Will Thorfinn ever surpass his father in Vinland Saga?

At the beginning of the manga, Thorfinn can’t stop thinking about getting Askeladd for killing his father. In order to become avenging Thors, he trained for many years and spent most of his life on the battlefield.

He changed a lot and grew up a lot over the course of the manga series. Even though he has grown so much, he is still not as strong as his father, Thors.

He keeps getting better and better, but will he ever be better than Thors?

Let’s find out!

In the manga, Thorfinn is one of the best fighters. But he didn’t even beat Thorkell, who wasn’t even close to Thors’ level, so Thorfinn hasn’t beaten Thors yet.

Since he has stopped fighting, it’s possible that he will never be better than Thors.

How Strong is Thorfinn: Thorfinn’s Journey to Strength!

thorfinn 1 Will Thorfinn ever surpass his father in Vinland Saga?

Thorfinn was a nice, honest boy who was looking for something exciting to do.

He looked up to his father, so he did what he did. Thors’ life gets worse, though, when a mercenary named Askeladd kills him.

He swore to get even and spent his whole life fighting.

He only wanted to get stronger and kill Askeladd. He didn’t care about anyone else.

He got stronger by fighting over and over again.

During this time, he got better in every battle at an impossible rate.

He relied on his agility because he was small and his main goal was to kill people with knives.

He was very accurate, and most of the time he didn’t get hit.

But Canute killed Askeladd quickly put an end to this need to be strong. He was sold as a slave because he hurt Canute.

He fell into a bad mood and lost all desire to fight.

Thorfinn finally decided to live, but he stopped killing people because he kept having nightmares about the people he had killed.

He chose not to hurt anyone when he had a good reason.

Will Thorfinn ever surpass Thors?

thorfinn 2 Will Thorfinn ever surpass his father in Vinland Saga?

From what we can discern, Thorfinn has a significant way to go before he can be considered an improvement over Thors.

If Thorfinn kept fighting, there was a good possibility that he would end up victorious in the battle against Thors.

On the other side, Thorfinn has decided to stop fighting and has pledged to be more peaceful going forward.

He has made the decision to stop engaging in combat. If he continues to be a pacifist, he will never gain the strength necessary to defeat Thors.

Yet, life is difficult, and things don’t always turn out the way we expect them to.

If Thorfinn engages in further combat, he may one day become stronger than his father and be able to defeat him.

Will Thorfinn ever fight again?

thorfinn 4 Will Thorfinn ever surpass his father in Vinland Saga?

In the most recent plot development, Thorfinn makes the decision to create a location that is similar to a dream.

Because they do not wish to be conquered, the people who reside there are opposed to his efforts to make peace with the neighboring nation. This puts him in a difficult situation.

It’s possible that in order for Thorfinn to accomplish what he wants, he’ll have to resort to violent means, but he could also decide to stick to his principles of nonviolence instead.

Given what we know about Thorfinn, it appears more likely that he will engage in combat once more in the future.

On the other hand, he would not be fighting for no apparent reason. Instead of that, he would be working hard to make his dream a reality.

These are merely some potential outcomes. To find out for sure, we will have to wait until the conclusion of the show’s current season.

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