Genshin Impact Player Builds Howl’s Moving Castle in Serenitea Pot

Inside of their Serenitea Pot, a devoted Genshin Impact player constructed Howl’s Moving Castle. A housing system called Serenitea Pot in Genshin Impact lets players personalise their tiny realms.

In this miniature world, visitors can construct their own unique structures, like homes, castles, and towers, starting from scratch. Additionally, by adding different furniture and decorative accents, they can alter a building’s interior.

Floating Abode, Sublime Spicewood, Cool Isle, and Silken Courtyard are just a few of the layouts that come with Genshin Impact’s Serenitea Pot, each with its own natural beauty.

While one bears a striking resemblance to the Inazuma region of the game, the other has small floating islands. Gaining access to Trust Rank 8 and higher opens up some of these realms.

A creative Genshin Impact player going by the Reddit username baifengjju has constructed a device that bears resemblance to Hayao Miyazaki’s critically acclaimed film Howl’s Moving Castle.

With its numerous miniature houses, small plants, and vibrant scarecrow, this structure is full of steampunk details. It appears to be a solitary metropolis with its own inhabitants and man-made setting.

Custom Serenitea Pot Base Looks Identical To Howl’s Moving Castle

Some Genshin Impact players on Reddit have praised Baifengjju’s custom base, saying that it looks like a cross between Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Casa Madrigal and Howl’s Moving Castle.

They took 2.5 hours to finish the entire structure, based on the information on the original poster.

Creating intricate devices inside their Serenitea Pot is nothing new for Genshin Impact players.

A modern house with stone benches and paintings was recently created by one, and another created a small village in the Emerald Peak realm. Serenitea Pot builds are likely to be shared on Reddit in the near future.

Genshin Impact players have the ability to build a wide variety of devices within their own realm, ranging from exclusive suits to racetracks and mountain villages.

With a few blueprints in hand, they can customise their domains by making furniture, animals, and trees. Once players complete the “A Teapot to Call Home” world quest, which can be acquired from Madame Ping in Genshin Impact, they will be able to access the Serenitea Pot system.

A type of side activity called Serenitea Pot enables players to build their own realm and take a break from combating enemies.

Travellers can gather gifts like Primogems, Mora, and ascension materials and invite friends after setting up furniture sets like Weapon Forging Station, Idyllic Town, and Gathering of Gourmets in their personalised world.

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