Romance of Thorfinn & Gudrid in Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga is full of battles & intense moments. I have no problem with that, but some of us do wonder if Thorfinn will ever find someone to date Gudrid.

Thorfinn’s journey to get revenge for his father is the main focus of the series, but there are hints of romance along the way.

More importantly, our not-so-perfect main character does feel an odd attraction to someone. Let me explain what comes next.

In the Vinland Saga, Thorfinn is only interested in his wife, Gudrid.

Gudrid ran away from a marriage that was set up for her and went with Thorfinn to Vinland.

In chapter 160 of the manga, Gudrid told him that she liked him. After the time jump, they end up getting married.

Even though Vinland Saga is mostly about Thorfinn’s quest for vengeance, the little moments of romance between him and Gudrid are what really make the story stand out.

The way their relationship grew shows that people can find love in the strangest places and hardest times.

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Vinland Saga (anime).

Who is Gudrid in Vinland Saga?

gudrid 1 Romance of Thorfinn & Gudrid in Vinland Saga

Gudrid was a widow who was forced to marry a man she had never chosen.

She valued her freedom more than the other women of her time and wasn’t ready to settle down with someone she didn’t love. She refused to be tied down and decided to go to the East with Thorfinn and his friends.

She goes on the Eastern Expedition with Thorfinn and his friends, but her ex-husband Sigurd wasn’t going to let her go without a fight!

Gudrid was introduced in chapter 101, at the start of the Eastern Expedition arc, which comes right after the Ketil Farm/Slave arc.

Unfortunately, this means that anime fans won’t get to see Thorfinn’s future wife until season 3 or 4.

Thorfinn finally shows his beloved wife and child to the people of Iceland in the last chapter of the Eastern Expedition Arc, called “Wedding.” To mark the important event of their marriage, they had a big banquet for the wedding.

During the break-in time, Thorfinn and Gudrid’s love grew to the point where they promised to be together forever.

On their way to the East, they decided to make their relationship official by getting married. They took Karli into their family and raised him as their own child.

Does Thorfin have children?

gudrid 2 Romance of Thorfinn & Gudrid in Vinland Saga

Thorfin was able to locate Karli within the rubble of his former home. While she was very ill and on her deathbed, his mother was taking care of him as best she could.

Lief has a mutual acquaintance in Arngrim, who is Karli’s father.

Karli’s mother passed away when the Vikings and Gisli collaborated in an assault on Arngrim, which was led by Karli.

Thorfinn and his crew took him with them on their journey to Miklagard in the hopes of finding a suitable new home for him there.

They were completely unaware that having Karli accompany them on the trip would bring them such joy until it was too late.

Soon after joining, he established himself as an essential member of the crew. Thorfinn and Gudrid fell in love with the boy, and as a result, they made the decision to bring up the boy as if he were their own child.

In the most recent chapter, it was made clear that Gudrid is carrying a child of her own. Because of this, everything is ready for the delivery of another child.

In all likelihood, the plot will progress similarly to how things transpired in real life, and Gudrid will give birth to Snorri.

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