Is Lion’s Roar Good in Genshin Impact

A versatile 4-star weapon made for DPS characters of a particular element, the Lion’s Roar.

The character of The Lion’s Roar has a unique passive ability that allows them to deliver more damage to foes that are Pyro or Electro afflicted.

This logically implies that any Pyro or Electro Sword user can effectively employ Lion’s Roar as a weapon.

The Lion’s Roar, a 4-star weapon, may be found in the Standard Banner, Featured Banner, and Weapon Banner.

This weapon is available from all three banners at any time, making it a desirable choice for free-to-play or low-spending players.

If you require this weapon, keep an eye out for rate-ups on the weapons banner from time to time.

Lion’s Roar Stats

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  • Rarity: 4-star
  • ATK: 42 – 510
  • Secondary Stat: ATK
  • Secondary Stat Levels: 9% – 41.3%
  • Passive: Bane of Fire and Thunder: Increases DMG against enemies affected by Pyro or Electro by 20%.

Ascension Materials

Level 20x3 Luminous Sands from Guyun, x3 Hunter’s Sacrificial Knife, x2 Treasure Hoarder Insignia, x5,000 Mora
Level 40x3 Lustrous Sands from Guyun, x12 Hunter’s Sacrificial Knife, x8 Treasure Hoarder Insignia, x15,000 Mora
Level 50x6 Lustrous Sands from Guyun, x6 Agent’s Sacrificial Knife, x6 Silver Raven Insignia, x20,000 Mora
Level 60x3 Relic from Guyun, x12 Agent’s Sacrificial Mask, x9 Silver Raven Insignia, x30,000 Mora
Level 70x6 Relic from Guyun, x9 Inspector’s Sacrificial Knife, x6 Golden Raven Insignia, x35,000 Mora
Level 80x4 Divine Body from Guyun, x18 Inspector’s Sacrificial Knife, x12 Golden Raven Insignia, x45,000 Mora

How effective is The Lion’s Roar?

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For characters like Keqing or a DPS Bennett, accounts without a 5-star weapon should use The Lion’s Roar.

The passive makes this weapon more effective for those characters only; otherwise, it is inferior to weapons like The Flute or The Alley Flash.

If you don’t have the Black Sword, which is a superior alternative for Keqing but costs money, she will benefit from this weapon the most.

The Lion’s Roar can also be used by teams that are experts in pyro reactions. Even though he is a Cryo character, Kaeya can utilize the Lion’s Roar if he is using Reverse Melt.

Despite being a specialized weapon, the Lion’s Roar is effective. Depending on the characters you are using, having this weapon on your account’s backhand will be beneficial.

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