How Old is Hisoka From Hunter x Hunter?

Hello everyone, today we’ll talk about Hisoka in the Hunter x Hunter series. 

The Hunter x Hunter is a Japanese animation along with a manga written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi. The anime has been serialized by Shueisha in March 1998. 

Following the completion of the anime version, a second version of the anime was released in the year 2011. 

The edition included produced by the well-known Studio Madhouse and aired on Nippon Television which consists of the highly animated series of 148 episodes. 

The earlier series had been directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi, which was broadcast through Fuji TV, consisting of more than 68 episodes. Many videos, games OVA’s, as well as various promotional videos, have been made available for this show.

Hunter x Hunter is famous for its unique tale and well-rounded characters. Some of the most memorable characters include Gon, Ging, Leorio, Kurapika, Meruem, Netero, Neferpitoue, Kite, Chrollo, Hisoka, and many more. 

Hisoka is also called Hisoka Morrow is the Magician as well as the Grim Reaper, and is an antagonist in the show. 

He was a former Phantom Troupe member and is a Hunter who constantly seeks someone more powerful to take on. He evaluates the potential of characters by their power level. 

He has a unique character that fans are neither enthralled nor resentful of. We will be discussing the character, and we will also talk about the age of his appearance and. Also, make sure you go through this article until the final page.

How old is Hisoka of Hunter x Hunter?

Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter

This question was on every fan’s mind at some point. The mysterious and suspicious protagonist had a skepticism and ambiguity that was at least 28 years old at the time he first appeared on the show. 

It was his main rival in the first arc which was Hunter’s selection race as well as Heaven Arena Arc. His actions, speech, and actions make him a memorable character. 

The bond between Ilumi as well as Hisoka is another element that makes you feel energized when you watch this show. His past isn’t shown appropriately in the anime as he isn’t worried about his past, and is always seeking out a partner to fight with. 

He even challenged Chrollo for a fight however Chrollo refuses due to the lack of nen. These are the essential facts regarding Hisoka.

Appearance and Personality of Hisoka

Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter How Old is Hisoka From Hunter x Hunter?

Hisoka is described as arrogant, boastful, and blood-lusty. He likes to take on hard-hitting opponents and destroy them when they are less powerful. 

His left cheeks with a bright fuchsia star and his right cheek are painted with an emerald teardrop. He has dressed in joker clothes and switches outfits during every story sequence. 

In addition to fighting, he is also able to tell when to keep his distance. He was not a threat to Netero while he was in his own way. He also claimed that fighting Chrollo isn’t for his tastes. 

In the entire anime, the character wears a female’s shoes and speaks with the most seductive voice. As in the comic, he closes each paragraph with a suit icon.

He first appeared in the Hunter’s Selection Race by Satotz. In addition, he was the principal antagonist in this storyline. He was displaying his abilities as a player during this arc and was also challenging Gon. 

We then meet him in Heaven’s Arena in the arc. This was his main adversary in this episode. There is also a battle in the arc between Gon as well as Hisoka. 

In the York-New City arc, we witnessed him deceiving Phantom Troupe and threatening Chrollo. He was the ally of the 4th arch. He was part of Gon’s team playing an exhibition game of dodgeball against Razor

In the Chairman Selection Arc, we saw him with Illumi in his quest to stop Killua from fleeing. The manga also shows him. featured during the Dark Continent arc fighting Chrollo. 

Even though Chrollo’s abilities overpowered Hisoka but he only barely escaped the fight. When we think of the power of Hisoka, he uses Bungee Gum nen which allows the use of Gum as a weapon. 

He is also able to make Gum puppets according to the manga’s new chapter.

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