anime Characters

When it comes to anime or any series, characterization is the plus point of any character to standout.

Let’s admire it now the popularity, fame can come in a bag where there is money don’t guys think so I am right. And anime has seen its fair share of money bag characters.

From Seto Kaiba to Joseph Joestar, these are the rich and the famous when it comes to the world of anime.

Who are the richest anime characters from any series ever created? This list makes you find the richest and wealthiest anime characters of all time. 

24. Nagi Sanzenin From Hayata The Combat Butler

Nagi Sanzenin

Nagi is the lone beneficiary of the Sanzenin fortune. She isn’t only your normal “rich young lady.” Calling her “rich” would undercut her. The “Sanzenin fortune” is so huge, discarding 20 trillion yen in a distraction venture is viewed as a trick. Her solitary enduring family is her granddad, whom she doesn’t care for. 

Nagi is irascible, ruined, hostile to social or socially removed, hates to lose and to concede her issues, has an impressively difficult time admitting her actual sentiments towards Hayate or anything in the truth, she acts youthful an enormous part of the time yet is eventually decent, taught young lady.

23. Daisuke Kambe From The Millionaire Detective – Balance: Unlimited

Daisuke Kambe

The Millionaire Detective – Balance: Unlimited generated buzz all-around social media platforms; especially for the title’s affluent detective. So it easy to place this series in this rundown. 

Though he’s dubbed a millionaire in the title, Daisuke is arguably in possession of greater funds as he is capable of paying one billion on the spot to an Arab prince while still having an unlimited balance.

Not to mention the large size of his jet and his ability to pay off any property damage he causes, it’s safe to say this character borders on overpowered with financial capabilities alone.

22. Tamaki Suoh From Ouran High School Host Club

Tamaki Suoh

Tamaki gives to a lesser extent a punch to watchers’ accounts, notwithstanding, as he is acquainted with “ordinary person things” by Haruhi and turns out to be progressively intrigued with those not as much as bourgeoisie nourishments and exercises. 

Ouran High School Host Club introduced numerous youthful anime fans with the universe of the rich and exhausted in the narrative of a host club for rich students.

In any case, if you give it a shot, I will bet on this that you feel the vibe and the art structure of this anime dazzled you. Tamaki Suoh is all around respected even in a school for the amazingly rich for the two his surpassing abundance and mystique.

21. Kei Takishima From Special A

Kei Takishima

Kei’s financial status as just a high schooler is advantageous, most definitely, because from giving out a blank check to purchase a house spontaneously to a family home the size of a town. This sort of activity sparked my eyes.

For those who are new to this anime, it follows a gathering of first-class understudies known as Special A who’ve acquired their status through their scholarly accomplishments.

Among the primary cast of characters, Kei Takishishima is the main student in school just as ostensibly the wealthiest out of the gathering.

20. Hanako Honda From Asobi Asobase

Hanako Honda

By all mean it’s really hard to determine the character’s financial status, but I think it is pretty safe that Hanako’s family is pretty loaded. Most importantly she has a butler who hangs around here all the time.

Finally, we’ve seen that Hanako can get pretty much anything if she requests it. Indeed, even a complete working robot.

Also, I’ll be darned if an individual who’s not worth at any rate two or three million is equipped for getting that treatment.

19. Yumeko Jabami From Kakegurui

Yumeko Jabami

Yumeko is our hero and only a couple of scenes in we gain proficiency with a couple of things about her. Initially, she just nonchalantly extends 10 million yen to class. Also, furthermore, that she is a phenomenal player.

She just continues winning constantly with the prize pool as a rule being in the large numbers. Even though we’re discussing yen, that is as yet a boatload of cash. By all mean this show would have been significantly blunter if all the characters weren’t incredibly wealthy.

18. Ragyō Kiryūin From Kill la Kill

Ragyō Kiryūin

This one is likewise a touch more unpretentious with regards to her abundance. Be that as it may, without a doubt, totally stacked all things considered.

Contrasting that with numbers, in reality, we see it goes somewhere in the range of billions to trillions. So regardless of whether she gets only a little cut, she is even something beyond well off.

Initially, she secures the Life Fiber. A material that should be pursued by each individual eager for power. She’s on the directorate for the Academy, which should be a worthwhile position.

17. Kazuma Satou From KonoSuba

Kazuma Satou

Another ruler of poverty to newfound wealth is here. It was difficult to see this one coming, as Kazuma in a real sense spends the primary portion of the arrangement doing physical work and dozing in an animal dwelling-place.

Yet, as per his temperament, he considered something that no other isekai character has ever considered and sold a ton of licenses for present-day innovation.

This made him the most extravagant traveler in Axel, with pockets adequately large to essentially purchase Darkness who is a respectable incidentally, and give Megumin over the top expensive toys to explode things with.

16. Sinbad From Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic


Sinbad, be that as it may, made it much simpler. As he’s a lord as well as a money manager, being the leader of the world’s biggest exchanging organization.

I by and largely evaded rulers on here, as it appears to be a shameful move. Additionally, we can’t generally know the amount of the realm’s abundance is genuinely theirs.

What’s more, once more, if we contrast it with our reality’s exchange goliaths we can figure a yearly payoff, at any rate, two or three billion dollars.

The man likewise has bunches of prison treasure. So, he was unable to lose everything regardless of whether he attempted.

15. Toichiro Suzuki From Mob Psycho 100

Toichiro Suzuki

I know, likewise, a remarkable one in million guesses since his abundance was rarely straightforwardly expressed. We do, notwithstanding, have a couple of focuses to go off of.

Initially, he sets up Claw: an esper fear-based oppressor association that was set to assume control over the world.

Since I question that he would get government financing for such an errand, it should have all been using cash on hand. Also, that goes with our second bit of proof: that he expressed he has never lamented a solitary choice he has ever constructed.

14. Denki Kaminarimon From Boruto

Denki Kaminarimon

Even though we as a crowd of people may be torn on the presentation of innovation into the Naruto universe, one thing is for sure: it made Denki’s family beautiful rich.

We never get any definite numbers. Yet, it’s said that it has an imposing business model in the Leaf all things considered, alongside other present-day hardware without a doubt.

This should hypothetically place them in the billions territory, as we see the characters communicate with handheld games, TVs, and such.

13. Ōkuninushi From Noragami Aragoto


Ōkuninushi or Daikokuten is one of the divine forces of fortune inside Noragami. Specifically, he’s the divine force of cultivating, trade, country assembling everything related to them Dolla bills.

So, on the off chance that I needed to speculate, I would state this man gets a ton and I mean a lot of holy place visits and gifts, making him fairly wealthy simultaneously. This would likewise bode well given how incredible he is.

12. Ainz Ooal Gown Overlord

Ainz Ooal Gown

This pick certainly falls under the “king” class. Nonetheless, it’s somewhat simpler to tell how rich Ainz himself is. with all the uncommon things, the gold, and the burial chamber itself, I believe it’s no misrepresentation to state that Ainz is the most extravagant being in his universe. 

That is because the Great Tomb of Nazarick is essentially Ainz’s property since the remainder of his gathering are NPCs all customized to be at his call. The burial place itself is quite monstrous, around 200 meters across. Also, it conveys a ton of costly plunder.

11. Roswaal L. Mathers From Re: Zero

Roswaal L. Mathers

With Roswaal it’s quite basic: his home is totally strange. I statehouse, however, is a mansion with apparently innumerable rooms, a monster passage, and who knows what else. 

At a certain point, it’s proposed that the individuals from a neighboring town all go to the, for wellbeing. What’s more, on the off chance that your manor can fit a whole town, at that point you’re flexing on us.

The house likewise needs in any event two individuals to continually clean it, just with the goal that it doesn’t turn into a disaster area.

10. Kusuo Saiki From The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Kusuo Saiki

Kuusuke might have effectively been the richest man, had he needed to. This is because he’s the most splendid innovator. In addition to the fact that he discovered an approach to control his sibling’s power.

Yet, he likewise constructed some jetpacks, robot suits, and even a time machine at a certain point. 

That is to say, he was adequately compelling to begin World War III at a certain point. So, he isn’t simply talking. Although it’s unclear exactly the amount he, at the end of the day, makes

9. Rumiho Akiha (Faris NyanNyan) From Steins;Gate

Rumiho Akiha

As you would envision, that isn’t something basic to do. Our first hint to her wealth was the disclosure that she without any help brought to their town. 

Faris has some genuine daddy cash. It accompanied a ton of trouble; however, the point stands. Through the elective course of events where her dad is alive, we see that her living condition is ridiculous.

However, after that due to her family area, there is some genuine income. That put her name in this rundown.

8. Kayaba Akihiko From Sword Art Online

Kayaba Akihiko

Akihiko was the maker of SAO and consequently either rich insane or financial unreliable as hellfire. Be that as it may, Kayaba Akihiko was the alone part of Sword Art Online whose avatar didn’t match his appearance in reality. 

So, he more likely than not had some quite genuine money, in the first place. However, even outside of that, taking into account that Facebook purchased Oculus for $2 billion and let’s be honest, quality-wise it has nothing on SAO Akihiko surely probably made some genuine bank to get this game up.

7. Bulma From Dragon Ball


As a long-running “best young lady” in numerous individuals’ youth animes, Bulma is very difficult to fail to remember. Much harder to disregard is her somewhat rich foundation. 

Even though it’s not realized exactly how rich her family is, Bulma’s dad was the innovator of case innovation which reformed how items could be shipped by making them pocket-sized.

Being Dr. Briefs’ lone kid, Bulma is set to acquire everything, making her effectively the most well-off character on the show.

6. Seto Kaiba From Yu-Gi-Oh!

Seto Kaiba

From the eager anime fan to the easygoing watcher, numerous individuals grew up with Yu-Gi-Oh. In the first series, most will recall Seto Kaiba as a top duelist just as somebody to envy with his deck and impact inside the game world. 

Such an impact may come straightforwardly in relationship with his essential insight, however, is received by a tycoon, and having your organization before graduating from secondary school additionally makes a difference.

And fans can’t resent Kaiba about his abundance since he was the one to at last make the vivid virtual experience of Duel Monsters.

5. Mina Tepes From Dance In The Vampire Bund

Mina Tepes

Mina is the vampire queen from my perspective nobody is more ostensibly than her and yes Mina’s money transactions are beyond those of the richest eminence. 

From paying a whole island off the shoreline of Japan to fill in as her vampire realm to taking care of the Japanese public obligation worth 40 trillion yen, it’s hard to assess exactly how much finances she approaches.

Moreover, the rich way of life she keeps up all through the anime unmistakably depicts that she is never when there’s no other option for cash. Appears to be that the life of the undead has numerous wonders to envy.

4. Robert E. O. Speedwagon From Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure

Robert E. O. Speedwagon

Robert E. O. Speedwagon the personality of Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure is a hot-blooded and respectable road hooligan and later a finance manager.

Robert turned into the author of the Speedwagon Foundation – a ground-breaking and compelling association with binds to the hidden world and the extraordinary.

Speedwagon ventured out to America and got wealthy in the oil business.

With his fortune, he made the Speedwagon Foundation, an association including concentrates on clinical examination, wild creature, and plant insurance, and furtively, a Supernatural Research Department with the sole reason for helping the Joestar Family.

3. Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald From Bungo Stray Dogs

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald

I’ve referenced how cash makes Batman a hero. In any case, Francis truly takes that mindset to an unheard-of level. 

Since his influence is in a real sense associated with his cash, by permitting him to expand his solidarity concerning how much cash he will surrender. What’s more, he was in the large numbers at the stature of his capacity. 

In any case, the thing is, even once he spent it all, we have seen that it just took two or three scenes for him to get new types of revenue. He’s fundamentally free enterprise.

2. Kaguya Shinomiya From Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War

Kaguya Shinomiya

Kaguya speaks to the specific inverse of our last pick, as it appears to be that her abundance was her most prominent ruin. She’s the little girl of probably the most extravagant man in Japan, which by the present guidelines puts his total assets, in any event, more than 4 billion. 

Kaguya’s abundance, not normal for some others’, can be viewed as a shortcoming now and again, considering it has prompted her to have a protected life.

In that capacity, Kaguya is exceptionally unpracticed in numerous things to the point of lacking the presence of mind on occasion. Also, that abundance ends up being threatening for her sentimental interest all through the series.

1. Ciel Phantomhive From Black Butler

Ciel Phantomhive

Even though simply a kid, at 13-years of age, Ciel is perhaps the most extravagant individual in England. He figured out how to reinforce his family name and abundance regardless of misfortune. 

After his parent’s passing, he turns into the sole beneficiary to the Phantomhive family name. Along these lines, Ciel turned into the proprietor of the Funtom Corporation – an organization prestigious for its toys around the world. 

I believe it’s protected to state that Ciel could pull off a Scrooge McDuck and simply swim in cash if he genuinely needed to.

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