Meliodas assault mode has been a trend in the fandom of Nanatsu no Taizai since it was first revealed in the manga and later as an anime (let’s put the debate about the poor quality of animation off for the moment). 

There’s a lot of confusion regarding the assault mode and how Meliodas can be expected to accomplish it.

In this blog, we’re going to go over precisely what Meliodas “Assault mode” (also called the annihilation mode) is about, and also how it’s distinct from his various demonic counterparts, particularly the berserk form that is featured in Season 1 of the show.

This article contains potential spoilers for Nanatsu No Taizai / Seven Deadly Sins anime season 3 and subsequent chapters in the manga. 

If you’re not up on the most recent updates from the show, we suggest that you avoid reading this!

What is Meliodas Assault Mode?

Meliodas”Assault mode” is a type of attack that can be achieved by unleashing his demon abilities to their maximum. 

This mode first becomes apparent when he tries to use his power to break free of the Melascula’s Cocoon of Darkness (Antan no Mayu) this attack locks their opponents amid a black sphere surrounded by darkness.

Meliodas Appearance in Assault mode:

As with his other demon modes, Meliodas is shrouded in darkness in his attack mode. 

The darkness takes the form of a loose waistcoat unbuttoned which covers his shoulder armpits and armpits.

It also extends down the torso, showing the chest. 

It also sports an oversized collar that is wide and has sharp edges.

The forehead mark is slightly different from what we’ve seen in the previous demon forms when it shifts to the centre and appears like a perfect circle. 

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Their legs are also dark and his feet resemble the bird’s talons.

How Does Meliodas Achieve Assault Mode?

Meliodas attains the assault mode when he fully unleashes his demonic power in his normal state (after Merlin returns his powers to him). This signifies that Meliodas is only able to achieve assault mode if he’s got all of his powers. 

He can’t enter this mode if his strength is the same as what we saw at the start of the story. 

We can however say that Meliodas was a bit stronger after his resurrection, which gives him an advantage in the attack mode.

Many fans get confused between Meliodas prime and the assault mode. 

Meliodas prime refers to the normal Meliodas who held the Ten Commandments in the past.

Meliodas was able to attain the attack mode in his early times as the head of the 10 commandments. 

At the time he began to change into an assault the mode of his choice, he would be considered to be feared by the Gods and demons alike as was stated by Melascula who stated that it was done when Meliodas changed and broke free of her dark cocoon.

It is important to note that assault mode can be also translated into the mode of annihilation!

Meliodas Power Level In Assault Mode:

Meliodas”power levels when in the Assault Mode is said at 14,220 by Gowther who was watching his fight against Escanor after his fight went out of control.

In attack mode, Meliodas can easily manage to stand up to Escanor. It was only that Escanor was at his maximum level that he could attack Meliodas and ultimately win the battle. 

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Even after being severely injured, Meliodas can recuperate quickly. Meliodas is also able to take down Zeldris (who used to be using the power of the demon king) in addition to Estarossa without hassle, and also protect Elizabeth while at the same time.

In the assault mode, the power of his archangel is said to be more powerful than the four archangels.

If we had to evaluate the power levels of the Meliodas, the results are as follows:

  • Meliodas Berserk Mode
  • Meliodas Berserk Mode Meliodas Assault Mode
  • Meliodas Assault Mode (Prime at the time he was the leader of the 10 commands)
  • Meliodas after having absorbed the 10 commands.

After having absorbed the Ten Commandments the Meliodas acquires Godly power in the form of the Demon King which puts his power levels between 280,000-400,000 (speculation in the assumption that every commandment had an energy level of 28,000 which was the level of Galand before the manifestation of his magic) which is a lot higher than the levels of power in attack mode.

Difference Between Berserk Mode and Assault Mode:

Meliodas unleashes his demon power as he battles Helbram too (as seen in the first season of The Seven Deadly Sins). 

At that time of time, he was not fully possessed of his abilities (which was secluded from him by Merlin). 

The mode that he was in was less powerful than the assault mode and is referred to as Meliodas’ Berserk Mode or Berserker Mode.

Meliodas’s power during Berserk mode stands at 10,300, which is smaller than the levels in Assault mode.

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Although the two modes Berserk modes and Assault mode work in the same manner ( by unleashing all abilities of the demonic) the main difference between the two can be seen in the level of strength. 

To reach the assault mode, Meliodas requires his full power or, more simply it is necessary to be in his normal state and not be in diminished mode (which we can see at beginning of the series with his power shut off)