Are Hisoka and Illumi Married in HXH?

Although it isn’t as popular as other mainstream long-running Shounen, the “Hunter X Hunter” anime is one of the top-rated series of the last decade. Madhouse Studio designed it.

The show was initially disregarded by many for its childish exterior appearance. 

But, with each passing episode, the show was able to prove itself to be one of the best-written shounen series of the present. 

In its lengthy runtime of 150 episodes, the series takes you through all kinds of thrilling mysteries, classic tournament arcs, and the themes of the politics of war and the need to survive. 

Its subdued pace, powerful dialogues, and simple tonal changes make its character development much more interesting, and in a short time, you’ll feel a connection to the majority of them, regardless of whether they’re on the positive or the negative end, or the opposite side.

In terms of the characters, the show also defies the traditional methods of storytelling and shounen motifs through the interactions between characters. 

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One of them is between the two sexiest characters in the show, Illumi and Hisoka. 

Given the many characters that “Hunter X Hunter” introduces throughout the course of its runtime, Illumi and Hisoka are more secondary characters compared to the main characters. But their bond has been the topic of conversation for quite a while. 

If you happen to be among the many avid fans of the show and you’re trying to figure out what was happening in the relationship between Illumi and Hisoka, This is everything you must be aware of.

Do you know if Illumi and Hisoka got married?

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Whether they’re married or not is an open question. The fact is, Yoshihiro Togashi, the creator of the manga “Hunter X Hunter,” revealed their relationship as canon in volume 36, chapter 377 of the manga. 

The mangaka stated that the two had unorthodox relationships in place. According to the manga, the relationship is more than a “give-and-take” setup that gives mutual benefits to both parties.

Chapter 377 is the return of the popular Phantom Troupe (Gen’ei Ryodan/Huan Ying Lu Tuan), a group that is comprised of several of the most infamous characters from the show. 

With Chrollo in the front of the group and the majority of the remaining members reunited, they are determined to locate Hisoka, who was their previous partner. 

Convinced they’d have to locate the magician and that it would not be simple, Chrollo asks Illumi Zoldyck to join them, being aware that he’s the closest to Hisoka.

When Illumi is first seen before the group, he casually introduces him by stating that he has a “pre-marriage” contract with Hisoka in which Illumi is the reward even though Hisoka is killed. 

The two parties signed this agreement because, despite having a positive relationship at the beginning of the show, Illumi believed that either one of them could be killed by the other.

Then, as you observe in the comic above, Illumi is the only one to use the terms “engagement ring” in addition to “pre-nuptial.” Because of this, we believe that they may get married. 

But it may be Illumi’s method of making it clear that both he and the magician share an unspoken contract that will reward him regardless of what happens to Hisoka. 

Whatever you believe, if you’re a fan of “Hiso-Illu,” you should definitely check out some fan-created artwork that promotes their relationship!

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