Who Is Master Tengen and How Strong Is He?

Master Tengen is always hidden from view. In the show, he was only briefly mentioned during his participation in the Kyoto Sister-School Goodwill Event, which was disturbed by the spirit of curse Hanami and the other villains.

The thrilling fights that ensued led to the mention of Master Tengen disappearing completely from my memory. I almost forgot about his name until he was mentioned once more in the manga in Gojo’s flashback.

But, I didn’t have the privilege of meeting Master Tengen in his appearance at the Plasma Star Vessel event and my questions were unanswered. This is, of course until Chapter 145 that finally sheds insight into the mysterious sorcerer.

Master Tengen is a former Jujutsu sorcerer, who has the Jutsu Shiki that grants eternality of his soul because of the fact that he swaps bodies through a Star Plasma vessel every 500 years. Master Tengen is the strongest barrier-technique player in the Jujutsu Kaisen series.

About Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen is also called Sorcery Fight, is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by GegeAkutami The manga has been which has been serialized on Weekly Shonen Jump since March 2018.

A television adaptation of the anime series produced by MAPPA began airing in October of 2020.

The story centers on Yuuji Itadori who is a high school student, who, even though not liking sports, is extremely athletic. Yuuji is drawn into this world of magic once the talisman he swallows is powerful enough to shield his fellow students from the curse.

After noting that Yuuji did not suffer much when afflicted by this curse, Satoru decides to send Yuuji on a mission for the sake of saving the planet.

The manga’s recent developments have resulted in Master Tengen playing a pivotal part within Kenshuku’s plan.

How Do Tengen’s Barriers Work? Are They Unbreachable?

Master Tengen

The barriers of Master Tengen guard both Jujutsu Schools by continuously altering the look of the building, thus efficiently hiding it. 

His barrier technique blocks the entryway to the storehouse cursed which houses a variety of special-grade cursed objects.

The storehouse is home to over 1000 doors just Master Tengen is aware of one door which connects to the building. He also strengthens the barriers of the managers who are auxiliary.

Master Tengen who is also known as the “Star,” is a shrine located at the foot of a tree that is located at the base of the country’s primary barriers. 

This area is also known as the Main Hall’ of the Tombs of the Star. Another barrier protects the entry point into the shrine’s main entrance.

This one, however, is distinct in that only those invited are allowed to enter.

However, Master Tengen’s barriers tend to be more about covering instead of safeguarding. They have been unsuccessful several times and aren’t foolproof.

Example 1: Toji Fushiguro was able to pass through the wall due to having not possessed any cursed power of his own.

He could carry cursed weapons and tools by hiding them inside a spirit cursed to hold objects and shrink to a size so small that he could inhale the substance and keep it in his stomach.

Toji could also be able to locate the entry point for the tombs in the stars. He also stated that because the walls were used to hide they were not guarded and anyone could enter by knowing where the entrance was.

Example 2. During the Sister-School event, Hanami managed to break through the barrier due to his physical presence being near to the level of a normal spirit. 

The ability of Hanami to move through the plant life also helped him because Master Tengen’s barriers were not effective against plants.

Example 3. Mahito had also been able to locate the storehouse that was cursed and stole the three womb death paintings that were cursed. 

This was accomplished by allowing Jujutsu High to recover one of Sukuna’s hands that were found at Junpei’s home. 

By using a talisman that was made from Mahito’s cursed energies, Mahito as the source was able to locate the storehouse that was cursed.

Is Master Tengen Human?

Master Tengen

Master Tengen was an immortal human and immortal jujutsu magician who was known to swap bodies every several centuries. As per Tengen himself, the current state of his body is more like cursed spirits than humans.

Thanks to his Jujutsu Shiki Master Tengen’s soul remains immortal and his body keeps declining, which could cause different problems should his powers become out of control. 

To stop this from happening, every 500 years, Tengen “resets his body’s state by combining with a human-made vessel. This is known as The Plasma Star Vessel. Plasma Star Vessel.

The last moment that Master Tengen attempted this merger was eleven years ago when Riko Amanai was on the Plasma Starship. The merger did not work because of the interference of Toji Fushiguro.

Since the time, Master Tengen has changed and is now closer to the form of a Cursed Spirit, rather than an actual human

By using his barrier technique, Tengen is able to maintain his mind and the appearance that Yuji and the other people encounter.

How Strong Is Master Tengen?

Master Tengen and his barriers are crucial to ensuring peace in The Jujutsu world.

In Gojo’s flashback, Masamichi Yaga takes it in the direction of describing his walls as foundations of Jujutsu and how the lack of security around them could make it extremely difficult to complete missions in addition.

Master Tengen’s New Weakness

While Master Tengen has been all over the long periods of time, he hasn’t seemed to be interfering with the world outside. 

In chapter 145 in which Master Tengen is contacted through Itadori, Yuta, Megumi, Maki, Choso, and Yuki for more information.

Inquired about being a member of Kenshuku’s plan Kenshuku promises to provide them the information they need with the condition that from Yuki, Yuta, and Choso the two of them will remain behind as Kenshuku’s security.

Although he is several centuries old and extremely impressive, Tengen has undergone evolution and now resembles a Cursed Spirit- meaning he is vulnerable to Curse Manipulation Techniques that Kenshuku is able to acquire by becoming Suguru Takeo’s body.

Furthermore the fact that Master Tengen himself states Kenshuku as an expert in barrier techniques, second only to him. 

He fears being encased from Kenshuku inside Kenshuku’s Tomb of the Star and therefore, he asks for extra security.

Is It Possible To Kill Tengen?

After the unsuccessful merging with Plasma Star Vessel, eleven years ago Master Tengen’s aging process has accelerated until the time he lost his feeling of being a person. 

He’s now in a state of union with both heaven and earth, and describes his soul as existent everywhere, the new definition in existence.

He will only be able to maintain the appearance that Yuji and the other members of the team confront through his barrier methods. 

So, while he may be controlled through Curse Manipulation, it is likely that he will be killed. The idea of killing him doesn’t appear to be Kenshuku’s intention in the present time either.

How Does Kenshuku Intend To Use Him?

Kenshuku plans to bring back his dream of reviving the Heian Era- to create the second “Golden Era of Jujutsu.’ 

He believes that the next step for mankind is to optimize the energy of the cursed and hopes to bring about the evolution of the human race across Japan.

Since humans are the main source for cursed energies and curses, He plans to transform every human into Jujutsu Sorcerer since sorcerers are the only ones who can control and manipulate the cursed energy that they release.

But, he isn’t equipped with the energy required to accomplish this with idle transfiguration.

As a result of the transformation Master, Tengen’s journey has taken and mastered, it’s currently possible to integrate with another human being other than one that is a Plasma Star Vessel.

Because he’s now in a relationship with both heaven and earth, and his soul is scattered rather than the one entity before it’s possible to join Master Tengen to many people, perhaps even the entire part of Japan.

The human beings who absorbed Master Tengen will surpass established definitions of a Jujutsu sorcerer.

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