Genshin Impact: Best Ganyu Build

Our Ganyu build guide will show you how to unleash devastating amounts of damage as this popular character from the Genshin Impact series.

Which Ganyu build in Genshin Impact is the most effective? As a DPS or support character, this five-star character excels at using long-ranged weapons.

As a Cryo archer, Ganyu can keep foes at bay while remaining immune from harm. We’ve kept Ganyu at the top of our Genshin Impact rankings even though she was released in January.

The Dragonspine region, home to a bevvy of cold minions, and Ganyu were both included in the 1.2 release.

In this region, Ganyu’s powers are effective against the local foes, but Pyro heroes will perform better against the Cryo minions. Keep a watch out for a re-run banner that will feature her, Zhongli, and others on January 25, 2022.

Ganyu is a versatile character who can serve as either a high-damage or a low-damage support build, depending on your preference. Ganyu’s finest build in Genshin Impact may be seen here.


When used correctly, Ganyu’s passive abilities, like Undivided Heart, may be quite potent, making this DPS build an excellent choice for tanking.

To maximise Ganyu’s charged attack damage, you’ll want the Wanderer’s Troupe artefact set equipped. Additionally, its AoE bloom effect gains the same damage bonus, resulting in enormous damage to a large number of opponents.

What to look for when you cannot purchase the whole set of Wander’s Troupe artefacts is an increase in your Cryo damage, as well as a boost to your critical damage and your base attack power. After firing a Frostlake Arrow, the Dew Drinker constellation refills two energy, making regaining energy less of a priority.

Amos’ Bow has been chosen as Ganyu’s weapon in order to do as much damage as possible. Using this bow with Ganyu’s Frostlake Arrows’ bloom enhances normal and charged damage by 12 per cent.


While Ganyu isn’t engaged in battle, her Cryo skills allow her to contribute to the squad, making her an ideal support character.

That’s not to say that Ganyu won’t be doing a lot of damage, but you can simply freeze foes to give your other party members some time to strike without interruption.

Equip the Blizzard Strayer artefact set, which greatly increases Cryo damage, to get the most out of Ganyu’s skills.

The critical hit rate of your team climbs by 20% when using the Blizzard Strayer set, and that number rises by a further 20% when the adversary is frozen.

The Skyward Harp can be used to improve your critical damage by 20% if you’d like to go even further.

Ganyu can be used as a supporting character, but her ability set is best suited to wreaking havoc. Because Ganyu’s damage output is nearly unmatched at the present, we recommend continuing with the DPS build.


GenshinImpact ArtifactSet WanderersTroupe 1024x576 1 Genshin Impact: Best Ganyu Build

Normal attack: Liutian Archery

  1. Using a bow, fire six rounds in rapid succession.
  2. Charged Attack: Fire a more precise Aimed Shot with enhanced damage. The effect of the charged strike varies according to how long it has been charged.
  3. At Charge Level 1, you’ll have the ability to shoot an icy arrow for Cryo damage.
  4. After hitting its target, the Frostlake Arrow that was fired deals AoE Cryo damage.

Elemental Skill: Trial Of The Qilin

When Ganyu sprints backwards, he causes AoE Cryo damage to all foes in his path. In addition, she leaves behind an Ice Lotus, which taunts enemies and eventually blooms, delivering additional AoE Cryo damage as a result of their attacks. Ganyu’s maximum health determines the Ice Lotus’ endurance.

Elemental Burst: Celestial Shower

If an enemy stands within the AoE of the Sacred Cryo Pearl, Ganyu will deal with Cryo damage.

Ganyu Constellations

  1. For six seconds, enemies who are hit by a Charge Level 2 Frostlake Arrow Bloom lose 15% of their Cryo resistance, making them vulnerable to Dew Drinker. Ganyu’s energy is replenished every time one of these arrows hits him. This is a one-shot only effect.
  2. It’s auspicious: Trial of the Qilin earns a single charge.
  3. To a maximum level of 15, Cloud Strider raises Celestial Shower’s level by three.
  4. Attacks from Celestial Shower will deal 5 per cent more damage for the next three seconds, increasing by 5 per cent each time. After the Celestial Shower has ended, this effect will last for an additional three seconds and reach a maximum of 25%.
  5. Increases the Trial of the Qilin by three, up to a maximum upgrade level of fifteen.
  6. Within 30 seconds, the next Frostflake Arrow shot won’t require recharging after using Trial Of The Qilin.

Ganyu Passive Talents

  1. Frostflake Arrows’ critical rate and bloom effects are boosted by 20% for five seconds after being fired with an Undivided Heart.
  2. Heaven and Earth are in perfect harmony. AoE members who are using Celestial Shower have a 20% bonus for Cryo damage.
  3. Protected for the Pursuit of Prey: When making bow-type weapons, this item provides a 15% refund.

There you have it, the ultimate Genshin Impact Ganyu build.

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