Featured Hunter X Hunter Strongest Phantom Troupe Members

Phantom Troupe: The Guide of Hunter x Hunter

The Phantom Troupe, a renowned gang of thieves from the Hunter x Hunter series, is world-famous. 

Learn more about this notorious gang below and its members!

What is Phantom Troupe (Gen’ei Ryodan?)?

The Phantom Troupe is made up of thirteen members, all of whom are very skilled Nen users. 

The troupe’s leader, Chrollo Lucifer, and its founding members, Feitan, Machi, and Uvogin (Feitan and Machi), all hail from Meteor City. This junkyard city is home to outcasts without any official records.

Each member of the Phantom Troupe has a number tattoo that depicts a spider. The numbers in the spider tattoos range from 1-13. It is not known how members were assigned their numbers, and only a few have revealed their tattoos.

Phantom Troupe Members

They are the main antagonists of the Yorknew City arc, as well as secondary antagonists in the overall series Hunter x Hunter.

1. Chrollo Lucilfer

Hunter X Hunter Phantom Troupe Leader Chrollo Still Frame Showing His Hatsu Book

The leader of the Phantom Troupe, Chrollo, is a Meteor City native. Along with six other city residents, he founded the troupe.


He is a Specialist. His ability, ‘Skill Hunter’, allows him to steal abilities from other people and use them as his own using a conjured text known as Bandit’s Secret’. If their ability is stolen, they will no longer be able to use it.

2. Feitan

Hunter X Hunter Phantom Troupe Member Feitan Portor Taunting A Chimera Ant

Feitan is one of the founders of the troupe. Feitan is the group’s interrogator. He is skilled when it comes to torturing enemies.


He is a Transmutation Type. Feitan’s ability, “Rising Sun” allows him to transform his aura into scorching hot heat, which causes his enemy to die.

3. Franklin

Hunter X Hunter Phantom Troupe Member Franklin Bordeau Using His Nen Bullets Shot From His Fingertips

Franklin was one of the founders of the troupe. His name and appearance are based on Frankenstein.


He is an Emission type, and the only one known to emit in the troupe. His ability to ‘Double Machine Gun’ allows him to use both his hands as shotguns.

4. Bonolenov

Hunter X Hunter Phantom Troupe Member Bonolenov Ndongo Without His Bandages On

Bonolenov is one of the members who are covered in bandages. He is also part of the Gyudondond tribe.


He is a Conjuration type. He can conjure giant spheres similar to Jupiter and warrior gear.

5. Kortopi

Hunter X Hunter Phantom Troupe Member Kortopi Using His Nen Ability To Perfectly Replicate An Antique Vase

We don’t know much about Kortopi, how he joined the Phantom Troupe, and when.


He is a Conjurer. He can conjure an object replica by touching his left hand.

6. Machi

Hunter X Hunter Phantom Troupe Member Machi Using Her Nen Threads At Mach Speed

Machi, one of the founders of the troupe, is the most physically strong female member of the troupe.


She is a Transmuter. She can create threads that can be extended without limits. Machi uses her threads for sewing open wounds and to capture and imprison her enemies.

7. Pakunoda

Hunter X Hunter Phantom Troupe Member Paukunoda Hanging Out With Shizuku And Feitan

Pakunoda was the #9 original member and is one of the founding members.


She is a specialist type. She can read the thoughts of others provided she has contact with them.

8. Phinks

Hunter X Hunter Phantom Troupe Member Phinks Still Frame Right Before He Uses His Hatsu Punch Ability On A Chimera Ant

Phinks hails from Meteor City as well. When it comes to physical strength, he is second only to Uvogin.


He is an Enhancement type. His ability, ‘Ripper Ciclotron’, allows him to increase his punch strength.

9. Shalnark

Hunter X Hunter Phantom Troupe Member Shalnark Taking Control Of A Mafioso With His Hatsu Ability

Shalnark is troop member #6. He is a licensed Hunter and is fondly interested in electronics. He hails from Meteor City.


He is a Manipulation Type. He has the ability, ‘Black Voice’ to control his opponents by using his phone’s antenna.

10. Shizuku

Hunter X Hunter Phantom Troupe Member Shizuku Using Her Nen Vacuum To Clean Up After Their Killings

Shizuku is #8 in the troupe. She also hails from Meteor City.


She is a Conjurer. She can conjure Blinky, a vacuum cleaner that suckers in all things except living things and objects made of Nen.

11. Uvogin

Hunter X Hunter Phantom Troupe Member Uvogin Enjoying Himself While Killing Mafia Members

Uvogin, one of the founders of the troupe, is also Phantom Troupe member #111. He is also the most powerful fighter in the troupe, in terms of strength.


He is an Enhancement type. His ability to ‘Big Bang Impact,’ allows him to increase his punch enough to cause an explosion.

12. Nobunaga

Hunter X Hunter Phantom Troupe Member Nobunaga Using His Nen Sword Technique Against The Elite Of The Mafia World

Nobunaga was one of the original members of the troupe and is also the Phantom Troupe #1.


He is an Enhancer type. He is an Enhancer type. His abilities are unknown.

13. Hisoka


Hisoka was the fourth former member of the troupe. It was later revealed that he was a fake Troupe member.

He had used his Nen to imitate the Phantom Troupe’s spider tattoo.


He is a Transmutation Type. He is a Transmutation type.

His ability ‘Bungee gum’, which he named after his childhood favorite gum, allows him to alter the consistency and form of his aura to create a sticky substance that he can use for his offensive and defense attacks. 

His ‘Texture Surprise” ability allows him to change the appearance of his aura by applying it to a thin surface.

14. Kalluto

Hunter X Hunter Phantom Troupe Member Kalluto Zoldyck Using Their Fan To Cut Industrial Strength Cables

Kalluto is the youngest Zoldyck child. He is the replacement for Hisoka in Phantom Troupe and hopes to find Killua.


He is a Manipulation Type. He uses paper for both his offensive and defense attacks.

Phantom Troupe Rules


If a member of the troupe is killed, people who want to join would be allowed to do so. The leader would have to look for a replacement if a member leaves the group or dies.

Coin tossing

It is forbidden to engage in serious fighting among troupe members. They use the Coin Toss technique to settle disputes at events where they are fighting. 

The custom-made coin features a heads-side design that resembles the signature twelve-legged spider symbol of the troupe and a tails-side design that resembles a web spider.