Genshin Impact: Where to find the Memento Lens?

Take on the quest’s most difficult challenges.

Genshin Impact’s Memento Lens location has been revealed! The Memento Lens in Inazuma is a mystery to many gamers, and this quest line appears to be adding to their confusion.

Genshin Impact 2.0 introduces a new region, new characters including Ayaka, Yoimiya, and Sayu, and a host of other improvements and additions to the game.

Other new enemies to face include Baal and the Perpetual Mechanical Array.

A number of new Genshin Impact characters can be found in this quest chain, and they are likely to reappear in future plot missions.

When the Traveler visits the Statue of the Seven in the Inazuma region, they acquire a new set of powers known as the Electro Traveler.

The Memento Lens can be tricky to get your hands on, so we’ve broken down the process so you don’t get lost.

This assignment may only be started once you’ve completed the Sacrificial Offering quest. The Memento Lens can be found in Genshin Impact by following these instructions.

A Strange Occurrence in the Village of Konda

“A Strange Story in Konda” is the first mission of this quest. The shrine maiden can be seen on the outskirts of Konda Village on Narukami Island.

Begin your search for information on the barrier as soon as you arrive at the village. To complete the mission, you must find three clues in the area after talking to several villagers.

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To get to the red challenge totem and wooden planks and rope, you’ll need to find a red purse, a broken wagon, and a red challenge token.

To avoid being ignored by the village leader, give all of these clues in the same order in which you found them.

Take the journal from the chief’s roof after you’ve confronted him. The location described in the diary is full of foes who are also on the prowl for something.

Remove them and search the surrounding area for the Old Key. Run back to the well and open it using the key.

Go into the well and smash the rocks that have a strange purple glow emanating from them. Drop down there.

Continue your descent inside the cave until you come across a shrine in need of purification. To begin the process of purification, go to Ward Place.

In order to complete a simple light puzzle, you must turn on each shrine one at a time. Pray at the shrine to call an Ochimusha after you’ve made the necessary adjustments.

Once you’ve defeated this foe, talk to Kazari, who will affirm your ability to clean up the region.

The mysterious shadows can be seen in the abandoned temple northeast of Konda Village. A person who speaks to these shadows causes them to move toward neighboring statues.

Look up if you can’t find the last enigmatic shadow on the rooftops. You can get the summary of the sacred Sakura cleansing ritual in an unidentified treasure chest.

To obtain the Memento Lens, make your way to the Grand Narukami Shrine and chat with Inagi Hotomi. Complete the mission by looking at all of the fox statues after unlocking this item.

Everything else in Genshin Impact can be found by using the Memento Lens.

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