Genshin Impact Leaks Banner Characters for Version 4.8

The five-star characters that will be included in the upcoming update 4.8 have been revealed thanks to a leak known as Genshin Impact.

The most recent addition to the roster of five-star characters is Clorinde, who was included in each and every update that has been released since the introduction of the new Fontaine region.

The current update will not only include Clorinde as a new character, but it will also include a new five-star Hydro user named Sigewinne, who has already made multiple appearances in the game.

This new character was confirmed by the Special Programme event that took place in the HighYoverse. New Genshin Impact leaks have revealed which five-star units will be included in the upcoming update, which is 4.8.

This is despite the fact that Sigewinne has not yet officially joined the live servers.

There are two main banner cycles for Genshin Impact updates, and each of these cycles includes a double banner update.

With a shared four-star lineup that always includes three characters, these double banners give players the ability to pull for two limited five-star units at once.

Emilie, a new five-star Dendro user, will be made available in version 4.8, according to the announcements that HoYoverse has made in the past.

The fact that she is the only new addition to the roster indicates that there will be three re-runs of the banners in the 4.8 chapter.

What five-star characters will be receiving re-runs alongside Emilie in Genshin Impact Version 4.8 has been revealed in a new post that was published on Twitter by the user hxg_diluc?

Genshin Impact Update 4.8: Five-star Banner Characters Leaked

  • First Banner Cycle:
    • Navia – five-star Geo claymore user
    • Nilou – five-star Hydro sword user
  • Second Banner Cycle:
    • Emilie – new five-star Dendro polearm user
    • Yelan – five-star Hydro bow user

In light of the fact that HoYoverse typically releases its new characters in the first part of the update, it appears that a great number of fans are taken aback by the order of the banner designs.

Genshin Impact’s Navia is a powerful damage-dealing unit that can be used in a variety of different team configurations.

However, it requires a powerful main damage dealer who possesses a Geo Vision. She is also widely considered to be the character on the roster that is the most enjoyable to play.

Genshin Impact teams that rely on dealing Bloom damage absolutely need to have Nilou, Navia’s banner colleague, as a unit in their arsenal.

Bountiful Cores, which have increased damage potential and area of effect effects, are created when Bloom drops regular Dendro Cores.

This ability is one of her passive talents. The majority of fans believe that even though Navia and Nilou are considered to be S-tier units in their respective roles, they will be required to forego their banners in order to cheer for Emilie and Yelan.

There have been previous leaks that suggest Emilie will be a one-of-a-kind off-field support whose kit will revolve around the activation of the Burning reaction.

This reaction is less common than the other Dendro elemental reactions. Yelan, along with Furina, is widely considered one of the best Hydro supports in the game, and she continues to hold the banner revenue record for Genshin Impact.

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