Genshin Impact: Best Razor Build

The greatest Genshin Impact Razor build is what you’re looking for.

Razor was raised by a wolf pack after being abandoned as an infant, and he is most at home in the wild.

Whenever Razor is in danger, he can call on the Wolf Within, a beast that fights with him when things become tough.

Razor, a sword-wielding Electro character, excels in teams comprised of members who can create Genshin Impact elemental reactions, such as Cryo, Pyro, and Hydro.

His devastating combination of attacks makes him a perfect candidate for DPS in any group.

The best Genshin Impact Razor build is best paired with one of our top Genshin Impact builds for starting characters.

You can see why Razor is considered one of the best four-star characters in the entire game by how much damage he can inflict.

How to build a Genshin Impact Razor is explained here in detail.

Best Genshin Impact Razor DPS build

When fighting with Razor, use the press form of Claw and Thunder for all of your strikes.

Switch to Razor’s standard attack combo when a hit is landed, but dash just before the final hit.

Perform a dash to cancel the animation and resume the normal attack combo after the final hit of the four strikes combo, which is slow and delivers little damage.

After two rounds of the standard strikes, you should be able to use Claw and Thunder.

The attack speed of Lightning Fang is increased by a factor of two, and each strike does an additional amount of Electro damage.

Due to the faster last hit, you can use the increased attack speed to land the whole standard attack combo.

Razor should be equipped with the Wolf’s Gravestone in order to inflict the most damage.

You can make the four-star Prototype Archaic if you don’t already have this five-star weapon.

Razor’s electro-based strikes aren’t his primary method of combat, but they’re nevertheless effective.

genshin impact razor build Genshin Impact: Best Razor Build

Focus on artifacts with Genshin Impact, which increase flat attack, physical damage, and critical strike rate (Crit).

Four-piece Pale Flame set is Razor’s finest four-star option because it increases physical damage by 25%.

When he uses his elemental skill, he gains a 9% bonus to his attack for seven seconds.

The 25 percent physical damage bonus becomes a 100 percent physical damage enhancement when you stack this effect twice.

To compensate for this, the Gladiator’s Finale artifact set is an excellent choice for Razor because it increases attack damage by 35% with just two pieces while increasing it by 35% with four.

For maximum damage from Razor, you must know how to best utilise your elemental responses in order.

Due to Razor’s reliance on elemental reactions for additional damage, you must constantly switch between your party members in Genshin Impact.

It’s easy to land Superconduct with a Cryo character like Qiqi or Diona while being protected from attacks.

Zhongli and Venti are also useful allies for Razor because they can stay out of harm’s way for shorter periods of time.


razor build genshin impact featured Genshin Impact: Best Razor Build

Normal attack: Steel Fang

  1. Perform up to four consecutive strikes in the normal attack.
  2. Charged Attack: Use stamina to unleash a whirling barrage of damage on all foes within range.
  3. Plunging Attack: Attack while in mid-air, doing damage to foes in your path and causing AoE damage when it makes contact with the ground.

Elemental Skill: Claw and Thunder

  1. Use the Thunder Wolf Claw to deal extra Electro damage on top of Razor’s usual strikes by pressing the button.
  2. Razor gains up to three Electro Sigils when an attack hits him, enhancing the rate at which he recharges his energy.
  3. The duration of an Electro Sigil is renewed with each new one.
  4. It is possible to conjure a lightning storm, which deals AoE Eletro damage to adjacent opponents, by using the power of Electro energy.
  5. When this elemental skill is used, Razor’s Electro Sigils are cleansed, transforming them into purely energetic forms.

Elemental Burst: Lightning Fang

With the help of Razor, unleash the Wolf Within and cause Electro damage to all the opponents around you.

Razor’s Electro Sigils are converted into elemental energy by this attack.

  1. Normal attack speed and energy regeneration have been improved.
  2. Electro harm can now be caused by strikes.
  3. Protection from the harm that the Electro-Charged condition can cause
  4. Flinching is less likely to occur.
  5. Disables Razor’s charged strike for a short time.

Genshin Impact Razor Constellations

  1. Wolf’s Instinct: Razor’s damage is increased by 10% for eight seconds when it collects elemental orbs and particles.
  2. Suppression: When hitting opponents with less than 30% health, increase your attack rate by 10%.
  3. Lightning Fang’s level can be increased by three, up to a maximum of 15 Bite: Soul Companion. Claw and Thunder’s defense is reduced by 15% for seven seconds when cast using the press version of this move.
  4. Up to a maximum of 15 Lupus Fulguris: Increase the level of Claw and Thunder by three.
  5. Sharpened Claws: Electro damage is applied to all normal attacks by Razor every 10 seconds when his sword is charged up.
  6. Claw and Thunder’s Electro Sigils are created when lightning strikes an adversary without Lightning Fang.

Genshin Impact Razor Passive Talents

  1. After awakening, Claw and Thunder have an 18 percent reduction in their cooldown time.
  2. Getting Lightning to Work Claw and Thunder’s cooldowns are reset by Fang.
  3. Razor’s energy recovery rate rises by 30% when his energy drops below 50%.
  4. Wolvenspirit: Reduces the cost of sprinting by 20% for all party members.
  5. This isn’t compatible with other passive abilities that do the same thing.

There you have it, the ultimate Genshin Impact Razor setup.

In terms of DPS, Razor is one of the few four-star characters capable of taking on the best.

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