Genshin Impact: Best Keqing Build

In search of the top Genshin Impact Keqing setup?

The Genshin Impact tier ranking ranks Keqing as one of the most strong characters in the entire game.

Electro’s sword-wielding avatar is ideal for taking on high-level bosses because he provides such significant damage to single targets.

Late-game places where foes develop resistance to certain elements might be a problem for characters whose focus is only on their element.

Keqing’s regular physical strikes are strong enough to take down foes, so Keqing doesn’t have to rely solely on her electromagnetism.

Keqing’s elemental skill also grants her tremendous mobility, which she may employ both in combat and to explore the environment around her.

Due to her high damage output, Keqing is best used as a carry DPS.

When used with the right characters, electro-based elemental reactions can instantly take down lesser foes.

Keqing is an excellent choice if you’re searching for a party savior on the more difficult Spiral Abyss floors.

Everything you need to make the greatest Genshin Impact Keqing build is here.


Genshin ImpactBest Keqing Build Genshin Impact: Best Keqing Build

You can tailor Keqing’s build to emphasise either her electro or physical attacks, depending on the type of foes you’re facing.

It was a no-brainer for us to use the Electro setup, as it provides the best overall performance.

Any Keqing can benefit from stat boosts that increase crit damage, attack, and crit rate, so it doesn’t matter which one you choose to focus on.

Among the most powerful Genshin Impact artefacts for an Electro-focused Keqing are the Thundering Fury four-piece set.

As if that wasn’t enough, activating the Thundering Fury set reduces Keqing’s elemental skill cooldown by one second while increasing Electro damage by 15% and all Electro-based Genshin Impact elemental responses by 40%.

The Primordial Jade Cutter is by far the greatest weapon for Keqing if you want to get the most damage out of her.

A four-star Genshin Impact weapon like The Black Sword can boost the damage of both normal and charged attacks by 20%.

Whenever a critical strike is scored, the Black Sword’s secondary ability restores 60% of its attack as health.

If you want to keep Keqing in the game, you’ll need to use this healing effect to keep her going.

You should strive to team up Keqing with a Cryo character in order to activate as many elemental reactions as feasible.

The obvious candidate is Ganyu, who excels in the role of sub-DPS.

As a support character, Kazuha can be rather useful if you can boost his elemental mastery stats.

High Voltage elemental resonance can be unlocked by Fischl, enabling it easy to deal damage with the guaranteed elemental particles.

As a last recommendation, we propose that you use Venti to keep Keqing’s health at its peak.


static assets upload7514482864894309541 Genshin Impact: Best Keqing Build

Normal attack: Yunlai Swordsmanship

  1. Five fast strikes are possible with the normal attack.
  2. To unleash two quick sword strikes, the charge attack consumes a set quantity of stamina.
  3. Using the Plunging Attack, the character plunges from the sky to the ground below, striking enemies in its course and causing AoE damage when it slams into them.

Elemental Skill: Stellar Restoration

  1. Press: Keqing’s foes are wiped out by a Lightning Stiletto launched from your finger.
  2. In addition to doing Electro damage to nearby adversaries in a short area of effect, the Stiletto also leaves a Stiletto Mark in its wake.
  3. To find out where the Stiletto is hurled, keep your hands on the weapon.
  4. Keqing can jump to stilettos hurled by the Hold attack mode, which can be suspended in mid-air, if he uses Stellar Restoration again.

A Lightning Stiletto’s effect will be altered if Keqing uses a charged attack or Stellar Restoration while it is active:

  1. After teleporting to the Stiletto Mark, Keqing will unleash an Electro AoE attack.
  2. Several Electro AoE strikes are sent to the Stiletto Mark’s position using a charged attack.

Elemental Burst: Starward Sword

Multiple enemies will be electrocuted as Keqing unleashes the lightning-like power of lightning.

Keqing’s blade is temporarily imbued with Electro after the initial surge of damage.

AoE Electro damage is dealt by the final attack in the chain.

Genshin Impact Keqing Constellations

  1. If Keqing casts Stellar Restoration when a Lightning Stiletto is present, she deals AoE Electricity damage at the onset and end of her strike.
  2. Keen Extraction: Keqing’s normal and charged attacks have a 50% chance of creating an elemental particle when they hit foes affected by Electro.
  3. Only once per five seconds will you see this effect.
  4. Increases the level of the Starward Sword by three.
  5. The maximum level of upgrade is 15.
  6. Keqing’s attack power is enhanced by 25% for ten seconds after she triggers an electro-related elemental reaction.
  7. Increase the level of Stellar Restoration by a third.
  8. When upgrading, you can go up to level 15.
  9. Keqing obtains a 6-percent Electro damage bonus for 8 seconds while initiating a normal attack, charged attack, elemental skill, or elemental burst.
  10. Normal, charged, and elemental talents and bursts all have their own unique effects that cannot be combined.

Genshin Impact Keqing Passive Talents

  1. Keqing’s normal and charged strikes are turned into Electro damage after five seconds of recasting Stellar Restoration when Lightning Stiletto is active.
  2. Aristocratic Sense of Honor: A 15 percent boost to Keqing’s critical strike rate and energy regeneration occurs when he is channeling Starward Sword.
  3. For eight seconds, you’ll be able to see this impact.
  4. Overseer of the Land: Using a Liyue expedition cuts the amount of time spent on an assignment by a quarter.

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