ALL Meliodas’ Forms and Power Levels Ranked

Meliodas Meliodas, the powerful chief in Meliodas, is the mighty leader of Seven Deadly Sins

“The Dragon’s Sin” of Wrath is one of the original Holy Knight, former leader of the Ten Commandments, and the oldest son and heir to Meliodas, Demon King. 

The titles and characteristics that go with the titles make his character among the top impressive anime characters of all time and with good reason. 

Because he’s an actual demon is a demon, he has amazing powers. power both in physical and magical terms even his father is afraid of his demons because of reasons.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at each of Meliodas’ different forms.

Meliodas’ different forms and glance at Meliodas’ qualities and flaws and see how he compares to other characters from the series.

However, before we move on to the main list Let’s look at a different entry because the form he uses is one of the least well-known.

12. Ten Commandment Meliodas

 Ten Commandment Meliodas

Meliodas of 3000 years ago in time is somewhat of a mystery. We know he was the person who proclaimed three thousand years ago.

Ten Commandments, the Commandment of Love, the most strong among them, as well as the glory of his father who was the Demon King (Seven Deadly Sins Manga Chapter 268)

In this particular stage of his life, we can safely claim that the man had pure and free of boundless evil.

His capabilities, powers, and potential weaknesses are not summed in a single sentence, as he was assessed against those who were similar to his strength. 

The human element wasn’t present to judge with (in a contrast to the current day) therefore there could be no precise measure of his strength in the past.

The fact is that the man was an infamous massive killerkilling members of the Goddess Clan with ease and with no guilt

This implies that, back then, the man was extremely powerful although not as strong as he is now. He was not yet old in the end.

Now, let’s look at the actual characters he is seen in throughout the real story.

11. Sealed Base Form

Meliodas All Forms and Power Levels in Seven Deadly Sins Ranked 768x583 1 ALL Meliodas' Forms and Power Levels Ranked

This Meliodas version is the one we recognize him as and is the most vulnerable in all terms. In this version, it is basically one of the weakest and easy to overlook. 

This pint-sized Holy Knight had decided to stifle his real power away to ensure that his Deadly Sin Power of Wrath will never create the same kind of destruction as it did following the loss of Liz his first lover.

In this appearance, the man is not only weak in appearance but also weak. One of his biggest advantages is the ability to make use of this Full Counterability that gives him the ability to reflect the attacks of enemies with more force. 

Remember, however, that, even in this state the character is much more powerful than most of the other characters in the story.

In the Sealed Base Form, his only weapon of choice can be the dragon’s Handle which is a damaged sword that is literally a handle and a broken fragment of the blade that remains. 

But it’s also extremely useful when the context of Full Counter, which often results in his opponents losing more than their strength within just a few seconds of seconds.

It’s episode fifteen (Chapter 56) he gains possession of Liz’s old sword as a token of Liz the woman who he was with recently. 

He can make use of Full Counter with this blade also and uses the sword until it’s damaged during an attack against Albion. Albion.

10. Lostvayne

Meliodas All Forms and Power Levels in Seven Deadly Sins Ranked 2 ALL Meliodas' Forms and Power Levels Ranked

The Liz’s Sword was damaged in the fight against the first Albion at the beginning of Season 2, Meliodas was in need of a weapon, and Merlin who was keeping the sword gave it back to him in his Sacred Treasure that was lost in The Lostvayne (Seven Deadly Sins Anime season 2 Episode 3 Manga Chapter 115).

Meliodas is almost exactly identical to his original form but is only a little bit more strength due to the general power.

With this weapon at hand, it grants him the new magical ability that allows him to increase

The player can generate many temporary replicas from himself however, the more clones he makes each one, the weaker it is and they each possess a mind of their own. 

As a combination technique, each one made using Full Counter exponentially increases the strength of the mirror attacks.

Meliodas makes use of this advantage to destroy the Albion all by itself although, until that point, there were a lot of others like some sins were not strong enough to combat it.

9. Sealed Demon Mark

Meliodas All Forms and Power Levels in Seven Deadly Sins Ranked 3 ALL Meliodas' Forms and Power Levels Ranked

When Meliodas is in need of greater power than his basic form allows He resorts to releasing a portion of his inactive demon abilities that cause his Demon Mark to appear on his forehead

In this way, Meliodas gains a small amount of power, but only enough to allow him to cross an upper limit and return to his status as the most powerful sin. 

This form of the Demon Mark is first revealed when Golgius is attempting to seize Meliodas’ Dragon’s Handle from Meliodas. (Seven Deadly Sins Anime: Season 1, Episode 5)

In the sealed form of his character, this isn’t a massive improvement, as the powers are still suppressed however it’s enough to cause fear in any of his weaker opponents.

It also allows him to be able to bring Ban who loses control of his snatch power and is unable to control his snatch ability, back into his position. 

The man is physically more powerful and more agile in this version.

8. Sealed Wrath/Berserk Form

the seven deadly sins meliodas demon form 1222048 1280x0compressed 768x401 1 ALL Meliodas' Forms and Power Levels Ranked

If Meliodas has lost control over his powers of demons and let them flow freely, his demon powers explode. 

They transform him into the appearance of a brand new and savage appearance with his dark aura, taking the form of huge crushing hands, strong and powerful. They also have the dark flames crawling over the majority of his physique.

In this case, it’s the power of the demon who controls him, and he doesn’t have direct influence over them. His instincts and inner wrath govern all he does. 

This is a very dangerous form However, with his power being sealed it’s quite easy to eliminate as did Galand at the beginning of season 2. 

(Seven Deadly Sins Anime: Season 2 Episode 5, Manga: Chapters 120 and 121)

7. Restored Powers

Meliodas All Forms and Power Levels in Seven Deadly Sins Ranked 4 ALL Meliodas' Forms and Power Levels Ranked

As the Ten Commandments were set free yet again, after three thousand years and the Seven Deadly Sins desperately required an energy boost. 

Meliodas had to use his powers to break the seal that he had placed on him and unleashed his real powers(Seven Deadly Sins Anime Season 2 episode 9-11 Manga Chapters 131 through 139))

His initial level of power is already a notch above the previous levels this and it’s accompanied by amazing speed, greater physical strength, and a renewed confidence in himself.

Hawk Hawk, who acquired the ability to determine power levels due to an earring and notes that Meliodas had lost power, instead of getting it back, however, Merlin alerts him to the fact that he’s read the wrong number. 

Actually, he was wrong, because the number was missing a zero at the end of the.

Then, Meliodas demonstrates his newfound power by slaying Galand (Seven Deadly Sins Episode 11 of Anime) who humiliated his character before and displaying by slapping two other commands with ease before being beaten to shame by his brother of his, Zeldris.

6. Unsealed Demon Mark

Meliodas All Forms and Power Levels in Seven Deadly Sins Ranked 5 ALL Meliodas' Forms and Power Levels Ranked

Similar to his basic form, but with sealed abilities, Meliodas gains considerable extra strength with the Demon Mark as well. 

Superb in physical fighting ability Meliodas is literally in the arena when going fist to fist against any adversary.

He employed this form the first time during the battle with Drole as well as Gloxinia and almost took on both in a way that was never seen before

(Seven Deathly Sins Manga: Chapters 171 to 173). 

It required the intervention of other commands to stop him from killing them without making a snort.

5. Post Revival

Meliodas ALL Meliodas' Forms and Power Levels Ranked

After being defeated at the hands of Zeldris and Estarossa during their last battle (Seven Deadly Sins Manga Chapters 173 through the 177th chapter), Meliodas was placed in a coma which he slowly recovered from while at the same time, greatly increasing in the power. 

Because of this Meliodas lost his emotion as well as removed any limitations when he was rejuvenated and reborn, his power was unleashed.

Because of this, Meliodas supposedly reached his peak around 3000 years in the past and also built the foundation for reaching higher levels of power in the course of. 

Meliodas was the only one be able to outsmart Monspeet and Derieri right after waking up(Seven Deadly Sins Manga: Chapter 189)

The process of losing his emotions following his death and resurrecting this has caused Meliodas to fall back to a low level of morality. 

Meliodas was much more agitated and soon join the demons, even if temporarily.

4. Post Revival Demon Mark

Meliodas All Forms and Power Levels in Seven Deadly Sins Ranked 7 ALL Meliodas' Forms and Power Levels Ranked

Similar to the past when his demon mark was present, Meliodas gains once more 1.5 times the power was already possessed, and because of his new, unhinged personality, the demon is much more violent and brutal than ever before.

This is particularly evident in taking out Fraudrinwithout any regret or even a second thought (Seven Deadly Sins manga Chapters 194 and195). 

This brutal side of him has made him an unpopular character, but in the same breath, the manga is getting to show his true persona concealed beneath the carefree and fun-loving disguise.

3. Assault Mode

Meliodas All Forms and Power Levels in Seven Deadly Sins Ranked 9 768x490 1 ALL Meliodas' Forms and Power Levels Ranked

The Assault Mode is Meliodas’ most savage and wild form, an all-out fighter and a power level that high, he’s in a position to beat every single one of the laws, but the Seven Deadly Sins as well.

To give a clearer picture of how strong this particular version of him is it was not just that he effortlessly defeated Escanor’s massive power and power of magic, but also gained an advantage over him without much effort (Seven Deadly Sins Manga Chapter 231 as well as 232).

Escanor at the time was the most powerful one of all of the Seven Sins, even stronger than Meliodas which was around 120000 or more power level. 

This was a bit ridiculous and even this level of power was not enough to give an advantage over the assault mode.

Escanor had to resort to his most powerful tool, “The One”. In this case, it is technically impossible to touch for one minute during high noon. This was required to stop the chaos of Meliodas even if it was only for a short time.

2. After Purgatory

Meliodas All Forms and Power Levels in Seven Deadly Sins Ranked 8 ALL Meliodas' Forms and Power Levels Ranked

(Purgatory was first was introduced by the show Seven Deadly Sins Manga: Chapter 182, The Anime Season 2 Episode 21)

Meliodas or, to be more specific, his emotions, were long hours in Purgatory being locked in a never-ending battle against an army of beasts until Ban came to his aid. When the two friends were reunited returning to the world of the living. They both grew tremendously in strength.

The power increase was actually so massive that Ban was made the second most powerful of the members in the Seven Deadly Sins, maintaining his position that which he was unable to hold until Escanor returned to the Seven Deadly Sins. 

In collaboration along with Meliodas, he fought effectively to defeat Meliodas, the Demon King, who controlled the body of Meliodas.

Because of the long and arduous battles at Purgatory, Meliodas’ power increased to tenfold that of the initial and, thanks to Ban and all of his acquaintances He was able to get control of his body.

1. Demon King/Demon God Meliodas

Demon King/Demon God Meliodas

Meliodas, who lost the emotion he felt in Purgatory ultimately gathered the Ten Commandments. 

When he used them to gain ultimate power, he was able to take over the world as he became his new Demon King. 

With no emotion, the Demon King was in control of the body and was determined to destroy everything Meliodas believed in and loved.

The Seven Deadly Sins and all of their fellow soldiers fought hard however, they ultimately needed the power of a miracle to face an enemy as formidable as this.

It came through Ban and Meliodas. Meliodas was able to take back control of his body and rid his father of it.

After a long and difficult battle, the two were capable of coming together and beating the demon King leaving Meliodas to all the strength of the Ten Commandments. 

This transformed him into an incarnation of the celestial realm and a threat to all living creatures, the entire world, and would have to flee the earth to protect the world from being destroyed.

Meliodas eventually decided to do the sensible thing and dismantled the ten commandments. He then reverted to his old form as well as losing all his divine power. 

However, he was blessed with staying in the world and getting rid of his Demon King’s curse. He ultimately got married to Elisabeth and enjoyed a peaceful life with his family as the King of Liones. 

(Seven Deadly Sins, New Holy War, and the Demon King Arcs from the Manga Chapters 257 to 334 along with Anime Episode 21 from Season 3, until the entire Season 4.).

Final Words

This concludes our list. 

I think it’s safe to declare that Meliodas even though he’s not quite as impressive as Goku or the other famous Shounen manga heroes can be considered one of the most powerful and flexible characters in the world of anime.

While the final episodes of seven Deadly Sins were often critiqued for their quality of animation, the manner in which the story was told, along with the fact that creators put heart into every aspect of the story is a testament to the passion they had for creating the project. 

Personally, I believe it was a fantastic narrative, regardless of the animation. The constant truth is that graphics will always remain the last and least significant aspect to judge an animation on.

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