Wuthering Waves Set to Surpass Genshin Impact’s Revenue Just Two Months After Launch

According to revenue estimates, Wuthering Waves, a popular gacha-style role-playing game created by Koru Games, may soon overtake Genshin Impact in terms of monthly revenue.

When Wuthering Waves was first announced, many people thought it was nothing more than a copycat version of Genshin Impact.

This was the beginning of the competition between the two games! At the same time that Genshin Impact was struggling to keep its player base, Wuthering Waves topped the download charts in over one hundred countries when it was first released.

It also became one of the most watched games on Twitch. This brought the level of competition to a higher level.

Direct gameplay comparisons between Wuthering Waves and Genshin Impact are difficult to make due to the key differences between the two games.

On the other hand, given that both games are based on a microtransaction system that is associated with gacha, it would be reasonable to compare their financial aspects.

Many have suggested that dissatisfied Genshin Impact players are moving to Wuthering Waves, which has made the economic battle between the two games particularly interesting.

It is now possible that the impressive monthly revenue figures of Wuthering Waves could provide support for this claim.

According to the most recent information provided by Statista, Wuthering Waves has generated close to forty million dollars in revenue within two months of its release on a global scale.

This is noteworthy in light of the fact that Genshin Impact made approximately $41 million in March, bringing the totals of these two competitors to something very close to one another.

The rapid expansion of Wuthering Waves makes it highly likely that Kuro Games’ response to Genshin will surpass it in terms of monthly revenue, and it has the potential to become the most successful gacha role-playing game.

At the same time, Wuthering Waves’ most significant potential for expansion is still unrealized. The game is currently only accessible on mobile devices (iOS, Android, and PC), and its expansion to consoles has not yet been exploited.

The Future of Wuthering Waves and Genshin Impact’s Financial Rivalry

Despite the fact that it has sparked intense online debates, “Genshin Impact versus Wuthering Waves” promises one outcome that is certain: an increase in the number of AA and AAA Chinese games.

Due to the fact that both Kuro Games and miHoYo/HoYoverse are Chinese developers, their success is expected to increase interest in video game development within the country, thereby attracting more investors to gacha and microtransaction-heavy games.

The fact that Wuthering Waves made $3.82 million on the day that it released the highly anticipated Resonator, Yinlin, allows us to highlight the significance of the gacha element in the success of these games.

This represents a 174.8% increase in daily revenue from a single banner release, which highlights the game’s potential as a reliable source of income.

The game had generated £1.39 million in revenue the day before, so this represents a significant increase.

When it comes to the future, it is expected that upcoming fan-favorite characters like Changli and Jinhsi will further drive revenue spikes upon their introduction to the game.

Expectations for Wuthering Waves in 2024 are high given these encouraging statistics.

Before it is too late, it is anticipated that Genshin Impact will provide a more robust response to the company that is its primary competitor in the live market.

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