Genshin Impact Tier List: Best Characters in 2.8

In search of a ranked list of Genshin Impact cards?

There are presently 51 Genshin Impact characters to choose from, so you’ll never run out of options.

In addition, there are so many options to choose from that it might be difficult to settle on a favorite.

You shouldn’t let the order in which the characters appear on our Genshin Impact tier list prevent you from grabbing the next character banner from the wall.

Base stats and elemental abilities are significant, but individual playstyle, available weapons and artifacts, and team composition all affect a character’s value.

As a result, you may find it difficult to complete the more difficult Spiral Abyss levels with a favorite character who is in the C tier or lower. Genshin Impact builds can still work even if your favorite character is on a lower tier, so don’t worry about it.

In general, a character’s high tier indicates that they are the finest Genshin Impact character in their job, are not overly difficult to create, and perform admirably regardless of their team.

In other words, a lower tier signifies that there are better options or that the character requires a very specialized build or squad in order to shine.

Now that we’ve cleared things up, let’s look at our list of Genshin Impact tier characters and see how they stack up against each other.

Genshin Impact tier list

SSVenti, Kazuha, Zhongli, Hu Tao, Raiden Shogun, Ganyu, Bennett, Eula
SXiao, Albedo, Klee, Tartaglia, Ayaka, Mona, Keqing, Kokomi, Itto, Ayato, Yelan
ARazor, Jean, Rosaria, Yanfei, Xiangling, Fischl, Barbara, Yoimiya, Thoma, Yae Miko, Diluc
BSucrose, Chongyun, Diona, Xinyan, Xingqiu, Sayu, Kujou Sara, Gorou, Yun Jin, Shenhe, Heizou
CNoelle, Lisa, Kaeya, Traveler, Ningguang, Beidou, Qiqi, Aloy, Kuki Shinobu
genshin impact tier list ss raiden shogun 900x506 1 Genshin Impact Tier List: Best Characters in 2.8



As far as elemental support characters go, Bow and Anemo’s Venti is the greatest. While his elemental burst generates a giant Stormeye, he can use his elemental skill to hurl his enemies or himself into the air.

Pyro, Electro, Hydro, and Cryogenic elements are also absorbed, resulting in a 50 percent increase in damage output.


Kazuha, the first Inazuma character to appear in the Genshin Impact game, has surprised the players with his versatility.

He can deal a lot of damage all by himself if he has the greatest Kazuha build. If you can place him on a team that uses elemental reactions, the damage you can rack up is simply mind-boggling.


Zhongli has finally earned his five-star rating with the 1.3 updates. Zhongli’s damage output has grown dramatically as a result of enhancements to both Geo abilities and the Geo elemental resonance.

Zhongli’s Jade Shield ability allows him to play in both a DPS and a support position at the same time, making him a very versatile character.

Take a look at our Genshin Impact Zhongli builds to see just how much better he has gotten!

Hu Tao

The appropriate build for this Polearm and Pyro character may be pretty powerful. A five-star Pyro character to rival Diluc was widely expected, and while Hu Tao may not be as effective against large groups as Diluc in AoE attacks, she makes up for it in single-target damage.

Raiden Shogun

Due to the potency of the Electro element, Raiden Shogun first appeared lackluster when she joined the game.

Raiden Shogun has become one of the best Genshin Impact characters as players have learned how to maximize her strengths.

As a result, she is able to fit into a wide range of teams because of her outstanding support build.


To begin with, Eula is a top-tier Genshin Impact damage dealer, able to dole out large amounts of physical damage with her Grimheart and Lightfall Sword combos.

For even more harm, she can inflict Cryo for Superconduct elemental reactions on her enemies, which lowers their physical resistance even further.

Eula’s build guide discusses how to maximize her utility as a physical carry.


What gives a four-star character the right to be considered among the best?

In most parties, Bennett serves as a supporting character, boosting the team’s damage output, healing, and occasionally dealing with his own.

When it comes to the most difficult floors of the Spiral Abyss, Bennett is the most popular character because he is an all-in-one character.


For the first time, Ganyu and her Bow can match Diluc’s base attack power.

She also has the unique ability to shoot a variety of Cryo arrows, including one that deals area-of-effect damage, with her charged attack.

As a result of this, Ganyu’s AoE elemental abilities are extremely potent.


genshin impact tier list s yelan 900x506 1 Genshin Impact Tier List: Best Characters in 2.8


While Xiao is Anemo’s primary DPS character, he does an excellent job of slamming into many adversaries with his plunging attacks.

Xiao is able to fit in with the majority of the cast thanks to Swirl’s ability to induce the elemental response. Genshin Impact Xiao’s elemental abilities can be honed with the help of our build guide.


Genshin Impact’s Albedo is unique among Geo characters in that he is capable of repeatedly invoking powerful Geo-infused elemental reactions, unlike the others.

Albedo’s elemental skill has a cooldown time of only four seconds, and his elemental powers cause Geo blasts with a huge area of influence.


Because of his bombing expertise and the Catalyst that he possesses, this character has a high base attack and extra ascending Pyro damage.

It is therefore very simple to increase her Pyro damage with this build. You may see how in our Genshin Impact Klee build Finding the correct distance between Klee and her foes are Klee’s biggest drawback.


When he activates his elemental skill, this Hydro character can switch from his ranged weapon to his melee Hydro daggers.

Tartaglia, unlike most Hydro characters, has the ability to inflict significant damage with elements.

His versatility makes him valuable in a variety of ways, including setting up Hydro/Electro or Hydro/Cryo combinations.


Ayaka, the Cryo Sword user, was introduced to the game with the Genshin Impact 2.0 update. Many people had big hopes for this character, and I think it’s safe to say she’s lived up to those hopes and expectations.

Ayaka, unlike Diluc or Ganyu, can be developed as a DPS character, but she can also be used as a sub-DPS character if necessary.


character h2o When used in conjunction with a Cryo teammate, Mona’s elemental burst has the ability to freeze a large number of foes at once.

By spawning her taunting Phantom, she can also shield your main DPS from being overrun by the enemy team. A particular evasive skill makes Mona a Catalyst-wielder exceedingly agile.


The base stats of Keqing are so high that she stands out from the rest of the cast. One of the best sword and electro users in terms of assault power, health, and defense.

In addition to this, she is an excellent melee fighter, and she also possesses a strong Electro ability. Electro hasn’t been updated in a long time, thus she doesn’t work well with other characters.


To design a unique type of healer that gamers have never seen before, the makers of Genshin Impact have had difficulty.

Kokomi is the newest Hydro healer to join the game, and while she failed to excite the community upon her initial appearance, the meta has changed to make heals once again viable options for players to use.

Using the finest Kokomi support build will allow you to take full advantage of Kokomi’s powerful healing skills, negating damage from bleed effects.


Initially, the Genshin Impact community was apprehensive about how well a Geo DPS character could perform.

DPS is not well-known for the Geo element, and Itto’s powers increase based on his defense stats, further eroding confidence in his abilities.

To say that Itto has exceeded all expectations is an understatement; when combined with the appropriate party members, he is capable of doing enormous harm.

As a result, Itto is unable to rise to the top tier of the game because of his need for Geo characters. The best characters do not require nearly as much help.


Your hopes of having an effective DPS character in your squad are not in vain if you use Kamisato Ayato correctly in the ideal team composition.

We can use Ayato’s Hydro strikes to produce elemental reactions with our finest Genshin Impact Ayato build.

This works particularly well with Cryo characters to freeze adversaries to the ground. He isn’t the worst character, but his powers aren’t overpowered enough to change the meta.


Yelan is widely regarded as a five-star Xingqiu, but don’t let that discourage you from longing for her.

Yelan’s HP scales with her weapons and artifacts, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time searching for the best gear for her.

Use the greatest Genshin Impact Yelan team and the best Yelan build to make an amazing sub DPS character and then use that team to get through the Spiral Abyss’ most difficult stages.


genshin impact tier list a diluc 900x506 1 Genshin Impact Tier List: Best Characters in 2.8


In the absence of a 5-star main DPS, Razor is the next best alternative. He is one of Genshin Impact’s most powerful melee combatants, armed with a Claymore and high attack power.

In the melee, his elemental powers provide him an edge, but they’re less effective when it comes to conjuring up elemental responses.


Xiangling is unquestionably one of the greatest Pyros in Genshin Impact, even though she doesn’t have the biggest melee damage output with her Polearm.

A fire-breathing teddy bear is dropped by her elemental skill, and her elemental burst envelops her for up to 10 seconds.


Yanfei has the joint third highest base attack of the four-star characters (tied with Rosaria). It’s not unusual for pyro characters to wind up powerful because of their elemental responses, and Yanfei is no exception.

To get the most out of our Genshin Impact Yanfei build, we go into great depth regarding what artifacts and weapons you should equip.


Rosaria, a Cyro-based four-star character, excels in a variety of roles, including as a primary source of damage and as a backup for your more powerful characters.

Rosarian’s damage output may fall short of the strongest characters, but she has a wide range of skill sets that allow her to play on a wide range of teams. The finest Genshin Impact Rosaria build can be found right here.


As Anemo’s support and healer, Jean makes up for her lack of base attack with her adaptability.

While she isn’t particularly good at any one thing, her melee attacks, crowd control, and HP regeneration allow her to carry a squad.

Check out our Genshin Impact Jean build guide to learn how to best utilize her in battle.


She has a unique power to spawn Oz, her companion, on the battlefield. Fischl needs constellation and talent improvements to optimize Oz’s damage output, but this ability has a lot of promise and is excellent for creating Electro-infused elemental reactions.

Genshin Impact Fischl’s construction instructions may be found here.


Although she has the lowest base attack of any of the Hydro Catalyst characters in Genshin Impact, this healer is incredible.

She has two healing options: her elemental talent can heal a single player, while her elemental burst can heal the entire squad at once.

The ‘wet’ condition she generates makes her healing ineffective against Cryo opponents.


No matter how many fireworks she uses in her assaults, Yomiya has relatively little damage spread over her whole field of effect.

While it’s possible to play Yoimiya this way, it’s not the best strategy for the game. As with Zhongli, there is a chance that she will be given a boost by the devs if the crowd is vocal enough. Discover how to get the most out of Yoimiya’s talents by checking out our build.


Thoma, like the other four main characters from Inazuma, is a specialist who only works on a few types of teams.

Thoma shield support allows you to produce shields for your teammates that grant non-flinching status every second.

In Genshin Impact, you can continue your attack animation against some of the larger, slower bosses without fear of being thrown into the air.

There are better support characters out there, and Thoma’s shields can’t keep up with the best of the best.

While Thoma is welcome in Pyro-themed events, he won’t have the same impact as a five-star character like Zhongli.

Yae Miko

Yae Miko can shine as a sub-DPS character if you pair her with an Electro battery character in your team.

It’s only a problem that other four-star actors like Beidou and Fischl are able to fill the same role just as well. Yae Miko has the potential to rise through the ranks, but for the time being she’s locked in the A tier.


Before, Diluc was considered one of the strongest DPS characters due to his high critical rate and impressive base attack power.

His elemental powers let him inflict severe Pyro damage, while also allowing him to respond to elemental threats.

Diluc’s elemental burst cooldown is 12 seconds and only requires 40 energy. Even though he may still be used on the most difficult Spiral Abyss levels, Diluc’s damage output is no match for the latest SS-tier characters.


genshin impact tier list characters b heizou Genshin Impact Tier List: Best Characters in 2.8


Sayu is an Anemo and claymore-wielding party member who can inflict both damage and healing. In the same way that most four-star characters struggle, Sayu is unable to stand out against the likes of Ganyu or Diona.

As a result of this, Sayu can be an excellent addition to a variety of teams provided she is unlocked and ready to be used. Check out our Sayu build guide to learn about our support and DPS builds for this squirrel warrior.


His elemental cooldowns are very long, and his Sword strikes are mediocre at best. When it comes to dealing with huge groups of enemies, he is not the best Hydro to use.

The good news is that Xingqiu’s passive ability can be incredibly helpful in the proper team.


Pyro Xinyan is the four-star character with the highest base attack. The problem is that she has the same weapon and elemental type as Diluc, a character that she really misses. There are better Claymore and Pyro protagonists out there who can easily eclipse her.


When it comes to Cryo characters, Chongyun is one of the best, if not the best, in the game. He can instantly freeze a large number of foes when equipped with a powerful Hydro. He can freeze, freeze, and freeze again thanks to a 12-second cooldown elemental burst.


Alchemy-enthusiast Sucrose’s elemental skill allows her to throw adversaries into the air and inflict Anemo damage on them.

Using her burst, she may also convert all Pyro, Electro, Hydro, and Cryo elements into additional damage. Does this sound familiar to you? For the most part, Sucrose is a subpar Venti.


Katzlein Diona’s Cryo powers allow her to freeze multiple enemies at once, making her a useful ranged damage dealer.

She’s also capable of healing and erecting defenses to keep others out. She may not be the best at each of these tasks, but this makes her excellent foundational support for new players.

Sara-Kujou Kujou

In the absence of any constellation upgrades, Sara is probably one of the most awkward characters in the game. Genshin Impact Sara’s finest build revolves around her transformation into an electro-battery source.

Sara has a hard time competing with the other four-star characters as a DPS option. In an Electro party, Sara’s talents make her a wonderful fit, but this element isn’t strong enough to build upon. A minimum of one extra Electro character is required to maximize Sara’s potential.


Gorou is the first character to be built specifically to aid Geo characters. It’s for this reason that Gorou isn’t the most useful character in many groups.

Itto, Zhongli, and Albedo all benefit greatly from Gorou’s abilities when paired with other Geo party members. When it comes to leading a Geo team, there’s no better choice than Gorou, who can offer assistance that no one else can.


Geo-wielding characters often face the challenge of putting together a Geo-only team. As long as you stick to characters who mostly attack with normal hits, Yun Jin’s party will thrive.

Yoimiya, for example, is an underutilized character, but Yun Jin knows how to get the most out of her. Make use of our most powerful Yun Jin Genshin Impact build to discover what you’ll need.


Designed as a Cryo support character, Shenhe’s skills primarily affect Cryo characters, but she can also help other players off the field. Because Ganyu and Eula don’t need any help dealing damage, Shenhe is only useful to Cryo characters like Chongyun, which is an issue.

The fact that Shenhe is a complex character does not imply, however, that she has a high skill cap. When more Cryo characters are published, she could rise in the ranks, but for the time being, she’s stuck at the bottom. Use our most powerful Genshin Impact Shenhe build to maximize her support potential.


It is Shikanoin Heizou, the Anemo Catalyst user, and Tenryou Commission’s number one detective, who is Inazuma’s final character.

Heizou uses close-range melee attacks instead of the usual Catalyst ranged assaults. With the finest Heizou build and the strongest Heizou team comp, he’s surprisingly dangerous. Heizou is an excellent pick for free-to-play players because of his adaptability and ability to fit into any team.


genshin impact tier list characters c kuki Genshin Impact Tier List: Best Characters in 2.8


Noelle is a Geo Claymore character that is highly protective of herself. Her protection and healing abilities make her most beneficial to early-game players. In the absence of a more capable healer, she can perform the task.


Inexperienced players can benefit greatly from this librarian’s AoE Electro abilities. In addition to her Catalyst, she has a better basic attack than the other three starter characters, as well as the area of effect attacks. Once you have more Wishes, though, she will be eclipsed by others.


Sword-wielder Inexperienced Genshin Impact players can get by with Kaeya as their primary DPS, but he should be changed as quickly as feasible. Kaeya’s elemental talents aren’t nearly as useful as those of other Cryos, despite his ascension stats.


Travelers have the rare ability to change their elemental type, which is their most valuable asset. Anemo, Geo, or Electro elements can be provided by Traveler if necessary.

As a result of their versatility, the Traveler can easily fit into any squad because of their ability to switch aspects at any time.

You may be surprised to learn that even though the Traveler has been placed at Tier C, it actually depends on your team. It is possible to boost up the tiers of an Electro Traveler by pairing the correct characters with them in support and battery roles.


You may modify the battlefield with this Catalyst character’s shield ability. Simply create a large Geo wall anywhere you wish and block enemy hordes.

With the recent 1.3 updates, Geo characters have received much-needed damage boosts, thus it’s possible that Ningguang will rise in the rankings in the near future. Learn how to play as this Geo DPS dealer with our Genshin Impact Ningguang build.


Building a character like Beidou might be a challenge. Compared to other Claymore characters, Beidou’s elemental skills aren’t very potent until she achieves constellation level four.

While there are better and easier options (like Razor!), Beidou can take a long time to attain her full potential.


Qiqi is a Cryo Sword-fighter, and the best thing about her is that she has a healing ability that scales with her strike power.

As a result, she is both a powerful damage dealer and a powerful healer. Due to the current meta’s lack of support for healers, Qiqi’s usefulness in later Spiral Abyss levels is greatly diminished. Unfortunately.


Genshin Impact’s first crossover character wasn’t expected to perform well because free characters typically don’t.

It seems like Aloy is an exception to this rule, as she is a superb sub-DPS option in the right teams.

It’s possible that Aloy’s tale quest will include constellations, but for now, the machine hunter is at a disadvantage due to a lack thereof.

Shinobu Kuki Kuki

When utilized as a supporting character, Kuki Shinobu’s talents are only useful, but they don’t compare to healers like Barbara, who are available for free.

That only makes things much more difficult for Kuki, as she gets an additional bonus for being below 50% health, but she can’t keep her health topped up when she isn’t fighting.

In some teams, Kuki Shinobu can work, although there are better four-star possibilities available.


genshin impact d tier 1 900x506 1 Genshin Impact Tier List: Best Characters in 2.8


What do I do first? Her elemental talent has a long cooldown time, poor damage output, and scales with her health.

Manually setting off the explosion takes a long time. Her elemental burst and standard attack are also unexceptional. Only use her to solve riddles and explore.

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