All About The Twelve Kizuki From Demon Slayer

Demon slayers defend people from the most dangerous danger: demons. The main focus of the anime is Tanjiro Kamado, also known as the Demon Slayer

The Demon Slayers include the most elite warriors, Hashira (called Pillars in the version that is dubbed). 

The Demon Slayer qualifies to attain the rank of Hashira by killing 50 demons or any of Kizuki’s. Kizuki, like Hashira, is a Demon who has a place in the ranks of the Demons.

They are the twelve Kizuki (called Moons in the English dub), who are a group of demons stronger than normal demons. Their strength is more because they consume the blood of Muzan, their creator. 

Let us discuss the twelve kizuki, as well as their capabilities in this article.

Spoilers Ahead

Junikizuki can be divided into six Jogen (upper moon demons) in addition to six Kagen (lower moon demons). The demons of the upper moon are stronger and haven’t had to be replaced for over a century. 

However, they are less powerful and are frequently targeted by Demon Slayers, which is why they’re constantly replaced.

in episode 10 from the series and Chapter 19 in the manga it’s discovered that the Kizuki is afflicted with a number that indicates their rank, which is engraved on one of their eyes. 

It could be the case of moons with lower levels, however for the moons with higher levels they have both their eyes that are inscribed. 

In one, the eyes are engraved with the rank number as well as on the other side, they carry the higher rank kanji, “Shang Xian” which means Jogen.

The Demon Slayer story has some amazing characters. While the protagonists might be the most popular, however, the antagonists are fantastic as well. 

This is a list of 12 Kizuki and their powers described.

Lower Moon 6

It was held by demons before when the lower moons were destroyed by demons. 

The first person to hold this rank was Kyogai, and its succeeding holder was Kamanue.



Also known as the Drum Demon, Kyogai is one of the antagonists who first appear in the show. Kyogai is the sole demon who was stripped of his status during the twelve Kizuki. 

If Muzan realized that he was no longer a user of Kyogai since he was at the limit of his power, he decided it was appropriate to remove his place from the ranks.

Kyogai is a drummer with multiple drums attached to various areas of his body. The drums he plays give him the capability to change the environment according to his wishes. 

He is equipped with a drum on his right and left shoulder, which will cause the room to turn left or right, depending on what he is doing. 

A drummer on his left and right leg can make the room turn in the opposite direction, forward and backward. 

A drum placed on his navel allows him to attack his adversaries by using claws. The last drum on his back grants him the ability to move him or his opponent to another area.

Kyogai can speed up the pace of his claw attacks by quickly playing the drums.



It is unclear what happened to Kamanue because he was killed by Muzan within minutes of his appearance. 

Muzan’s thoughts were heard in the course of the conversation. Muzan ate him in the next second.

Rui (Lower Moon 5)

Rui (Lower Moon 5)

One of the Lower Moons, 5 out of the twelve Kizuki, including Rui, Rui was obsessed with the idea of having a family, which probably stemmed from the guilt of murdering his parents. 

As a member of the twelve Kizuki, He was extremely powerful and could outlast normal demons in battle. He was capable of strengthening weaker demons and giving them powers comparable to his own by offering them a portion of his blood. 

Rui makes use of this ability to form the Spider Family. Rui can also alter his physical appearance by manipulating cells. Rui uses threads to fight and manipulates them to benefit himself. 

This is similar to other members that are part of his fellow members of the Spider Family, but his threads are much more powerful. They can cut through the Nichirin sword

Rui utilizes his ability to manipulate thread to make cages, webs, and wheels of thread that can cut an opponent into pieces.

Mukago (Lower Moon 4)

Mukago (Lower Moon 4)

The information available is largely insignificant about Mukago. 

We didn’t get a chance to witness her talents and capabilities since she was killed at the hands of Muzan before we were able to. 

After Muzan’s rampage, following Rui’s murder, Makugo falls prey to his fury. 

In awe of the possibilities in Makugo, Muzan takes her life in the course of the encounter.

Wakuraba (Lower Moon 3)

Wakuraba (Lower Moon 3)

One of the Lower Moons Muzan killed before he was able to eliminate the entire faction was Wakuraba. Wakuraba was ranked third.

At Lower Moon, it is obvious that he had greater strength. Being ranked above Rui also meant that Wakuraba was more powerful than Rui. Muzan decides to escape but is immediately eliminated. 

His talents and abilities aren’t well-known. But, Wakuraba shows enhanced speed when he appears, which might be one of the main capabilities of a Lower Moon 3.

Lower Moon 2

Two second-ranking demons have been identified as Lower Moon. One of them was Hairo. Following the death of Hairo, this rank was taken by Rokuro.



Hairo doesn’t make an appearance in the first series. However, he does take on the role of the main character of Kyujurou Rengoku’s Gaiden manga, which is a spin-off that revolves around the flame Hashira. 

Hairo is described as a sadist because of his unhygienic lifestyle as a human. As a human, Hairo was skilled at torturing, a skill that he acquired through his demon form. Hairo’s weapon of choice was the gun. 

He was a skilled mark-man as well as a swordsman. As a demon-like being, he was blessed with the ability to regenerate his body.

The most notable attribute of Hairo’s demon was the ability to create a variety of shadows with his blood. The shadows could be used to limit the damage. 

They could also be used to store multiple weapons within these shadows and then to utilize them to trigger weapons to attack an opponent. Hairo transformed his shadows into wolves, which helped him in combat. 

His most effective move was to bring all his shadows to change into the wolf he composed out of his shadows.


Rokuro 1 All About The Twelve Kizuki From Demon Slayer

As the ranks rise, so do you, and you will find yourself among the twelve Kizuki and their abilities increase too. 

Based on the facts, Lower Moon 2, Rokuro, was extremely robust. 

He died along with Mukago, Kamanue, and Wakuraba after having requested a bit of the blood of Muzan. 

In the same class, he was possibly more powerful than Hairo.

Enmu (Lower Moon 1)

Enmu (Lower Moon 1)

Of the lower six monsters, Enmu remains the only one who has survived Muzan’s wrath. Like one would expect for a rank 1, lower Moon Enmu is a strong and powerful demon. 

One of his greatest strengths was his power to alter the dreams of others. He was able to cause death by destroying someone’s spirit to the core. 

Furthermore, he could alter your flesh to create ropes that allowed anyone who was tied to it to go into the dream worlds of the person who was tied to it.

Enmu has a higher skill in manipulating flesh. He can detach his skin by fusion with objects that are not living.

By spreading his blood on an invoice, Enmu could put anyone who comes into contact with it to rest.

Upper Moon No. 6

The title of the upper moon 6 was held by Daki as well as Gyutarou. When they passed away at the Entertainment District, Arc Kaigaku was the new Upper Moon 6.

Gyutarou and Daki

Gyutarou and Daki

The twin demons had the same body. Yet, Daki and Gyutarou had special abilities distinct to them.

Daki was a gorgeous demon who owned an establishment called a brothel. Muzan is seen thanking her for her newfound strength. 

She is extremely ruthless and has a long history of having eaten seven Hashira. The senses of Daki are enhanced, and she can discern the strength level of her adversaries. 

Daki’s weapon of choice is a sharp blade-like cache that is created by the manipulation of her body. Daki also uses her hair to create certain attacks. The technique of manipulation of flesh allows her to cut adversaries, store food items and defend herself.

Gyutarou can boost his sister’s abilities by blending with her. He manipulates his body to create two sharp sickles, which he utilises for fighting. 

The senses of his opponent are enhanced to be able to keep pace with his opponent’s swift attacks. Gyutarou uses chunks of blood that have solidified to attack his enemies. Additionally, he’s known to produce deadly poisons using his blood.

Daki and Gyutarou can be unique, which makes their decapitation a challenge. The only method for them to be killed was to kill them simultaneously.



Following Daki and Gyutarou’s deaths, he is now the sixth-ranking upper moon. Kaigaku has been a traitor among the Demon Slayers. In the end, Kaigaku becomes Zenitsu Agatsuma’s adversary. 

Kaigaku appears spectacularly during his appearance in the Infinity Castle arc, where Kaigaku fights Zenitsu Agatsuma. Kaigaku shows his speed as a fan of the Thunder Breath. 

His weapon of choice is a modified version of the katana that permits him to utilize methods of blood painting. By combining his demon skills with his previous skills, Kaigaku achieved the ability to control electricity. 

He is a skilled swordsman with improved breathing techniques.

Gyokko (Upper Moon 5)

Gyokko (Upper Moon 5)

Gyokko is a self-centered, sadistic demon. He appears during the Swordsmith Village arc. Gyokko has increased speed, reflex, speed, and regeneration capabilities. 

His weapons are pots, which grant him numerous water-related powers. The pots let him transfer the pots from one to another. 

It is reported that he is capable of creating fish demons as well as other aquatic demons inside the pot and using them to kill or attack his targets. 

Utilizing the vessel, Gyokko can manipulate water to kill or capture others. Gyokko enters an increased state when he has completed the Molting Transformation. 

Following his transformation, Gyokko can also change everything he touches into the shape of a fish. 

Of the 12 Kizuki and their diverse capabilities, Gyokko is probably the kind that isn’t considered to be deadly but turns out to be the most deadly.

4th Upper Moon

In the beginning, Hantengu is seen as the 4th moon of the upper lunar equinox. 

In the event of his death, he’s substituted by Nakime. 

There are twelve Kizuki, and their powers could differ, even though two Kizuki are of the same rank.



4th lower moonHantengu displays the usual more powerful traits of most demons. 

Hantengu is a rare blood demon ability that permits the demon to express the emotions of his replicas. For demon slayers, the 12 Kizuki and their capabilities are the perfect challenges. 

The various clones possess various sets of skills, making it challenging to take down the Kizuki.



She first appears during Muzan’s rampage against the lesser demons. She is the replacement for Hantengu following his death. But, her physical combat capabilities were not shown. 

Nakime is often seen performing her biwa. The biwa she plays gives her the ability to control the castle. Nakime can also create portals and alter space. N

akime is also able to remove eyeballs from her body, which allows her to spy. Nakime is an amazing character.

Goutuge’s masterful storytelling gave viewers the 12 Kizuki and their skills that created Demon Slayer, worth a binge reading.

Akaza (Upper Moon 3)

Akaza (Upper Moon 3)

Akaza, the Third Upper Moon, was a trained martial artist who was a master of hand-to-hand combat.

In the ranks of demons, Akaza has the greatest capacity for regeneration. He has heightened perception, which allows him to discern the level of his adversaries and take on theirs. 

Akaza’s blood manipulation technique grants her the ability to create shockwaves. 

At the end of the day, Akaza shows a strong determination to live when he starts the process of regeneration of the head.

Akaza showcases the powerful nature that is characteristic of all 12 Kizuki and their skills as early as the story.

Doma (Upper Moon 2)

Doma (Upper Moon 2)

Doma is a charismatic demon that feeds on gorgeous women. Kanao Tsuyuri tells Doma that he has no attitude. This makes killing much easier for him.

In the final arc, the character proves that he is a powerful foe despite not fighting at all. The weapons he chooses to use are two Japanese fans, which help him take on his opponents. There are twelve Kizuki, and their powers are created with an underlying feature.

 For Doma, the blood demon, his method allows him to create freezing ice, which can freeze his foes within minutes of contact. It’s a great match with his completely unrepressed emotions.

Doma is also able to absorb body parts in a way that isn’t eating. His body rapidly adjusts to poisons and produces antibodies more quickly than other demons.

Kokushibo (Upper Moon 1)

Kokushibo (Upper Moon 1)

Kokushibo was an earlier Demon Slayer, an era ago. With the rank of first among the demon slayers, Kokushibo is the second-strongest demon, second only to Muzan. 

As an ex-demon slayer and user of the moon breath, he’s very difficult to defeat, even the most powerful Hashira Himejima Gyomei. His power, reflex endurance, endurance, and endurance have significantly improved. 

The ability to be a proficient swordsman provides him with the benefit of being a great strategic player in combat. After getting his demon slayer’s mark and also becoming a demon, Kokushibo can view the amorphous world.

Three pairs of eyes resulted from his ability to manipulate flesh. It allows him to see with a higher degree of vision. As Kaigaku did, Kokushibo has also altered his Nichirin sword with his technique of manipulating flesh. 

He also produces swords using your body. This appears to be a more sophisticated variation of Gyutarou’s capability to create sickles. 

He employs Blood Demon techniques to make multiple slash attacks against the opponent. As with Akaza, Kokushibo shows a strong will that nearly allows him to resurrect his decapitated head as well.

At the end of the story, Kokushibo transforms into a creepy-looking demon.

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