What is Meliodas’ true power level?

In this blog post, we’ll look at Meliodas’s real level of power, talk about his pros and cons, and figure out how he stacks up against the other characters in the series.

The powerful representative of the Seven Deadly Sins, Meliodas, the eldest son and heir of the Demon King, the former Holy Knight, the head of the Ten Commandments, and the Dragon’s Sin of Wrath.

He is among the most influential anime characters of all time for a reason, thanks to all these titles and the traits they provide.

He has tremendous amounts of physical and magical power because he is a demon, and even his father fears him for a good reason.

10. Demon King Form

Estimated Power Level = 10300

meliodas demon king What is Meliodas' true power level?

In the end, Meliodas, who had lost his emotions in Purgatory, united the 10 commandments. Having used them, he attained unrivaled strength and emerged as the new Demon King.

When Meliodas lost his emotions, the Demon King gained possession of his body and became determined to destroy all he valued and stood for.

Even though they tried hard, the Seven Deadly Sins and all of their allies couldn’t beat such a strong enemy without a miracle.

Ban and a resurrected Meliodas provided that miracle. In the end, Meliodas was able to take back control of his body and expel his father from it.

9. Assault Mode

Estimated Power Level = 142000-180000

assault mode meliodas e1652551335680 What is Meliodas' true power level?

Meliodas’ most vicious and unrestrained form is assault; he transforms into an all-out battle machine with power levels so high that he can defeat every single one of the commandments as well as the Seven Deadly Sins.

To demonstrate how potent this form is, he not only easily countered Escanor’s ordinarily unfathomable strength and magic might, but also managed to surpass him without much of a fight.

8. After Purgatory Form

Estimated Power Level = 600000

Demon Mark Post Purgatory meliodas 1 What is Meliodas' true power level?

Meliodas, or rather, his emotions, spent a long time in purgatory, imprisoned in a never-ending battle against armies of monsters until Ban came to his aid.

The two pals gained a lot of strength after they were reunited and were back among the living.

Ban’s increase in strength was so significant that he maintained his previous status as the second-most powerful member of the Seven Deadly Sins, which he had previously lost when Escanor rejoined them.

He collaborated with Meliodas to defeat the Demon King by taking possession of Meliodas’s body.

7. Post Revival Demon Mark Form

Estimated Power Level = 60000

Base Form Unsealed meliodas What is Meliodas' true power level?

Meliodas receives 1.5 times as much power as he did the last time his demon mark was active, and because of his new, insane demeanor, he is much more aggressive and merciless than before.

This is notably evident while destroying Fraudrin without hesitation or regret.

He has gained notoriety due to this brutal aspect of him, but he is also, at last, revealing the real person below the carefree and jovial exterior.

6. Unsealed Demon Mark Form

Estimated Power Level = 56000

Demon Mark – Unsealed meliodas What is Meliodas' true power level?

Meliodas obtains a substantial amount of additional power with his Demon Mark, much as he does in his base form, owing to his unsealed abilities.

He dominates the zone while going hand-to-fist with any opponent due to his superior physical combat skills.

In the battle with Drole and Gloxinia, he employed this form for the first time, and he very well dominated both of them with previously unheard-of ease.

He almost instantly killed both of them and needed the involvement of the other commandments to stop him.

5. Power Restored Form

Estimated Power Level = 32500

Power Restored Form What is Meliodas' true power level?

The Seven Deadly Sins needed a strength boost as the Ten Commandments were released once more after 3000 years.

Meliodas had no choice but to resort to removing the intentional seal he had put on himself to unleash his full abilities.

With amazing speed, significantly more physical strength, and a resurrected feeling of self-confidence, his initial power level is already several leagues beyond anything he’s ever had before.

4. Sealed Wrath Form

Estimated Power Level = 10300

Demon Mark Post Purgatory meliodas What is Meliodas' true power level?

Meliodas took on this appearance when he was unable to control his demonic strength.

His entire body is infused with demonic energy in this state, giving him unfathomable strength and power.

In contrast, he loses control of his mental self and appears to be emotionless in this state after being consumed by the force. He even attacked his pals in this condition.

3. Sealed Demon Mark Form

Estimated Power Level = 4400

Sealed Demon Mark Form What is Meliodas' true power level?

Every time Meliodas requires more strength than his basic form can provide, he turns to use some of his latent demon abilities, which results in the appearance of his Demon Mark on his forehead.

He acquires some strength in this form, just enough to overcome a barrier and reclaim his title as the most powerful sin.

When Golgius attempts to steal the Dragon’s Handle from Meliodas, the Demon Mark is first made known.

2. Lostvayne Form

Estimated Power Level = 4070

Lostvayne Form 1 What is Meliodas' true power level?

Lostvayne was Meliodas’ treasured treasure because each Seven Deadly Sins member was entitled to one free of charge.

According to its description, Lostvayne is a “Demon Splitting Sword”. He initially sold it, but Merlin subsequently gave it back to him.

Because of his Full Counter and the Jitsuzo Bunshin ability of the sword, he was able to utilize it at a greater danger level.

1. Sealed Base Form

Official Power Level= 3370

Base Form – Sealed Lostvayne meliodas 1 What is Meliodas' true power level?

This was Meliodas’s starting point as a combatant in terms of power. It was made up of 400 Magic, 960 Strength, and 2100 Spirit.

He was nonetheless more strong than most other characters at the time, even though it was relatively low compared to his other forms.

This just serves to highlight Meliodas’ startlingly high level of power. He was still able to remove Gilthunder’s spear even in this shape by simply using a stick to slice through the rock.

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