Genshin Impact: Best Fischl Build

Make Fischl’s Genshin Impact support structure the best you can.

Trying to figure out how to make the greatest Genshin Impact Fischl?

Her night raven, Oz, and Fischl have worked hard to establish themselves as the top investigators in the Adventurers’ Guild.

In addition to Fischl’s dual-wielding abilities with the bow and the Electro weapon, she also has a high Genshin Impact ranking.

Even though Fischl isn’t on the field when he activates Genshin Impact elemental reactions, electro is the greatest element to use for this purpose in the game.

Fischl can use Oz to deal Electro damage while in battle.

Oz can remain on the field for lengthy periods of time, resulting in a wide range of elemental reactions.

Due to an enhancement to the Swirl elemental reaction in Genshin Impact 1.6, this attack deals considerably more damage to adjacent foes.

With Fischl’s adaptability, she may serve as either a damage-dealing DPS or elemental reaction-setting support.

With so many strong DPS options in the game, we’ve decided to go with Fischl as our support build because he has the potential to elevate even the most formidable of these characters.

Everything you need to know about Genshin Impact Fischl construction is here.


A support position with Fischl requires you to be careful of her cooldown times, as she needs to call Oz frequently.

For a brief ten seconds, Nightrider can call upon Oz, although this ability has a 25-second cooldown.

Midnight Phantasmagoria can be used shortly before Nightrider ends to reduce the cooldown time to just five seconds.

Oz’s duration will be reset, allowing the raven to be active for an additional 10 seconds.

Your DPS characters will have more opportunities to use elemental reactions when Fischl summons Oz more frequently.

Focus on Genshin Impact artefacts that improve Fischl’s crit rate, crit damage, and attack % to raise Oz’s Electro damage.

All of Oz’s stat enhancements also apply to Fischl; the support character’s damage output from crit bonuses on elemental responses is astounding.

When it comes to Fischl, the two-piece sets Thundering Fury and Gladiator’s Finale are the greatest options.

The Thundering Fury enhances Fischl’s attack, crit rate, and energy recharging capabilities.

Fischl’s Electro damage is increased by 15% when he wears two pieces of Thundering Fury, making this an even better set.

Thundering Fury’s two-piece set offers an 18 percent attack bonus, whereas the Gladiator’s Finale set grants a 25 percent attack bonus.

With the correct weapon, Fischl and Oz can both gain an additional 48 percent in damage from their elemental and burst skills, as well as a boost in their attack.

Undone Be Thy Sinful Hex, Fischl’s passive ability gives Oz a 20% boost in electro-related damage whenever an elemental reaction is triggered.

Oz should be constantly moving, allowing for a wide range of elemental reactions from all of the characters in the story.

Support characters such as Electro are so potent in the game that they can be used by any squad.

The sort of enemy you’re facing has no bearing on who you should choose as your primary DPS.

Fischl with the greatest Genshin Impact Ganyu build can deliver a lot of damage if you need the Superconduct elemental response.

With the finest Genshin Impact Diluc build, you can easily trigger the Overload elemental reaction.


arti Genshin Impact: Best Fischl Build

Normal attack: Bolts of Downfall

  1. Using a bow, fire a maximum of five rounds in rapid succession.
  2. In order to perform a powerful Aimed Shot, you’ll need to charge up your weapon.
  3. Infusing the arrow tip with dark lightning, this shot will inflict Electro damage upon impact.
  4. Arrows are fired in mid-air before plunging to the ground and impacting the ground, causing AoE damage.

Elemental Skill: Nightrider

As a result of Oz’s creation from lightning and darkness, a limited area of effect is affected by Electro damage.

  • When Oz is active, he attacks all nearby foes constantly.
  • While Oz is active, use the summon button to bring him to Fischl’s side.

Elemental Burst: Midnight Phantasmagoria

Oz is summoned to fly his twilight wings and protect Fischl.

  1. Fischl transforms into Oz’s raven form, gaining speed and agility in the process.
  2. Feinces within Fischl’s range will be electrocuted as a result of your lightning attack.
  3. It is only possible to kill one adversary at a time.
  4. Oz remains on the field after the explosion of elemental energy has ended.
  5. Resetting Oz’s time on the field if he’s already there

Genshin Impact Fischl Constellations

  1. No matter what, even if Fischl isn’t there, Oz will fight with him.
  2. Oz will join in on Fischl’s assaults and deal 22 percent of Fischl’s damage.
  3. As a Devourer of All-Sins, Nightrider’s attack damage is raised by 200 percent, and its area of effect is boosted by 20%.
  4. Up to a maximum of 15 Nightrider levels can be increased using the Wings of Nightmare.
  5. At night, Midnight Phantasmagoria deals 222 percent of its attack as Electro damage to all adjacent opponents.
  6. The skill Fischl’s health regenerates at a rate of 20% when it expires Bring Midnight Phantasmagoria up three notches, to a maximum of fifteen.
  7. Evernight Raven: Oz’s summoning lasts for an extra two seconds when using this ability.
  8. When members of the group attack while Oz is active, he does Electro damage equal to 30% of Fischl’s attack.

Genshin Impact Fischl Passive Talents

  1. In order to activate Thundering Retribution, you must hit Oz with a charged aimed shot, which does 152.7 percent of the arrow’s damage.
  2. I will undo your evil spell.
  3. A Thundering Retribution will be activated if an electro-related elemental reaction is triggered by a character while Oz is on the field.
  4. This electrocutes you for 80% of Fischl’s damage.
  5. The amount of time required to complete a Mondstadt trip is lowered by 25%.

Finally, the greatest Genshin Impact Fischl build is complete.

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