Genshin Impact Best Artifacts

List of the greatest artifacts in the game, whether you’re searching for a healer or a DPS set.

The challenge of identifying the best artifacts in Genshin Impact is difficult because there are so many alternatives.

Artifact sets have two and four-piece effects, therefore you need to match the best effects to the most appropriate character.

Before putting in the effort, it is crucial to know which sets are worth farming before putting in the effort.

While some artifacts are beneficial for certain characters, others may have a detrimental effect on them.

Genshin Impact artifacts have been grouped into the following categories to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for: Characters who deal damage, such as melee and elemental attackers, as well as healers and other forms of support.

Artifacts of the highest tier (five stars) are preferable to those of lesser tiers as a general rule (one to four-star).

Only in Artifact Domains can you find the majority of five-star artifact drops from bosses. The best method to achieve a good set is to focus on farming these domain names.

Let’s take a look at the top artifacts in Genshin Impact without further ado.


Five artifacts can be worn simultaneously by each Genshin Impact character. A two-piece set effect can be achieved by wearing two artifacts of the same sort.

There are three options here: an increase in attack power, an increase in elemental damage, or a decrease in healing power.

An additional set bonus is added to the two-piece effect when four pieces of the same set are worn. However, they are also more difficult to utilize and have a greater impact.

As a result, when the entire set is equipped, only one artifact slot is available. For this final slot, you can just disregard set effects and opt for the most powerful artifact you have remaining. To get a wonderful artifact, you have to be a little bit of a lottery winner.

Best Main DPS Artifacts

Gladiator’s Finale

  1. ATK +18 percent on the second set.
  2. The normal attack damage of the user of this artifact set is increased by 35% when using a Sword, Claymore, or Polearm.

Pale Flame

  1. DMG Bonus +25 % for Physical DMG
  2. ATK is enhanced by 9% for seven seconds after an Elemental Skill hits an opponent in the fourth set piece. There is a trigger interval of 0.3s between each use of this effect, which allows it to stack up to two times. The two-set effect is amplified by a factor of ten when two stacks are reached.

For DPS characters, the Gladiator’s Finale has always been the best artifact set. The Gladiator’s Finale can be used on nearly any damage dealer set, even if you later switch to a more specialized one. It’s also incredibly easy to farm, especially if you use the two-piece set. Shimenawa’s Reminiscence pales in comparison in this regard.

Pale Flame is available to Sword, Polearm, or Claymore-wielding main DPS characters who rely on Normal and Charged Attacks. Even while Gladiator’s Finale is more widely applicable, it offers a far greater damage bonus on the right character (such as Eula).

Best Elemental Artifacts

Blizzard Strayer

  1. DMG Bonus +15 % and Cryo DMG Bonus
  2. Four-piece set: A character’s CRIT Rate is enhanced by 20% when they tackle an opponent who is under the influence of Cryo. CRIT Rate is boosted by 20% if the opponent is frozen.

Thundering Fury

  1. Two-piece set: Electro DMG Bonus 15%
  2. Damage from Overloaded, Electro-Charged, and Superconduct is increased by 40% with this four-piece set. The Elemental Skill CD is reduced by one second when such effects are triggered. Only happens once every 0.8 seconds.

Crimson Witch of Flames

  1. DMG Bonus +15% for two set pieces: Pyro DMG Bonus
  2. Increases DMG by 40% for Overloaded and Burning in the fourth set. Vaporize and Melt DMG is boosted by 15%. Two-Piece Set Bonus is increased by 50% of its initial value for ten seconds when using Elemental Skills. The maximum number of stacks allowed is three.

The Elemental bonus artifact set is usually a decent choice if you’re developing an Elemental DPS character. The full-set bonuses offered by each of them vary, although some are better than others.

As an example, Thundering Fury provides a specific Elemental Skill cooldown decrease for Electro characters who are able to readily activate Elemental Reactions. And for Cryo characters, the Blizzard Strayer set provides a 40% increase in Critical Rate. Crimson Witch of Flames is an excellent choice for any Pyro DPS character, regardless of their build.

Best Healer Artifacts

Ocean-Hued Clam

  1. Two-piece set: 15% healing bonus.
  2. In total, there are four separate pieces: An accumulating Sea-Dyed Foam appears for three seconds when the user cures another character (including overflow healing). The Sea-Dyed Foam will erupt at the conclusion of its duration, causing damage to adjacent enemies equal to 90% of the collected healing. Up to 30,000 HP can be stored in each Sea-Dyed Foam. There can only be one Sea-Dyed Foam active at a time, and only one can be made every 3.5 seconds. The wearer’s absence from the field has no influence on this effect.

Maiden Beloved

  1. Character Healing Effectiveness is increased by 15%.
  2. In total, there are four separate pieces: Healing gained by all members of the group is increased by 20% for ten seconds while using an Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst
  3. All five-star artifact sets for healers are Maiden Beloved and Ocean-Hued Clam. For Barbara or Kokomi, these are by far the best building materials. Is there a better set out there?

Maiden Beloved boosts healing capacity, while Ocean-Hued Clam deals damage with the healing your character already possesses.

Ocean-Hued Clam may be the ideal option if your healer is strong enough to take the squad to victory.

Maiden Beloved, on the other hand, is the best artifact set to farm if you require a lot of HP recovery or just want the quickest way to level up.

Best Support Artifacts

Noblesse Oblige

  1. Elements DMG +20% for each set piece
  2. When a party member uses an Elemental Burst, the ATK of all party members rises by 20% for 12s. This effect is not able to be stacked.

Noblesse Oblige is one of the few artifact sets that provides a wide range of support for the team. If you’re a DPS, Sub DPS, or Support character, this set is a must-have in your inventory. It enhances burst damage and offers an increase in attack even if you shift locations.

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