Genshin Impact: Kazuha Banner & Abilities

One of the most famous Anemo characters in Genshin Impact is Kaedehara Kazuha; discover when he will be back in action in patch 2.8 with another banner!

You may be curious about the Kazuha flag in Genshin Impact. His banner was reprinted in the 2.8 updates in honor of his popularity as an Anemo Sword player from Inazuma, Japan.

If you haven’t already, check out our recommendations for the greatest Kazuha build.

Kazuha specializes in elemental damage, which scales with mastery of the elements.

His ascension doesn’t grant him damage boosts, so he has to rely on the ones he gets from his weapons and artifacts.

Because of this, we propose partnering Kazuha with characters such as Chongyun or Hu Tao, who have the ability to deliver this kind of elemental damage bonus when their ultimates combine with another element.

Kazuha Banner Release Date

Genshin impact kazuha Genshin Impact: Kazuha Banner & Abilities

Genhin Impact 2.8’s first phase, which began on July 13th, 2022, saw the debut of the Kazuha repeat banner. Genshin Impact’s Heizou, Thoma, and Ningguang are all featured in his new banner.

Genshin Impact Kazuha abilities

Normal attack: Garyu Bladework

  1. Up to five quick strikes can be performed in a normal attack
  2. In order to release two quick sword blows, the user must expend some Stamina.
  3. At impact, Plunging Attack deals AoE damage, as well as causing damage to enemies in the path of the fall. In the event that Chihayaburu activates this, Midare Ranzan’s Plunging Attack will be used instead.
  4. Using the powers of the Elemental Skill Chihayaburu, Midare Ranzan performs a Plunging strike that converts Plunging Attack damage to Anemo and creates a miniature wind tunnel that sucks nearby objects and opponents in.

Elemental skill: Chihayaburu

Inflicts damage on Anemo and launches Kazuha into the air on the current of a rushing wind, as though unleashing a secret technique as powerful as the wind itself.

Press: Releases a hidden technique as powerful as the wind itself. When in mid-air owing to the effects of Chihayaburu, Kazuha unleashes a particularly strong Plunging Attack known as Midare Ranzan within ten seconds of being in the air. In the air, it can be used.

Before unleashing Anemo harm over a broader area than Press mode, Hold mode charges up.

Elemental burst: Kazuha Slash

  1. Garyu’s ultimate attack — a single slash that deals AoE Anemo damage like a storm approaching. Autumn Whirlwind, the field left behind by the blade’s passage, deals AoE Anemo damage to enemies inside it at predetermined intervals.
  2. If Autumn Whirlwind comes into contact with an element, it will deal additional elemental damage of that type. Elemental absorption. Each time you use Elemental Absorption, you can only use it once.

Kazuha passive talents

  1. A 20% reduction in sprinting stamina consumption for your own portion members. Do not stack with Passive talents that deliver the same effects.
  2. Whenever Chihayaburu comes into contact with an element while being utilized, Elemental Absorption will occur and it will deal an additional 200 percent additional damage of that elemental kind, which will be called Plunging attack damage. Chihayaburu’s Elemental Absorption can only happen once per use.
  3. After a Swirl response, if Kazuha has an Elemental Mastery of eight points or more, he will provide his comrades a 0.04 percent Elemental damage bonus to their element for eight seconds. Bonuses for a variety of distinct aspects can occur at the same time.

Kazuha constellations

  1. Decreases Chihayaburu’s cooling down time by 10%. Chihayaburu’s CD is reset when he uses Kazuha Slash.
  2. Kazuha Slash’s Autumn Whirlwind field, Yamaarashi Tailwind, contains the following characteristics: The Elemental Mastery of Kazuha has been boosted by 200 points. Elemental Mastery is increased by 200 for all characters in the field. This Constellation’s effects on Elemental Mastery do not stack.
  3. Maple Monogatari – Chihayaburu’s level is raised by three with this item. The maximum level of advancement is 15.
  4. This happens when Kazuha’s Energy level drops below 45: Oozora Genpou Hold Chihayaburu to replenish Kazuha’s energy by three or four points. While gliding, replenish Kazuha’s energy at a rate of two per second.
  5. Bansei’s Wisdom – Three levels are added to Kazuha Slash. The maximum level of advancement is 15.
  6. After utilizing Chihayaburu or Kazuha Slash, Kazuha obtains an Anemo Infusion for five seconds, according to Crimson Momiji – Kazuha. Additionally, each point of Elemental Mastery will enhance Kazuha’s normal, charged, and plunging attacks’ damage by 0.2 percent.

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